Depression and axiosity and cause

Depression and axioms are on the rise around the world. Bad mood, lack of confidence, melancholy, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor concentration as symptoms that manifest for at least two weeks in a row are a sure sign for the diagnosis of depression. Depression belongs to disorders characterized as mood disorders (unipolar disorder). A depressed […]

Autism – a tragedy of 21st century children

Autism is a disease that develops in early childhood and is often seen in children as young as three years old. This disease affects sociability and communication, the behavior of a person suffering from autism. Diagnosis, misunderstanding of the environment, few experts and specialized institutions, are just some of the problems of people with autism […]

Haste in children and how to recognize it

We all know that haste and stuttering are closely related, and there is often confusion. Like stuttering, haste is a disorder of fluency (speech fluency), but they still differ in many ways. Haste involves occasional “blockages” in speech, which can actually result from disorganized speech. This can mean that one speaks very quickly or that […]