Warts – how to cure them naturally

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You don’t have to touch a toe to get a wart – and you don’t need to see a doctor or an arm and leg specialist to get rid of it, although there are several medical treatments for this purpose.

Warts can be frozen with liquid nitrogen or burned using a laser or electric needle. Pharmacies sell several nipple medications, including liquid nitrogen spray and liquids and patches that contain salicylic acid, which has a peeling effect on the skin.

(All wart treatments can be aggressive, so follow the instructions on the label in detail.) But drug approaches are just the tip of the iceberg; we could fill a book with folk remedies for removing warts. Here are some of the best.

What is wrong ???

HPV virus treatment

If you have a wart, that means it is human papillomavirus (HPV) penetrated through a small crack in the skin. HPV is, in fact, a common name for many strains of the virus that can manifest all over the skin. Some types of warts occur singly; others in groups. Usually, the wart appears as a pale skin growth with a rough surface. Plantar warts, which grow on the feet’ soles, can be so painful that walking becomes difficult. Genital warts are highly contagious and can increase the risk of cervical cancer.

Irritate warts to death

Cover the nipple with a small piece of self-adhesive-resistant tape. Judging by recent research, self-adhesive waterproof tape works better on warts even than cryotherapy (use of liquid nitrogen to remove warts by freezing). Cut one piece of it that will cover only the nipple. Glue it and leave it like that for six days. When you remove the tape, soak where the wart was in the water for a few minutes, then use a paper nail file or a blue stone to scrape off the dead, thickened skin. Leave the nipple uncovered overnight and apply a new piece of self-adhesive waterproof tape in the morning. Mild skin irritation caused by self-adhesive waterproof tape seems to trigger your immune system to fight the wart virus forever.

Put freshly crushed garlic directly on the nipple and cover it with a bandage. Corrosive effect garlic causes blisters to appear on the nipple and fall off within a week. Put fresh garlic every day, avoiding contact with healthy skin around the nipple. (Protecting the skin with Vaseline around the nipple can help). For added effect, some herbalists recommend eating raw garlic or taking 3 capsules of garlic a day to help the immune system fight the virus.

Apply a bandage or cotton ball soaked in vinegar to the nipple with an elastic self-adhesive plaster and keep it on for at least one or two hours a day.

Pick the dandelion in the garden, break its stem and squeeze some of its milky liquid onto your nipple. Do it every day. This herbal juice is mildly irritating, so it stimulates your immune system to take care of your nipple. Do not use dandelion sprinkled with herbicide.

Acidic approaches


Grind a few vitamin C tablets, mix them with enough water to make a paste that you will dab on the nipple. Cover the paste with a self-adhesive plaster. Since the tablets are very acidic, they can help remove warts and fight the virus themselves.

If you can, peel a little bark from a birch tree, soak it in water and stick it over the nipple with the inside of the bark facing your skin. This bark contains salicylates found in many commercially available wart treatments.

Kitchen medicines

Every night before you go to bed, stick a piece of banana peel over the nipples with the inside facing it. This bark contains a compound that slowly breaks down the nipple.

Do the same with a slice of lemon zest. The oil in this bark seems to bother the nipples.

Papaya contains an enzyme that breaks down dead tissue. Cut the unripe papaya several times, collect the sap that protrudes from it, and leave it to coagulate. Mix the thickened vegetable juice with water and put it on the nipple in the morning and the evening.

A popular folk remedy is to rub the nipple with a fresh slice of raw potato with juicy, fresh slice. (One legend says that this medicine will not work unless you then bury the used potatoes, but another says that its “burial” is unnecessary.) We cannot guarantee this medicine’s effectiveness, but it certainly cannot harm you.

Squeeze a fresh basil leaf and stick it over the nipple with waterproof self-adhesive tape. Basil leaves contain substances that kill viruses. Put fresh basil daily for a week.

Lubricating drugs

Apply the tincture several times a day to Canadian hawthorn medicinal plants to contain compounds that fight bacteria and viruses.

They say that vitamin E oil works against warts. Pierce the vitamin E capsule once a day and rub its contents on the nipple. Cod liver oil capsules are said to have the same effect.

If you have an aloe vera plant on a window sill, tear off one of its leaves and squeeze a few drops of gel on the nipple. Repeat this once a day. Some people report successful treatment with this drug, perhaps because of malic acid from aloe vera gel.

Imagine that the nipple is gone

The power of suggestion has proven surprisingly helpful in forcing nipples to pull back. Over the years, strange folk remedies involved rubbing the nipple with manure, saliva, coins, or raw meat  – and many of them seem to really work. One doctor intended to bomb the patient’s nipples with strong X-rays. Although the man was not exposed to radiation at all, his nipples fell off the next day. Spend a few minutes each day simply imagining warts disappearing. If your child has a wart, you could try to invent a detailed wart healing ritual, such as rubbing the nipple with a stone, putting a stone in a box, and then burying the box.  If your child believes that this ritual will free him from the nipple, he could do just that.

Give your feet an aqueous remedy

Judging by the method of treating warts published in a medical journal in the 1960s, 20. century, but long forgotten, plantar warts are sensitive to heat and can disappear in a few weeks if you keep your feet submerged in hot water for about 15 minutes a day. As a final blow, pour one part vinegar into four parts hot water.

The power of prevention

Wear sandals or slippers around the pool and in the locker rooms. Wart viruses are prone to blight in warm, humid environments.

Be sure to carefully dry the plantar wart after showering or bathing and thoroughly dry the wart on your hand after washing to reduce the chance of the virus being transmitted to someone else. Apparently, warts are more contagious when wet.

Do not comb or pinch the nipples. This could spread the virus to other parts of the skin.



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