routine and heart

Routine – health benefits of use in treatment

Rutin is a compound of a complex sugar obtained from the plant species Carpobrotus Edulis. It is also present in the plant Ruta graveolens, so rutin got its name. It is an integral part of buckwheat seeds, asparagus, citrus fruits, apples, various berries, peaches, and also green tea contains rutin. Rutin is used as a […]

Stockholm protocol and coenzyme Q10

Stockholm Protocol I coenzyme q10 is based on the following daily basis: 1.2 grams of gamma-linolenic acid 3.5 grams of omega 3 fatty acids 58 mg beta carotene 2.8 grams of vitamin C is one dose. This concentration is taken 4 times a day which is about 12 grams of vitamin C 2500 international units […]


Pancreatic enzymes – their use in the fight against cancer

Enzymes and pancreatic enzymes are specific protein molecules that are associated with the following functions: Support the body’s energy Cooking Blood purification Waste cleaning from the organism Many other functions in the body In very extreme situations in which the body has no other food sources, it automatically feeds on enzymes. As a result, the […]

high blood pressure

Advantages of serapeptase in the treatment of high blood pressure

Serrapeptase can help people who suffer from high blood pressure. When arterial plaques form in the arteries, they become narrow. As a result of the narrow arteries, blood cannot pass through them normally. This condition can lead to ischemic heart disease, decreased heart function. Lack of oxygen in the heart muscle can lead to a […]

natokinase then Japanese food

Nattokinase – An enzyme that lowers blood pressure and breaks down blood clots

If you are unfamiliar with nattokinase, you are not the only one. It can be described as an enzyme purified and extracted from bacteria Bacillus subtilis (i.e., natto), a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soy that has been used for millennia. How important is nattokinase for health? The answer is multiple because it has […]

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Enzymes – structure and general characteristics

ENZYMES – structure and general characteristics Enzymes are carriers of many metabolic reactions in the body. Metabolic reactions in the human body would not be possible without enzymes’ presence. Substrates are compounds that are chemically modified by the action of enzymes. The first enzyme isolated in the crystalline state was urease (Summer). Enzymes contain an […]

What is pancreatin?

Pancreatin is a combination of digestive enzymes (proteins). These enzymes are normally produced by the pancreas and are important for digesting fats, proteins, and sugars. Pancreatin is used to replace digestive enzymes when the body does not have enough of its own. Certain medical conditions can cause this enzyme deficiency, such as cystic fibrosis, pancreatitis, […]

coenzyme q10 therapy for cancer

Coenzyme Q10 therapy for cancer

For more than a decade, Life Extension® has published clinical studies demonstrating the effects in people with certain cancers who used coenzyme Q10. In clinical studies, not only have improvements been documented in patients, but the mechanisms by which coenzyme q10 has been identified have also been identified. Slows tumor growth. These mechanisms include increasing […]


Serrapeptase is a miracle enzyme that cures almost all diseases

Serrapeptase, known as butterfly enzyme, E-15, or silkworm enzyme, is a proteolytic enzyme or protein breakdown enzyme isolated from microbes indigenous to the silkworm digestive system. These microbes produce an enzyme that is strong enough to break down mulberry leaves, the only food that silkworms feed on. This enzyme helps silkworm larvae to build their […]