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Vidatox drops how they work and what symptoms they treat

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Once a month, a Cuban farmer, Pepe Gasanas, hunts scorpions to produce vidatox drops. Diluted solution, hard farmer, scorpion repellent, helps reduce pain from rheumatoid arthritis.

Scientists from Cuba have discovered that scorpion venom Rhopalurus junceus has anti-inflammatory abilities, reduces pain and tumor growth in cancer patients.

“I put scorpion venom when I feel pain,” says Gasanas, demonstrating the effects of scorpion venom found in the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio.

“It hurts for a while when I put scorpion venom, but the pain stops after a while,” says Gasanas.

Pepe Gasanas

How to win cancer

To beat cancer, a miracle needs to happen. World Health Organization announced that the mortality rate increases from year to year. Although the pharmacy has invested billions of dollars in research, a cure for cancer has not yet been found. It is predicted that by 2035, the number of people suffering from some form of malignancy will double.

Alternative methods treatment

With natural alternative preparations, many patients who have suffered from some form of malignancy have had good results. The discovery of Vidatox drops of the traditional medicine obtained from the venom of the blue scorpion made a breakthrough in malignancy treatment.  This preparation has anti-carcinogenic properties, which we will write about in the following text.

What is Vidatox?

Vidatox drops are a drug consisting of five protein peptides derived from the blue scorpion’s venom (Rodhalorus junceus). vidatox drops are produced in Cuba. This medicine contains the following properties, it reduces pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. Vidatox has anti-cancer effects on more than 15 different forms of malignancy.

With farms in the lab

collecting scorpion venom

In the Cuban city of Cienfuegos, workers trained in a special uniform treat over 6,000 scorpion rodhalorus junceus and take its venom. Every few days, they feed these scorpions and give them liquid.

Once a month, they connect the scorpion’s sting to 18V, thus stimulating and collecting venom.

This poison is dissolved in distilled water, and thus a homeopathic product is obtained that is used all over the world.

These scorpions are caught in the wild, and after two years of exploitation of their venom, they are released back into the wild.

Adding small amounts of alcohol, scorpion venom proteins are stored in the preparation. In this way, the finished product Vidatox 30 CH is obtained, which is distributed further worldwide.

Clinical testing Vidatox

After 15 years of testing, in October 2010, it was used on more than 10,000 patients who had different types of malignancies. Of that number, 3,500 were not residents of Cuba, to prove that the impact on the quality of life and the climate in which people live during this medicine’s action is not exclusive.

Production vidatox drops

Labiofam, a Cuban research laboratory and manufacturer of vidatox drops has successfully distributed this preparation. Vidatox is sold both in Cuba and to the general population worldwide. The promoted preparation of Vidatox drops, with peacock scorpion protein content, represents the long-term work of the Cuban naturalist Michael Bordier.

Vidatox drops were produced from 5,000 individuals from the Rhopalurus junceus family living in eastern Cuba. According to the manufacturer’s confirmation, vidatox goes well with other anti-cancer drugs—this medicine. There are no contraindications. It should be noted that there are 32 types of Rhopalurus junceus scorpions in Cuba, which are also used to treat various other forms of the disease.

vidatox drops


30 CH VIDATOX ® is the name of a brand derived from the blue scorpion’s venom. It affects the various symptoms caused by cancer Vidatox affects the reduction of pain in patients in whom cancer has a significant progression. The obtained product was created by research, first on animals and then on humans for 15 years. This preparation has shown very enviable results, perhaps the best compared to many other natural preparations and medicines obtained from natural compounds.

Application and treatment

Cuban scorpion

Vidatox drops in the initial stages, 174 patients of both sexes who had different forms of malignancy were subjected by application under the tongue in a period of 3 years. After a 3-year study, the best progress was shown in cancer of the lungs, colon, breast, prostate, and pancreas.

It was also found that in 96% of cases, life was extended by 12 months or more in patients in whom classical medicine was no longer successful and who were predicted to die soon.

In 90% of cases, the clinical symptoms established during the consultation recovered, and 62% of them lost the preliminary pain, which turned into a trivial form that does not require the use of strong sedatives. About 27% of patients stated that they no longer felt pain. These characteristics of Vidatox greatly improved all examined patients’ quality of life.

Improvement conditions

In many patients, as we can see, the complete condition has improved, not only in relieving pain and discomfort. Also, there has been progressing in the form of increased desire for food and improved overall health picture. In many people, the function of the parts of the body where the malignancy is located has improved. There has been a decrease in cough, an increase in body weight, and improved mood.

Vidatox drops help prolong the life of patients suffering from malignancy. Vidatox drops improve the performance immune system, reduce pain, and in many cases, reduce the size of malignant growths. We consider malignant growths on the pancreas, bone marrow, prostate, lungs, and other organs.

You should note that vidatox drops improve the quality of life, strengthen the urge to survive, and reduce the development of various forms of tumors. For this reason, they should be used in any form of malignancy as a standard cure for cancer.

Difference in preparations

Vidatox drops colors, and it is a blue preparation and a brown or brown preparation. A lot of people are wondering what the real difference is. There is no difference in the composition. Cubans’ drops and that they get on a prescription prescribed by their doctor are blue and can be bought exclusively by Cubans. They are purchased at a meager price exclusively in Cuba.

You can also buy Vidatox brown drops in Cuba, but they are intended for foreigners who do not get them on prescription and can buy them in pharmacies in Cuba. The price of these drops is significantly higher than the blue vidatox drops because they are covered by the funds of Cuba’s health system and can only be bought by Cubans.

Dangers of inadequate treatment with Vidatox drops

Many people in the Balkans who fall from some cancer or someone to family members try to get this homeopathic preparation, Vidatox drops. It should be noted that this remedy is treated as a medicine and that its sale is not allowed in most countries in our region. Besides, fake Vidatox drops have appeared packaged and sold under the false name of this drug. The recommendation for people who want to be treated with some of the medicines like Vidatox drops or to use homeopathic preparations is to contact experts like a doctor from Cuba, who will determine the best way to treat the patient based on the documentation they receive from the patient.

This type of treatment is called medical tourism, and we can provide adequate treatments through a large number of clinics around the world. By self-treatment without professional supervision with non-registered drugs, supplements, and preparations, only the counter effect can be achieved in the patient himself, and his condition worsens.

Adequate treatment is accompanied by many analyzes in which it is determined whether the treatment affects the patient or whether it needs to be modified. Most professional clinics have an individual approach to each patient. For this reason, it is necessary to seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the advantages of using Vidatox?

  •      It has a stimulating effect on the immune system.
  •      Significant pain reduction.
  •      Increases appetite and energy.
  •      It prolongs and improves the quality of life.
  •      It can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

2. Is Vidatox safe to use?

That. Although it is an active ingredient, Vidatox toxin, and that’s why pharmaceutical products, available toxicological studies did not show any adverse reactions in patients who use the poison, regardless of the degree of dilution of the prescription.

3. Can Vidatox be taken in combination with traditional therapies (radiation, hormones, chemotherapy)?

That. There is currently no conflict with other forms of cancer treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.


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