how I beat HPV

How I beat HPV

Many women and people with different problems contact us, but we would like to share the diary of a girl who wanted to share her experience in the fight against the HPV virus. The article is just called how I beat HPV because this person successfully fought this virus in a completely natural way. The […]

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Homeopathic preparations for uterine cancer and cervical cancer

The very word cancer causes panic and creates the image of a painful death. This deadly disease’s early stages are curable with good homeopathic treatment and preparations to provide holistic cancer treatment. We have normal cell life and cell death in normal cells, normal cell division. In contrast, in cancer cells, the division is accelerated, […]


A biopsy is a procedure of taking a tissue sample from an organism to examine. The tissue is examined under a microscope, and therefore microscopic samples are needed. Sometimes it is enough to scrape the tissue from an area (an example of this is taking a sample with the cervix ). During a bowel examination, […]

Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are sexually transmitted infections infected with a healthy person. You can become infected through oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse. Sexually transmitted diseases should be treated, regardless of pregnancy. However, in pregnancy, they are dangerous not only for the woman but also for the fetus. Like HIV infections, i.e., AIDS, some are […]

hpv in men

HPV in men

HPV is not only present in women, but on the contrary. Men and women are equally affected by HPV infections. Read here how men become infected, what diseases HP viruses can cause in men and what protective measures are available. What is HPV? HPV stands for “human papillomavirus”. This is a group of DNA viruses […]

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HPV symptoms treat disease

Brief information about HPV Infection: mainly by direct contact with the skin or mucous membranes (sexual intercourse); It is possible to transmit the virus through infected objects (sex toys, towels, etc.) and during birth (from an infected mother to a child) Possible secondary diseases: Depending on the type of HPV, mainly skin warts, genital warts, […]

diet for hpv virus

HPV Diet – The best foods for the HPV virus

The HPV diet for people suffering from this virus must be specific. The HPV virus, like many other diseases, attacks an organism that has a weak immune system. An organism with a strong immune system will easily fight the HPV virus infection. Once it enters the body, it is difficult to expel it again. For […]

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HPV Prevention – Everything we need to know about the HPV virus

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is usually transmitted from person to person during direct skin-to-skin contact. For this reason, HPV prevention must be at a high level. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. There are more than 150 different types of HPV. Most men and women do not have any symptoms […]


Cervical cancer – Treatment for HPV virus

Despite Papanicolaou swabs’ discovery, cervical cancer is a significant health problem globally. Worldwide, 250,000 women die each year from cervical cancer. Cervical dysplasia is a premalignant and precancerous change of cervical cells that can progress to cervical cancer without the necessary treatment. The HPV virus is found almost everywhere around us. There are over a […]


A plant that cures the HPV virus

Contrary to previous beliefs that it is HPV, an inevitable infection against which we have the only defense vaccine has been proven that the organism with its immune system supported by some ancient plants can resist this disease. Research and treatment of HPV virus A revolutionary study on human papillomavirus with topical curcumin application reveals […]