The plant NEEM is an Indian remedy for many diseases

neem plant

It’s been thousands of years NEEM wood  showed its positive qualities in treatment of many diseases in Indian traditional medicine. Every part of the tree neem has a healing effect. Dr. Bisvas and his associates recently reviewed the biological activities of some neem compounds, the pharmacological effects of neem tree extract, made clinical studies the effects of the medicinal ingredients of the tree will not be combined with safety assessments.

Neem is widely used in Ayurveda, Unani and homeopathic medicine. The meaning of the word neem in a literal translation it is liberation from disease. Significance in neem herbal treatment has also been accepted by the US National Academy of Sciences, whose report was published in 1992. entitled “ NEEM -tree for solving global problems “

More than 135 compounds from the neem plant have been isolated and each of them is associated with different effects on the human body, they are also structurally very different. These compounds are divided into two main groups: isoprenoids and non-isoprenoids.

Medicinal use of the plant neem

neem plant leaves

Different parts of the neem tree are used for medical purposes and have been used in traditional Indian medicine for many years. Neem leaf extract is used therapeutically as a folk medicine and remedy for leprosy, intestinal helminthiasis, respiratory disorders, jail and for complete health improvement. It is used to treat rheumatism, ulcers. Neem The oil is used for various skin infections. The bark, leaf, flower and fruit are used to purify the blood, bile diseases, skin ulcers.

Immunostimulatory fact

Liquid extracts of the plant neem bark and leaves have an immunostimulatory effect. Neem oil activates the immune mechanisms of cells.

Hypoglycaemic effect of the extract neem

Extract neem leaves significantly lowers blood sugar and reduces adrenaline, as well as glucose and hyperglycemia. Recently, a hyperglycemic effect has been observed in leaf extract in ipsitations in diabetic rabbits.

Pregnancy prevention

Vaginal use neem oils can prevent pregnancy can also cause natural miscarriage. This preparation can be used as a natural contraceptive.

Antimalarial effect

This plant successfully destroys malarial parasites.

Anti fungal action of the neem plant

The antifungal activity of the neem leaf extract was observed on the following fungi Trichophyton ,, Epidermophyton ,, Microspor Trichosporon ,, Geotricum and Candida .

Antibacterial action from leaf and seed extract

This plant has a wide range antibacterial action against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, including M. Tubercolosisi strains resistant to streptomycin. Inhibits Vibrio cholerae Klebsiella pneumoniae, M. tuberculosis and M. Pyogenes. Antimicrobial effects of the plant neem have also been observed in Streptococcus mutans and S. faecalis.

Antiviral action

Plant extract neem affects smallpox virus.

Anticancer activity

Plant neem reduces the effective spread of cancer and the transfer of tumors to healthy cells.

Antioxidant activity

The plant extract has significant antioxidant activity in the human body.

Effects on the central nervous system

Neem plant extract has an antidepressant effect.

Medical application of the plant neem

neem powder

Plant extract neem successfully treats eczema and scabies. Herbal lotion neem The leaf can cure many dermatological diseases within 3-4 days in the acute phase or two weeks in chronic cases. The paste prepared from the leaves of neem plant and turmeric has effectively cured a large number of people infected with scabies. The leaf extract is prescribed for oral use during treatment. patients with malaria.A recent clinical trial conducted to investigate the efficacy in humans infected with malaria .

Lipid levels, especially cholesterol, are lowered during therapy. Reports are also available in many patients with various forms of cancer. Patients with epidomoid carcinoma have shown extremely good results during therapy with this extract. Also in many volunteers who tested it as a contraceptive, the neem plant extract prevented pregnancy without negatively affecting the vagina, the cervix. It has been proven that the use of this preparation is completely safe.

Many scientific studies have proven the justified healing effect of the plant neem in the treatment of many diseases. It is necessary to perform a larger scope of research in order to selectively determine the impact of individual compounds on certain types of diseases. Neem plant has shown an astonishingly wide range of positive effects on various types of diseases.

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