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Top 45 therapies for cancer treatment

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Wigmore diet

Anna Wigmore found a diet to treat cancer with which she successfully cured her cancer. For the next few decades, she managed to cure many people with this treatment, including the intake of fresh food and large amounts of juices, fruits, and vegetables. The most important thing in this protocol is that the fruits and vegetables are fresh. On that occasion, they retain a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that help the body recover. Her therapy is still used at the Hippocratic Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. Many nutritionists and doctors have declared this treatment the basic treatment in their treatment systems.

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VIBE machine

This is the anti-cancer treatment machine invented by Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Prize for improving cell health from 70 to 90 millivolts. According to his theory, during everyday stress and a very contaminated environment, the cells’ electricity and energy decrease. When the cellular energy decreases, we become very sick, and also, the cells cannot create a healthy environment and normal cellular metabolism. In that case, many critical diseases can occur, including carcinogens. When the electricity level drops to 50 microwatts, a person becomes chronically ill. When the energy drops to 15 mv, the cells become carcinogenic. This machine works by having a sick person sit in front of the machine for between 2 and 10 minutes a day, getting enough electricity to heal and develop normal cells in the body.

Vitamin D

If you have a cancerous disease, you need to contact a quality nutritionist and a doctor who will take care of your emotional state, diet, and other alternative treatment methods towards final recovery.

Vitamin D is essential in many processes in the body. People with cancer lack vitamin D, which directly affects the levels of some hormones in your body. Increasing the level of D in the body will directly affect the disease’s progress and slow down cancer development. At the same time, along with other protocols, it will help the person to recover. Intake between 80-90 ng/ml will improve the patient’s condition and greatly help him treat cancer.

High doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin C cannot be produced in the human body, so consuming various foods is necessary. High doses of vitamin C can stop cancerous diseases and are very common in cancer patients’ treatment protocols.

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This is a special vaccine that directly attacks cancer cells’ protective system. Dr. Valentin Govallo found this cancer vaccine. This type of vaccine has shown the most successful results in cancer and melanoma treatment, and it has been proven to affect both sarcoma and leukemia successfully. In the examination of this scientist, it was proven that people who were not subjected to radiation and chemotherapy have a stronger immune system and, at the same time, had better results during therapy with this vaccine. Many clinics around the world use this treatment.

Virginia Livingston Therapy

This is a cancer treatment based on a specific vaccine and a special nutritional protocol. The therapists who use it conclude that cancerous diseases occur due to the bacterium’s excessive reproduction and progression. This bacteria does more in humans under constant stress or in those who are weakened by some external factor. A team of scientists has discovered a vaccine that prevents this bacterium’s development. This treatment has cured many people worldwide and is used by several kids in the USA.

Blood exposure to ultraviolet radiation

This cancer treatment protocol is exciting because a small amount of the patient’s blood is taken from the body and exposed to ultraviolet rays. It returns to the body and, circulating through the body, destroys the bacteria in the organs and bloodstream. This treatment system is used for various diseases directly related to bacteria or viruses, including cancer, HIV, hepatitis, and others. This therapy can help develop the immune system.

Transfer factor plus

This is a protocol based on the development of the immune system, which is based on the intake of a special preparation that contains Beta Glucan, cordyceps, Maitake, Shitake, and other immunoregulators. Scientific studies have proven that this treatment method can destroy many cancer cells in a short time. Natural killer cells are an integral part of our immune system, and they are specifically triggered by this protocol and, in some cases, protocol. These cells are especially effective against cancer cells.

Vidatox drops

Vidatox drops are a homeopathic preparation obtained from one type of scorpion. The manufacturer of these drops is the Cuban company Labiofam. Vidatox drops have a very noticeable anti-cancer property, reduce pain, and improve people’s strength and appetite.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been shown to inhibit angiogenesis. Active substances from aloe vera that have been tested on animals are perfect for cancer preparations. Aloe improves the wound healing process.


People who take selenium are less likely to get nasturtium. Studies have shown that cancer patients get a 71% reduction in cancer when taking high doses of selenium. Selenium is very effective in prostate and colon cancer. Selenium is used in many anti-cancer protocols.

Selenium in the fight against malignancy

Rife technology

Royal Reymond Rife is an inventor who lived in the 20th century and invented and helped in his scientific work many inventions in biochemistry, optics, ballistics, and aviation. This scientist spent over 50 years as a manufacturer of medical instruments, and during that time, he gained many awards and donors in the field of his research.

He claims that the source of cancerous diseases is actually a small virus that can be destroyed with an electronic device that regulates energy at a certain frequency. To this day, many scientists have performed research in this direction, and the conclusion was there in the evidence documented when observing cancer cells under very sensitive and precise microscopes.

Existence has been established. Primordial crypto codes a tiny virus that is considered one of the cancer causes in the human body.


This preparation can be found in the bioflavonoid group of fruits and vegetables and successfully attacks and destroys certain enzymes that produce cancer cells that affect cancer cells’ growth and duplication. Many scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of this compound on cancer development and progression.

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Proteolytic enzymes

These enzymes have a long tradition of use in anticancer treatment. Scientific studies have proven the successful use of pancreatic enzymes in cancer patients’ treatment. These enzymes are used in many alternative methods and protocols to treat cancer patients. These enzymes remove the protein coat around cancer cells and increase the cell membrane’s permeability while increasing the cancer cell’s exposure to drugs and the immune system.

Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme.


Researchers at the New York State Institute of Biochemistry and Biology have announced that Poly-MVA successfully destroys cancer cells without toxicological side effects. This preparation is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to protect the cellular structure, including DNA and RNA structure which are very important in the normal production and distribution of proteins in cellular micro metabolism.

This compound helps the liver eliminate toxic and harmful substances from the bloodstream. This preparation is also associated with the production of energy in the body. Although this compound’s production has increased, it is still expensive and difficult to obtain.

You can read more information about this preparation in the article Poly MVA treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Regulating the pH or acidity of the organism

Experts believe that increased sugar intake is one of the most important cancer development causes in the last 100 years. Increasing sugar intake also increases acidity. In chemistry, acidic compounds tend to expel oxygen while base compounds absorb oxygen. Basically, all foods except fruits and vegetables form an organism’s increased acidity. Many protocols include compounds that reduce the organism’s acidity, such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, to reduce its pH value.

Cesium chloride and high ph therapy

Pau d arco

This is a plant that is used to treat many diseases. It has been proven that it has very good anticancer properties when taken daily in certain doses within three months.

Oxygen therapies

Oxygen is the biggest enemy of cancer cells. It has been scientifically proven that increasing the body’s oxygen concentration reduces the number of cancer cells and stops the disease’s progress. In addition to cancer, many other diseases are treated with oxygen.

This therapy includes agents that increase the absorption of oxygen, such as agents that increase hemoglobin, as well as some other metabolic processes that increase the concentration of oxygen in the body, preparations enriched with oxygen, ozone, or peroxide, and various devices such as a hyperbaric chamber that increases oxygen intake into the body.

In Germany, about 10 million treatments per million patients have been performed in the last 15 years. Many of these methods have shown outstanding results in cancerous diseases.


This medicine has been used for the last 25 years and is a combination of natural origin anticancer inhibitors. DR. Donald Donsabach patents this, and it is one of the main preparations in many hospitals across America to treat cancerous diseases.


This preparation is a potent mixture of strong antioxidants used to treat cancerous diseases. This preparation has the function of protecting DNA structure from free radicals. In this way, the preparation influences the further development and progress of the cancerous disease. This preparation restores vitality to the organism by healing the diseased areas and at the same time influencing the normalization of cellular metabolism and metabolism at the systemic level.

Omega 3 fatty acids

Scientists have proven that omega 3 fatty acids effectively stop breast and prostate cancer development. Since our body does not have the ability to produce omega 3 fatty acids, we must take them orally.

Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are seafood and freshwater and sea fish. This preparation can also be ingested through fish oil packaged in capsules, which is used as a nutritional protocol in treating heart problems and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Naessen’s 714X

This substance contains ethanol, sodium chloride, ammonia salts, camphor, and nitrogen. Scientist Gaston Naessens is the inventor of this preparation. The same scientist managed to find a microscope with which it is possible to observe changes in blood cells and their structure. With this device’s help, he discovered organisms called nematodes, which he associated with a series of severe diseases, including cancer.

By merging Naessen’s 714X, he was able to eliminate them. This preparation has the properties to cure cancer and HIV by destroying these organisms. Cancer cells also produce protection, which he called the K factor, which protects them from the immune system. Naessen’s 714x also removes this barrier and allows the immune system to recognize cancer cells and destroy them.

Citrus Pectin

Many scientists claim that Citrus Pectin directly affects cancer metastases and reduces their spread throughout the body. This preparation inhibits angiogenesis and destroys tumor cells in their development. This preparation also destroys receptors on cancer cells. Without them, these cells cannot be generated into surrounding cells that are healthy, that is, to be connected to the surrounding tissue, and automatically for cancer to spread to a healthy organism. Thus, cancer cells circulate in the body without creating groups of cells and function individually until they become extinct. In this way, Citrus Pectin helps to develop the immune system and at the same time destroys cancer.

You can read more information about this preparation in Modified Citrus Pectin blocks metastases and cancer.

Lactoferrin – Lactoferrin

This compound is the first line of defense of the organism against foreign bodies’ surface invasion on the eyes, nose, and mouth. Lactoferrin has the power to bind to the iron that tumor cells use to multiply and grow. A normal and healthy organism will produce a sufficient amount of lactoferrin to fight tumors. By integrating with iron, lactoferrin makes this mineral unusable for cancer cells, in which case it starves them and leaves them without the basic and most important element for their further survival.

In addition to its property as an anticancer agent, immunoregulators’ addition is combined to enhance the immune system’s efficiency. In that case, cancerous diseases and tumors are destroyed.

Lactoferrin stops the growth of cancer.

Leteril b17

Laetrile or Amygdalin, better known as vitamin B17, is used as an anticancer therapy worldwide. This preparation is the main source of bitter apricot kernels, and it is believed that this compound is one of the main sources of the longevity of the Hunza tribe. You can also note that no cancerous diseases have been reported in this tribe.

Treatment of cancer with vitamin b17

Donald Kelly metabolic protocol

Dr. Kelly managed to make one of the best nutritional protocols and a diet that adapts to the physiognomy of the human body’s state. His method managed to cure about 90% of people who used it in a period of 6 months. This protocol includes the use of pancreatic enzymes.

Isel’s protocol

This protocol is named after  Dr. Josef Isell, who also patented it. This protocol includes detoxification of the organism, increased vitamin intake, nutritional protocol, increased intake of minerals and enzymes, acupuncture, massage, oxygen or ozone therapy, vaccine intake, light therapy, and warming therapy.

With this method, people managed to live up to 45 years since they were diagnosed with cancer, and its success rate of cure is about 87%. He also successfully treated incurable cases from which classical medicine gave up.


This is a plant that grows in the canopy of tall trees. It has a wide medical use. It is used as an adjunct to conventional anti-cancer radiation therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy. Its effect on the body is very complex, but one of the essential features is the stimulation of that part of the immune system that fights against cancerous diseases. It affects the body’s release suffering from severe pain, and people who used it for a short time felt better.

Iskador cure for jancer


This is the only nutritional product for very high nutritional value that retains b complex and inositol phosphate. IP 6 is an excellent anti-cancer agent and is also a strong antioxidant. It concerns natural cell killers that are part of the immune system that destroys cancer cells.

This preparation can be used preventively and in a protocol to treat cancerous diseases. It increases chemotherapy’s effectiveness, controls the development and progression of cancerous metastases, and improves the patient’s condition while affecting his life quality. This preparation is effective against a wide range of cancerous diseases.

IP6 cancer killer

Indole 3 Carbinol

This preparation is used in cancerous diseases associated with hormonal disorders. By ingesting 200 to 400 milligrams a day, this preparation successfully cured 8 out of 17 women in the early stages of cervical cancer. This preparation also affects hormonal imbalance regulation and treats respiratory papilloma tumors. This preparation reduces estrogen levels from the phase in which it produces cancer to normal and optimal levels. It is found in high concentrations in broccoli.

You can read more about this preparation in the article  Indole 3 carbinol cures hormonal cancer.

Immune system therapies

This type of cancer treatment is directly related to strengthening the immune system with various preparations and methods. This is done to restore the immune system’s ability to fight against cancer order destroy cancer cells. This type of fight against cancer has much fewer side effects than conventional treatment methods.

Immunotherapy to treat cancer

Hydrazine sulfate

This is a known chemical compound that is used in many anticancer protocols. Its function is to stop the so-called milk cycle in which a large amount of energy is pumped from the body, and patients become weaker precisely because of this metabolic process. This element cuts the liver’s circle and prevents this organ from converting lactic acid into glucose, feeding the cancer cells. Soon after taking hydrazine sulfate in people with cancer, body weight returns to normal.

Hydrazine sulfate prevents the spread of cancer.

Green tea extract

In many studies so far, green tea has been proven to have anti-cancer properties. Japanese researchers have proven that green tea has a much more useful role in the body than its basic antioxidant properties. One of the causes of healthy cancer cells’ formation is the increased telomerase concentration. Telomeres are located at the end of DNA, and each time cells divide, these enzymes gradually disappear. In the end, the division is not possible, and the cells die. In the case of cancer cells, these enzymes do not disappear, and the cancer cells can divide over and over again. The first inhibitor of these enzymes found was green tea. In most studies, green tea destroyed cancer cell groups with this method between 3 and 6 months.

You can read more about green tea in Green tea preventing cancer spread.


This is a cancer treatment plant that was found in Peru some 25 years ago. It directly attacks cancer cells, and some of its compounds destroy cancer. This plant destroys about 12 lines of malignant diseases.

You can get more information about this preparation in the article  An anti-cancer drug found in the Amazon rainforest.


This element is an antioxidant and enhances the development of the immune system.


For many years, researchers have been trying to unravel the mystery of why Okinawans do not get any form of cancer, even though they have been exposed to radiation for many years. They still hold first place in the world in the percentage of people over 100. Finally, scientists have discovered that one of the specialties containing seaweed is a source of their longevity and contains a chain of carbohydrates called fucoidan. This compound is lethal to a wide range of cancer cells.



Flavonoids are a biological compound that can be found in many plants and inhibit the growth and growth of human cancer cells.


Dimethyl sulfoxide has a wide range of uses in medicine. DMSO in contact with water changes the structure, and its effect is to heal damaged cells. This preparation increases cell membrane permeability. By increasing the cell membrane’s permeability, this preparation allows nutrients and medicinal compounds to enter the cancer cells and the toxins full of them to leave them.

This is a reversible process in which cancer cells become healthy. DMSO has the power to cross the blood-brain barrier and is an excellent carrier of other drugs and substances throughout the body. It is also used as an adjunct in people who use chemotherapy. This is a product obtained from the wood industry and natural origin.

You can read more about DMSO in the article  DMSO and its anti-cancer properties.


This preparation for cancer treatment reduces the surface of cancers of the skin, colon, breast, liver by 60% and more. This preparation very successfully destroys cancer cells. It has the ability to increase the detoxification of carcinogenic chemicals and estrogenic influences on the development of cancer produced by the body. Women at high risk of getting cancer have a lower detoxification rate than the carcinogen and estrogen that causes cancer. This preparation has a preventive effect on the development of prostate cancer.

Curcumin for the treatment of cancer

This is a well-known spice that has anti-cancer properties. Curcumin is an integral part of curry spice, and even curry spice with a tiny percentage of curcumin manages to stop the spread of breast cancer. Curcumin directly attaches to cancer cells by self-destructing.

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA

The meat of grass-fed cows contains a high concentration of CLA. Cow’s dairy products 30 years ago contained a high CLA concentration, while now they contain only 20% because animals are fed artificial food. CLA stimulates the immune system, neutralizes cancer cells’ growth, improves blood, increases body weight, and does not have toxic properties that can harm organisms. Organic products have an elevated concentration of CLA. Daily doses that can be used are from 1 to 4 grams per day.

CLA in the fight against cancer

Beta glucan 1.3 and 1.6

Beta-glucans are immunoregulators that boost the immune system to its optimal level. These compounds have been the subject of research for many years. They are exciting because they activate the immune system’s macrophages as the last defense of the immune system and other cells that destroy cancer cells. Beta-glucan is extremely effective when used in weak patients whose immune system is extremely weakened by a long and severe illness or after treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

You can read more about beta-glucans in the article  Beta-glucan is best for the immune system.


Preparation is the active ingredient of the Chinese plant Artemisia annua or sweet wormwood. It releases free radicals in cancer cells in which the concentration of iron is increased.

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Arginine for the treatment of cancer

This is an amino acid essential for human development and his life, directly affecting cancerous diseases’ growth and development. Researchers have found that when arginine is given in large amounts, it successfully reduces the development of cancerous diseases. In some studies, the cancer size was reduced by up to 80%.


This preparation for cancer treatment is a mixture of several medicinal mushrooms from Asia. All mushrooms have been used for centuries to treat various diseases and are carriers of traditional medicine in many countries. This product is a potent regulator of the immune system. This preparation helps the immune system straightforwardly destroy cancer cells and start the macrophage mechanism last and strongest—defense of the organism against cancerous diseases. Many clinics use AHCC to support the immune system in people with cancer.



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