alcoholism and addiction natural treatment

Alcoholism and addiction – treatment, diet, herbs, Chinese medicine

Alcohol becomes a part of our lives so often that we don’t realize when we became addicted to it. Anyone who overdoses on alcohol faces physical and mental health problems. This can affect personal relationships, work and finances. The following signs indicate whether you need help to stop alcohol abuse: You turn to the glass […]

detoxification after chemotherapy

How to perform detoxification after chemotherapy?

We will show you how you can detoxify the body after chemotherapy and how you can supply it with all vital substances at the same time, so that you regain strength completely. After chemotherapy, many people want to be detoxified. In the end, the body is full of toxic drugs and usually continues to suffer […]

cancer information

Liver cleansing – Preparations and essential protocols for cancer patients

The liver is the organ responsible for all valid functions in our body. It produces bile and uses it to break down fats, and it is important for the normal work of the digestive organs and the supply of blood with nutrients from the intestines, i.e., food. The liver controls the structure of the blood […]


Epsom salt cleansing the liver and gallbladder

Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, a pure mineral with many health benefits. I think you will be surprised by this natural preparation used therapeutically by hundreds. Epsom salt has won many people’s hearts around the world with its healing properties. Is every epsom salt with the same? Each Epsom salt contains the natural minerals […]

hepatocellular carcinoma of the liver

Hepatocellular carcinoma malignant tumor of the liver

Hepatocellular carcinoma of the liver is the most common primary malignant tumor liver. It is closely associated with the liver’s cirrhosis, both due to its alcoholic and viral etiology. Globally, hepatocellular carcinoma accounts for approximately 5% of all cancers due to the high rate of hepatitis B infection. It is also the third most common […]

grain juice in glasses

Green grain juice saves from the worst diseases

All important medicinal products have their own story, and Green Juice’s story begins with drama.Sir Nemet Maćaš had a problem with his grandson’s health, who was diagnosed with leukemia and later a special form of cancer. With such knowledge, a great struggle with disease and time will begin. Nemet did not give up and sought a […]

bioenergy treatment

Energy medicine or magnetic therapy or bioenergy

Energy medicine or magnetic treatment or bioenergy – biotherapy is used for healing, i.e., malignant / cancer, tumors, carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemias, and lymphomas. Bioenergy – biotherapy is a healing discipline of energy or electromagnetic, i.e., frequency medicine for the treatment and healing/treatment of all forms of disease/illness and dysfunction of the organism, and stimulating the […]

Holistic liver cleansing

Holistic liver cleansing

The liver is versatile in the body The liver is a multifunctional organ. This means: her tasks are extremely diverse. For example, the liver converts cholesterol into bile acids to digest fats. This regulates cholesterol levels. Without bile acids, we would not be able to cook even the tiniest pieces of Sacher cake or the […]

green juices to cleanse the liver

Recipes for juices that cleanse the liver

Liver disease is a wide range of disorders, infections, and conditions that can affect liver tissue and cells. These disorders can also affect the liver’s structure itself and lead to the cessation of this organ’s functioning due to a poor lifestyle. They can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which are not […]


Schisandra – The fruit of this plant protects against cancer

Schisandra or the scientifically famous Schisandra Chinensis, ‘Wu Wei Zi’ Chinese grape is a 10-meter tall vine native to northeastern and central China. Schisandra The berry has been used for more than 2000 years to treat various Chinese and Japanese traditional medicine diseases. This plant’s fruit is recommended for lung diseases and when preventing coughs. Schisandra and cancer […]