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Vitamin B15 – Deficiency and advantages of pangamic acid

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Vitamin B15 belongs to guppies B vitamins. Did you know that vitamin B15, also known as pangamic acid, is controversial? More than 30 years ago, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanded removing this supplement from the market and banned using this supplement within the B-complex group – claiming that it was “unsafe to use.” Yet, as you may have already guessed, this story implies much more than people should know. The majority of the population does not even know that it exists.

Vitamin b15. Is the government hiding something?

vitamin b15 pangamic acid
vitamin b15 pangamic acid

It is currently illegal to distribute B15 in some markets, although during the 1970s, this vitamin was used as a supplement. This is not the case in Russia and Europe, where it is used to treat premature aging due to its antioxidant effects. Besides, it is used to protect against pollutants, especially carbon monoxide.

In Russia, it is used to treat alcohol dependence by reducing the desire for alcohol. B15 is also used to treat fatigue, asthma and rheumatism, high blood pressure and cholesterol, improve circulation, and general oxygenation of cells and tissues. Vitamin B15 helps our cells to be rich in oxygen. In other words, cancer cells hate vitamin B15.

There is no debate – good science is neglected

Vitamin B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It also plays a role in the oxidation of glucose in cellular respiration and vitamin E – it acts as an antioxidant that helps strengthen the cell. This wonderful vitamin even helps the liver to detoxify the body.

Its use is banned in the United States because there is not enough data to show its safety. The (sad) truth is that health facilities sponsored by different parties have no interest (or incentive) to study natural substances’ health benefits. Just follow the money (the profit motive), and you will quickly understand how drug companies and politicians work together to keep people dumb and sick.

Conventional medicine must return to school

Even today, with all available “intelligence” (and resources), the government cannot tell us how healthy vitamin B15 is or not. But the truth is available – they don’t care. Although by strict definition, vitamin B15 is not a vitamin – alternative treatments for degenerative diseases using natural foods and supplements are worth sharing with the world.

Make no mistake about it – You can prevent, even reverse, cancer and many other health problems (of course) without the use of prescription drugs. By the way, the best food sources for vitamin B15 are whole grains, such as brown rice and buckwheat, brewer’s yeast, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and apricot seeds.



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