Victory Over Cancer

Victory Over Cancer – Feeding Your Immune System

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A powerful immune boost

How do we achieve and maintain a strong, healthy, balanced immune system? We are all aware that a vigorous immune system is important to our good health. It is even more important for those battling cancer. Many experts believe that a strong immune response may help to fight malignancy. The good news from nutritional experts is that there are many tasty foods that stimulate the immune system.

Victory Over Cancer with Phytosterols

Many edible plants contain a class of immune-stimulating natural substances known as sterols and sterolins, also known as phytosterols. The most famous of these is called beta-sitosterol. Please note, that these are not the “steroids” used by bodybuilders. They are, instead, a very healthy group of natural disease fighters that have a wide range of health benefits. Plant phytosterols seem to both stimulate and balance the various components of the immune system. It is especially interesting to note that recent scientific research indicates that immune system “helper” cells, known as Th1 and Th2, appear to achieve a more healthy balance if a diet rich in beta-sitosterol is consumed.

An immune system ratio favoring Th1 over Th2 is thought to improve beneficial immune functions while simultaneously diminishing negative immune system effects such as pain, inflammation, and allergies. Another quite intriguing benefit of beta-sitosterol is that it lowers blood cholesterol. In fact, it seems to lower harmful LDL cholesterol by perhaps as much as 15% in some individuals. Beta-sitosterol is also famous for its potential beneficial effects on prostate disease. It appears to fight BPH (Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) and is used by many alternative physicians as a treatment option or potential prevention for prostate cancer. Foods containing an abundant source of plant phytosterols include sesame seeds or sesame oil, rice bran, and sunflower seeds or oil.


Many healthy foods, such as whole wheat flour, organic carrots, pears, and tomatoes, contain another novel cancer-fighting, immune stimulator. This natural substance is called arabinogalactan. Proven in scientific studies to stimulate the Natural Killer Cells {NK cells} which fight cancer, arabinogalactan is truly a fascinating natural agent. It is a food fiber and is approved by the FDA as a source of dietary fiber. Science has long known that diets rich in soluble fiber such as arabinogalactan reduce the incidence of colon cancer, lowers cholesterol, and aid in elimination.

Arabinogalactan soluble fiber may also aid the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the colon, such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus. Healthy bacteria in the colon have many beneficial effects, including the production of vitamins, the crowding-out of harmful bacteria, and the protection of the colon wall from disease. They may also produce a beneficial type of fat, called short-chain fatty acid, or SCFA. One of the most famous of these short-chain fatty acids is butyrate. Butyrate or butyric acid is thought to fight the development of colon cancer within the cells that line the interior of the colon.

When cancer spreads by traveling from the site within the body where it originated, it may cause widespread damage to crucial organs and tissues. This process of malignant dispersal is called metastasis. Arabinogalactans may help to limit metastasis by interfering with the ability of cancer cells to travel and take up residence in a new location. Animal studies indicate that metastases to the liver, in particular, may be inhibited. The liver is one of the most common sites of metastatic spread of cancer and is a vital organ essential to life. The potential anti-metastasis effect of arabinogalactan may therefore prove quite significant in the improvement of health in cancer patients.

Viral infections and cancer

Viruses have been implicated in the development and progression of malignancy. Viral transfection can introduce new and sometimes unwanted and harmful genes into our cells. These harmful genes may stimulate oncogenes, those known to promote the development of cancer. Viruses may also simply damage our own cancer-fighting genes, the tumor suppressor genes, as they introduce their own viral genetic material into our cells for the production of new viral particles.

Arabinogalatans are thought to fight viruses. In fact, recent scientific studies have shown immune and anti-viral stimulatory effects similar to those of the famous immune and anti-viral herb echinacea. Interestingly, echinacea is rich in natural arabinogalactan.

Many delicious and readily available foods provide a good source of arabinogalactans and phytosterols. Whole wheat flour, carrots, pears, and sunflower or sesame seeds are easy to include in our daily diets. Sesame oil and sunflower oil as well as the seeds from which those oils are produced are thought to be the most healthy if they are fresh and not rancid or oxidized. Ingesting whole fresh seeds after chewing them well may provide a tasty and nutritious source of these oils.

Tomatoes are becoming ever more renowned for their many health-enhancing natural properties. Fortunately, most of us enjoy the taste of tomatoes, and they are found in many of our favorite foods. The addition of greater portions of these beneficial foods to our daily diet should be easy and enjoyable.



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