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Breast cancer metastases It is a condition when breast cancer has spread to other parts of your body, such as the lungs, liver, or even the brain. It is actually a chronic condition. When you have cancer metastasized, it means that the cancer cells have affected other parts of your body. It is the last stage of breast cancer. Women with metastatic breast cancer usually survive for about five years. Doctors claim that they cannot cure it, but they will try in every way to reduce its development, while alternative medicine claims otherwise. The treatment of breast cancer metastases is intended to prolong patients’ lives for several years.

Breast cancer metastases: hormone therapy and Herceptin

As for treatment options in breast cancer metastases, there are usually three options for you. It’s the first hormone therapy. Therapies are significantly safer than chemotherapy because they have fewer side effects. Therapies will control cancer cells that have spread even better than other aggressive treatments needed in this case. However, you should know that this treatment is only suitable for those who are positive for estrogen receptors. Herceptin is also the recommended treatment. It is a useful treatment for destroying cancer cells that use her2 protein. According to research, this treatment can extend survival time by about 13 months.


Breast cancer metastases: Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is actually a common treatment for any metastatic cancer. This treatment can effectively treat cancer metastases breasts to the lungs and other organs. This is actually an aggressive treatment to control metastatic cancer cells. The doctor usually combines chemotherapy with various medications in patients with breast cancer metastases. However, you should also know that this treatment has many side effects. She is one of nausea and vomiting. Also, many patients reported significant hair loss.

Usually, the type of chemotherapy that is constant, instead of combined, is used for breast cancer metastases. Chemotherapy is designed to control metastatic cancer cells while giving patients minimal side effects.

As for medications prescribed when someone is on chemotherapy, you should know that medications can be varied. However, the most commonly prescribed drug is Xeloda. This drug has long-lasting effects. This medicine can be taken home to patients with breast cancer metastases.

Information from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Information about basis for breast cancer research  It is really a must find for all women in this world. This foundation has a great purpose of helping all women with this disease. Having cancer is really painful. Patients cannot talk to people around them about the disease. They will feel alone sometimes. They need mental and financial help. Where can I get help? Well, this foundation is the best answer to that question. Patients get everything they need here. In addition, all people living without or with cancer can provide support and contribution.

Breast Cancer Research Foundation Mission

Breast Cancer Research Foundation  there is something valuable to offer. This mission provides funding for inventive clinical and translational research in excellent hospitals around the world. The mission also helps make people aware of breast health. That’s really great, isn’t it? People can contribute donations to this mission to limit the risk of breast cancer.

The mission is done through various programs. There are group discussions, a research group, donations, charities, product sales, and also the dissemination of information through the media about breast cancer. The goal of all programs is actually to reduce breast cancer and help people with cancer. IN  Breast Cancer Foundation, all people can contribute and help breast cancer victims. This foundation is also supporting some cancer studies. The results of each survey are stored and collected in the foundation library.

Contributing to breast cancer research foundations

It has already been mentioned that all people can make some contributions. You can make contributions whether it is financial resources, knowledge and information or volunteer work. The best help is provided by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. If you are interested, you can register online or offline. You can choose which method suits you best.

Registration for online membership can be done through its official website. Go to the page yourself and you will have instructions on how to do it. However, you can go directly to the office. The address of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation is available on the official website.

Stages of breast cancer at an early and advanced level

A doctor’s treatment of breast cancer patients is decided based on breast cancer staging and cancer symptoms. Cancer is like other diseases that appear in stages. There are levels of cancer. You can find information about the levels of certain types of cancer in some health articles on the Internet or in magazines. Just find the information in these articles to enrich your knowledge of the stages and define which treatment for breast cancer treatment should be given. As a basic point, the phases are categorized into two divisions. These are the early and advanced stages.

Early-stage breast cancer stage

At an early level of breast cancer staging, there are phases 0 and phase 1. Phase 0 is almost imperceptible. Evidence of the presence of cancer does not yet appear at this stage. Even cancer does not even pass through normal tissue. In other words, at this stage, breast cancer is not invasive. Pathology speaks for itself staging of breast cancer in phase 0.

Let’s move on to the next stage of breast cancer at an early level. After phase 0, the cells will move to phase 1, which is cancer that will be invasive. There are phases IA and IB. In IA, the size of a lump commonly referred to as a tumor is up to two inches. The cell has not yet expanded at this stage, while in IB, the tumor has disappeared. At this stage, the tumor transforms into groups of cancer cells. The size of the groups is about 0.2 mm. It is less than two mm. The cells are located in the lymph nodes. You can talk to your doctor and see the breast cancer classification table to find out more.

Advanced stage breast cancer

Next, breast cancer staging is phase 2, phase 3, and phase 4. In stage 2, the tumor may appear and disappear. In 2A, the tumor that appears maybe two cm. The tumor has spread under the arm. In 2B, the tumor may be larger than 2 cm. Up to 5 cm is also 2B.  In phase 3, the cells will begin to become invasive. In 3A, the cells are spread under the arms and bind to other tissues. In 3B, cells spread to the chest and breast’s skin wall.

The worst condition in the cancer stage is in the 4. phase. Why is it the worst? It is worst because the cells are metastatic and attack other parts of the body. The part of the attacked body can be the lungs, liver, heart, or brain.

Characteristics of breast cancer nodules

Information about breast cancer nodules can actually be said as something that still confuses some people.  Breast cancer is a disease that can actually affect all men, not just women. Despite this, there appear to be more breast cancer cases than women suffer from. The information shared here will be somewhat more based on breast cancer research in women.

Common characteristics of breast cancer nodules

As noted in the introduction to this article, confusion occurs in some people a. Breast cancer nodules are a major part of the confusion. Confusion is actually something that happens because there are two main types of lumps on the breasts. They are harmless and at the same time harmful, which is nothing but a sign of breast cancer. Patients generally want to know whether the growths are harmless or not, that is, whether they are benign or malignant.

Therefore, it is certain that breast cancer nodules’ characteristics are really needed to make people actually know their potential danger. First of all, the usual shape that can often be found in clusters is not round. Besides, it is also known that it does not have a smooth surface but a rough one. If the nodules are pressed, they will feel as if they are something quite hard. The nodules are also not mobile, unlike any other nodules that are not even harmful and are located in the breast. This type of nodule can only be adipose tissue.

There are some common places where breast cancer nodules are usually found. For example, they can be found very close to the breast’s surface. Some other cases show that they can be found in a further area, which is quite close to the chest wall. Another common occurrence is in the armpit area.

Breast cancer nodule test

People think that they are breast cancer nodules, painful lumps, or breast cancers and that only painful areas should be considered. While this is actually true, this feature of breast cancer should not be a determinant. Even if the bump characteristics, as mentioned earlier, are already known, it is still not easy for people to know whether they are cancer. If you are faced with this type of confusion, confirmation can actually be made whether it is cancer or not. This is a test known as a mammogram. In the test, accurate information about breast cancer nodules can be found precisely.

Ductal breast cancer: a type of cancer that people need to know more about

Ductal breast cancer is one of the most common forms of breast cancer. Although the second type is known to be invasive breast cancer, this one is known to be non-invasive or ductal breast cancer in situ. What exactly is this cancer? Are there certain symptoms in these types of cancers to increase their awareness of this disease? To find the answers to these questions here is some information about the disease that could be useful to you.

What exactly is ductal breast cancer?

Types of breast cancer known as ductal breast cancer can be explained. It is actually a  breast cancer in which cancer cells do not spread but remain in one area. This means that the cells have not yet damaged any breast tissue around the area of cell origin.

Ductal breast cancer itself is non-invasive, divided into different categories. For example, there is Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) and Lobular Carcinoma In Situ (LCIS).  One thing that is important for non-invasive breast cancer is that if not treated properly, there is a different chance of it becoming invasive breast cancer, which is certainly more dangerous because the spread of cancer cells will metastasize.

Common symptoms of ductal breast cancer and treatment

Of course, there are common symptoms of ductal breast cancer. Knowledge of all those common ductal breast cancer symptoms will surely be essential for both men and women. One should know that not only women but also men can have breast cancer. Although no lump forms in this type of cancer do not mean that there are no symptoms that people should be aware of. Usually, the symptoms are a feeling of pain in the breasts and bloody fluid coming out of the nipple.

An early diagnosis to be made when these symptoms occur will certainly be mammography. A mammogram’s function is to inform whether the symptoms are the cause of breast cancer or something else. If, unfortunately, they are further medical treatment should stop ductal breast cancer and halted his further progress.

Breast cancer tape

Breast cancer tape  is a logo or sign that should focus people on breast cancer. You should know that breast cancer is a dangerous disease that can mostly cause death. Most people think that breast cancer can attack women, when in fact it can also attack men. Therefore, this can be a serious illness that needs to be aware of. It is important to check your breasts often if there are suspicious bumps in the breast area, especially if the bumps are painful if you touch them.

Breast cancer tape : organization

You should know that breast cancer tape  is actually an organization that is officially registered in New York. This organization is dedicated to supporting breast cancer patients, families, and even survivors around the world. It is a community where you can find forums and discussions about breast cancer. There you can find experiences and stories about survivors and how they managed to survive, and stories of families with breast cancer. If you are either a survivor or a family member with breast cancer, you can join that organization.

Breast cancer tape  Vector logo

As a sign that you are members  breast cancer tape  community, you can get a vector logo of breast cancer ribbon. You can wear the logo on your wardrobe. You can attach it to the lapel of your jacket. Moreover, people will not only wear it in clothes but also on their skin. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are actually a common occurrence that you can find in people today. If you are a member of this community, you can wear this ribbon on your clothes.

If you want to donate a ribbon for breast cancer, you can give your fund on their website. All you need to do is visit his official website. There you can find a way to donate money. One thing is for sure, it would be helpful to donate your money knowing that you can be helpful to others who need it.

This community has its branches in various parts of the world. You just have to find one that is close to your place. You can also get money from this organization if you are entitled to it. It would be best to contact this community for more information. It is always helpful to join  ribbon and breast cancer.



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