Budwig diet – Diet to reduce malignancy

The Budwig diet was created by German biochemist Johanna Budwig’s work in the middle of the 20th century. This diet consists of taking flaxseed mixed with young cheese. A Budwigdiet is a biological diet that provides the body with an unconventional method to reduce malignancy in the body. The Budwig diet achieves excellent results in this regard. Dr. Budwig presented a healing program that contains the following components:

Flaxseed oil: This oil contains a very high level of omega 3 acids.

Low-fat quark cheese: has an incredibly high level of purified proteins.

By combining these two ingredients, increased absorption of their mixture into the body was obtained.

In addition to these basic ingredients, patients using the Budwig diet must adhere to the following:

  1. They must adhere to special protocols that exclude the use of certain very harmful foods.
  2. To move outdoors with a lot of physical activity.
  3. They have blae workouts.
  4. They move in the fresh air with a lot of the sun.

A few words about the flax plant and its seeds

flaxseed budwig diet

The flax plant is grown worldwide, and flaxseed oil is obtained from its seeds. This plant in its fully developed state varies in height between 50 and 100 cm. After 70 to 100 days, it forms blue or white flowers when it moves to full maturity. The variety with distinct blue flowers is of very high quality, while the variety with white flowers gives a higher yield but has a lower seed quality.

Flax seeds contain very high concentrations of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Flaxseed is usually traditionally ground in a coffee grinder. At the heart of the Budwig diet is cold-pressed flaxseed oil mixed with fresh cheese, quark.

 This combination of essential acids and proteins has a very healing effect on cell membranes. In malignant diseases, by restoring the cell membrane, healing and a reversible process of returning the cell to a normal state are achieved. Because cell membranes contain lipids, flaxseed oil can be used to upgrade the cell’s outer shell. In addition to flaxseed oil and cheese, the Budwig diet also consists of ground powdered flaxseed, nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, cereals, beans, walnuts, and aromatic plant spices such as cloves and pepper.

Budvig diet

The Budwig diet has been nominated for the Nobel Prize 7 times!  A summary of its advanced innovation includes the following:

One of the leading conclusions is that over-treated food and hydrogenated oils in our foods are responsible for various malignancy cases. Budwig’s diet successfully solved this problem.

It should also be emphasized that foods rich in trans fats in the synthetic form are a very harmful agent for the human body. Trans fats change the electrical charge that is created in each cell. Thus the exposed cells become vulnerable and subject to changes that eventually lead to malignant tumors in the body.

By eliminating these fats, a huge step is achieved against malignancy.

Research by Dr. Johann Budwig

Johanna Budwig

In her research that lasted several years, she found that people with cancer have a much lower level of Omega 3 fatty acids than healthy people whose organism was in a much better condition.

People with malignancy have significantly lower lipoproteins and phosphatides in their blood. A greenish-yellow substance was also found in the blood of people suffering from malignancy, which healthy people do not have.

In the Budwig diet, by changing the diet, the cells go through a certain type of modification that affects health and better development of red blood cells. All these changes can affect the disappearance of malignancy in the diseased organism. Ms. Budving concluded that fats from flaxseed oil could also affect the disappearance of malignancy in the human body. Research has proven that long-term consumption of flaxseed oil reduces malignancy development, reduces the number of malignant cells in the body, and compromises the following forms of malignancy: breast, prostate, and intestine.

During experiments conducted on men, it was found that increased consumption of flaxseed can reduce the hormone testosterone’s presence in the body (it helps reduce prostate tumors). Scientists have also determined that flaxseed oil can prevent breast malignancy preventively and also reduces the size of already present malignancy.

Research evidence

Scientists are fascinated by the number of lignans and plant estrogen in flaxseed. They have not yet determined how lignans work. Still, it is predicted that they are directly related to reducing the development of hormone-dependent malignancy types, such as some types of malignancy of the breast, ovaries, prostate. Scientists also claim that lignans can be used as antioxidants and thus slow down malignant cells’ development.

It has been proven that the level of oxygen in the cells regulates how high the degree of malignancy and mutation of the cancerous cell will be. The lower the oxygen levels, the faster the cancer cells develop, multiply and spread. Hungarian scientist St. Gyogry received the Nobel Prize in 1937 because he confirmed that the increased intake of essential fatty acids and proteins rich in sulfur increases the level of oxygen in the body and thus reduces the development of cancer.

Although his discovery was directly related to ascorbic acid, this discovery is also related to the Budwig diet.

Dr. Budwig commented on the discovery of this Hungarian scientist and proved in her research that by consuming 3 to 6 tablespoons of flax and a cup of young cheese every day, You could also achieve excellent results. The result and action are enhanced if flaxseed oil and young cheese are carefully combined. The taste can be improved by adding fresh strawberry juice, blueberries, or bananas. It is imperative to swallow ground flaxseed within 20 minutes because it oxidizes and loses its effectiveness. Each of the above components should be organic.

Never use hydrogenated oils because the complete diet will be neutralized this way.

How to make a Budwig diet mixture?

Budwig diet mixture

This is the formula for making Budvig muesli (unlike other inventions with oats, other cereals, milk, and dried fruit). This is a straightforward formula. Everything must be fresh, and you must finely blend the ingredients for the content to adapt to the individual taste.

Ingredients Budvig diet

-Two tablespoons of freshly ground tulip seeds

-Three tablespoons of linseed oil

-100 grams of organic low-fat cheese. You can use cow’s or goat’s cheese or low-fat yogurt. A good choice is also goat’s milk, which is very successfully assimilated into the body.

-One tablespoon of raw honey

-Spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, lemon juice, orange juice, banana, etc.

-Half or a full cup of various fruits such as berries that contain ellagic acid. This acid protects the body from harmful ingredients that produce malignancy and affects stopping the development of malignancy.

Prepare budwig mixture

Put the crushed flaxseed in one bowl. Flax seeds should be ground to a level that is slightly larger than the powder, and this is best achieved with old coffee grinders. Put flaxseed oil and cheese in another bowl. The oil must be completely combined with the cheese. You should not use a standard mixer, but you should make this mixture by hand. It is best to mix this with hands that have been washed with water. If the mixture is too thick, never add juice or water, but add it  honey and mix it thoroughly with the honey ingredients. Then add other spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, apple sauce or lemon juice (no sugar). Drink this mixture over flax seeds and fruit. You can also add the following: walnuts, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts.

This mixture must be fresh and eaten for a maximum of 20 minutes from the moment of preparation.

Other rules:

Do not use peanuts.

Do not use any type of sugar.

Do not use syrups.

Do not use aspartame

Do not add any additives

Everything should be organic, including organic cold-pressed flaxseed oil.

Inhale fresh air daily.

Sunbathe daily for 10 to 20 minutes.


The Budwig diet is perfect for the brain’s functioning and the body itself because flaxseed oil can penetrate directly into the bloodstream from where it spreads to all cells in the body. The Budwig diet re-establishes the electrical discharge of cells, which gives it more energy and strength, greater elasticity, and efficiency in its micro-tasks.

When the cells do not discharge electricity, the whole organism begins to function below normal. Revitalizing the organism in this way damages the system’s dynamics and intellectual abilities. This mixture also increases lung performance even in people with worsening respiratory conditions. This mixture hydrates the dehydrated lungs and helps the body expel secretions and slime.

Nutrition of the elderly and everything about aging

Changes in aging

exercising older people

Loss of senses

The senses of taste, smell, sight, hearing, and touch are reduced individually. Loss of sense of taste and smell is common in older people. The causes can be the normal aging process and various diseases, the use of drugs, surgery, radioactive therapy. Some people feel these changes earlier and some later. The senses feel sweet and salty age rather than the senses of sour and bitter. That is why many types of food have a bitter taste, so the elderly often resort to salt or sugar. The change in taste and smell begins around 60 and becomes much more serious in people older than 70 years. Loss of sense of taste and smell reduces the pleasure of consuming food and can also be the cause of poisoning by various chemicals that would otherwise be detected by taste and smell. But more importantly, loss of taste can cause loss of appetite in the elderly, leading to weight loss, malnutrition, weakened immunity, and even death.

As you age, the whole structure of the eye changes. The pupil responds less to darker or lighter lighting. The lenses become yellow, less flexible, and a little hazy. The eye muscle becomes less able to rotate the eye completely.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is the most common condition that affects the elderly. There is progressive hearing loss with age, initially with high-frequency sounds like speech. It has not been determined whether a specific cause such as noise trauma leads to hearing loss, but it seems that there are genetic predispositions. Hearing loss is more pronounced in older men than in women.

Tooth loss

As teeth age, they become darker and more brittle, making them easier to crack. This leads to tooth loss and/or diseases of the oral cavity. It is a common occurrence in the elderly. So most people up to 65. years lose all teeth and mostly have bad replacement teeth. Many problems arise, such as bruised gums, fistulas, etc. Older people who wear artificial teeth chew 75 to 85 percent less effective than people with their teeth, leading to reduced consumption of meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. And this results in inadequate intake of energy, iron, vitamins. You can solve this problem with quality replacement teeth, which adhere well to the gums and allow regular chewing of all food.

Untreated caries and periodontitis are also a cause of tooth loss in the elderly leading to wearing artificial teeth.

Skin, hair and nail changes

Skin change is one of the most common visible signs of aging. Evidence of aging are both wrinkles and “hanging” of the skin. Gray hair is another obvious sign of aging. Skin change is linked to several factors, genetics, diet, and other factors. The biggest factor, though, is sun exposure. The skin becomes thinner, paler, and transparent. Changes in connective tissues reduce the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Numerous pigmented spots (called age spots or liver spots) can appear on parts of the skin exposed to the sun.

Grey hair usually begins on the temples and extends to the head’s top. The hair becomes progressively lighter, eventually becoming white. Many people have a gray head until their fortieth birthday. Gray hair is genetically determined.

About a quarter of men show signs of baldness by their thirties, and about two-thirds have significant baldness by age 60. Men have a typical form of baldness associated with the male hormone testosterone. Hair is lost on the temples or at the top of the head. Women also have a typical form of hair loss at that age. Their hair becomes sparse all over the scalp, and the scalp can become visible. Some women may notice hair loss all over their body but may find that they have harder hair on their face, especially on the top of their chin and around their lips. Men may find that the hair on their eyebrows, ears, and nose becomes longer and harder.

Nails also change with age. They grow weaker and can become dull and fragile. They may become yellow and opaque. Toenails become hard and strong. Ingrown toenails are common. However, some changes in the nails can cause infections, nutrient deficiencies, trauma, or other problems.

Immune system

As we age, our immune function decreases, resulting in a decrease in our ability to fight infections, which leads to an increase in infections in the elderly. Decreased immunity may explain the increased incidence of malignancies in that population.


Older people find it harder to inhale and exhale air because as they age, the lungs’ absorption surface and elasticity decrease. And all this is reflected in other parts of the body. Therefore, the elderly should practice proper breathing as much as possible and stay in the fresh air.

Changes in the digestive system

colon cancer

Problems arise already with food intake. Dry mouth is a common problem in the elderly that makes it difficult not only to swallow but also to speak. It affects more than 70% of people and can significantly affect food intake. People have trouble chewing and swallowing food, and as a result, they avoid certain foods. Esophageal motility decreases.

Decreased excretion is common in people over 60 years of age stomach acid, atrophy of the gastric mucosa. As a result, the utilization of vitamin B12, folate, calcium, and iron is reduced. Bile also reacts less and less to the hormone cholecystokinin with age, and the secretion of enzymes from the pancreas decreases. All this affects the digestion of fats and proteins. As you age, the liver’s activity and the flow of blood through it decreases. This is also due to the enhanced effect of certain medications. Kidney efficiency also decreases with age—chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure damage the kidneys.

The food pyramid


In this way, it ensures the correct ratio of macronutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

The pyramid was founded by the United States Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services in 1992. years. 1999. USDA’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, Tufts University, Boston modified the existing proper nutrition pyramid for people over 70 because the elderly have specific nutritional needs. The generally accepted model cannot be applied to them. The foods in this pyramid of proper nutrition for the elderly are divided into 5 groups on 3 levels. Adequate fluid intake is of great importance for the elderly population, so the pyramid base for the elderly is fluid. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended.

Older people should consume six or more servings of bread, cereals, rice, or pasta rich in dietary fiber. Five or more meals of colorful and varied fruits and vegetables are also recommended daily. Of the foods rich in protein, three or more meals a day should be from the milk and dairy products, and two or more meals from the group of meat, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts. At the top of the pyramid are fats, oils, and simple sugars, and the elderly should consume them as little as possible. At the top of the pyramid is a flag that gives supplementation guidelines. It is recommended to take calcium supplements, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamins B6 and B12, folate, and vitamin C, which are of great importance for the health of the elderly. However, not all older adults need these dietary supplements to consult a doctor before taking these supplements.

Fluid intake

Regular daily fluid intake is essential for the elderly. In the elderly, the feeling of thirst is weakened, and kidney function is reduced. Therefore, the pyramid’s base consists of eight glasses of water a day to prevent constipation and dehydration, a common problem in the elderly. Dehydration is the most common cause of water loss in the elderly.

When choosing a drink and the amount of fluid ingested, the quality of the drink is also important because the body loses many electrolytes and minerals along with water. For the elderly, the best choice is tap water, spring and mineral water, with or without carbon dioxide, and natural fruit juices, without sugar, diluted with plain or non-carbonated mineral water.

These drinks best achieve fluid balance in the body. Coffee and tea are not considered the best choice because they contain caffeine, which stimulates the body’s excretion of the fluid. These are more drinks to enjoy. Alcohol should be avoided by the elderly, tough alcohol because it causes several disorders. It is often a direct cause of malnutrition, reduces appetite, and impairs normal digestion and absorption. People who consume alcohol for a long time suffer from gastritis, gallstones, acute and chronic pancreatitis, arterial hypertension, and other disorders. If an older adult decides to drink alcohol, red wine is considered the best moderation choice.

Red wine contains a lower proportion of alcohol and is rich in polyphenols, especially resveratrol, a group of organic compounds that are antioxidants by their mode of action. Consumption of this wine reduces cancer’s possibility and has a beneficial effect on increasing the so-called. positive cholesterol (HDL), and at the same time, contributes to reducing dangerous (LDL) cholesterol, the cause of cardiovascular disease, lowers blood pressure, in small quantities reduces the possibility of stone formation, but in large quantities interferes with calcium absorption. The recommendation for women is 1 dl of wine per day and men 2 dl of wine per day. If an older adult suffers from a chronic illness before consuming alcohol due to possible health problems, it is best to consult a doctor.

Nutritional needs

Knowledge of nutritional recommendations for the elderly is growing, but it is still insufficiently researched and documented.

The recommended daily intake (RDA – 1989. Recommended Dietary Allowances) did not provide separate recommendations for the elderly from 51. years due to insufficient data. Research has shown that older people have special needs for various nutrients due to the impact of aging on nutrient absorption, utilization, and excretion. The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) replaces the previous RDA. He, unlike 1989. The RDA divides the elderly population, older than 50 years, into 2 life periods, i.e., groups: 51 to 70 years of age and older than 70 years.

Physiological and functional changes that occur during the aging process result in nutritional changes in the elderly. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to certain nutrients so that certain foods’ intake would not be problematic. Knowledge of nutritional recommendations for the elderly is growing, but it is still insufficiently researched and documented.

The recommended daily intake (RDA – 1989. Recommended Dietary Allowances) did not provide separate recommendations for the elderly from 51. years due to insufficient data. Research has shown that older people have special needs for various nutrients due to the impact of aging on nutrient absorption, utilization, and excretion. The Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) replaces the previous RDA. He, unlike 1989. The RDA divides the elderly population, older than 50 years, into 2 life periods, i.e., groups: 51 to 70 years of age and older than 70 years.


Energy needs decrease with aging due to reduced basal metabolism and reduced energy consumption as people move less and less as they age. For men over the age of 75, energy needs range from 1,800 kcal to 2,300 kcal per day, and for women, from 1,500 kcal to 2,200 kcal per day.


In older people, protein intake should be higher than for people under 50. An intake of 1 g to 1.25 g per kilogram of body weight is recommended. Insufficient protein intake is caused by changes in the digestive system, lactose intolerance, infections, chewing and swallowing food, poor appetite. Financial problems are also common because meat is often more expensive than other foods, so older people cannot afford it. Consequences of insufficient protein intake are osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass, weakened immunity, and poor wound healing.


Fats are a great energy source for the body, helping to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and other nutritional components. Fat absorption and fat digestion do not change with age. Older people are advised that less than 30% of their daily energy intake comes from fat. The emphasis is on reduced intake of saturated fats and cholesterol and the choice of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Saturated and trans fatty acids should be present in a proportion of less than 10% of daily energy intake and cholesterol in a proportion of less than 300 mg per day. Saturated fatty acids should be avoided by the elderly because they increase blood cholesterol levels, while polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fatty acids lower blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids should be about 6-10% of the daily energy intake, and the proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids 10-14% of the daily energy intake.


Carbohydrates (sugars, starch) are energy sources for all cells in the body. Older people are recommended that 50 to 60% of their daily energy intake come from carbohydrates. The emphasis is on the intake of complex carbohydrates, including dietary fiber, and the controlled intake of simple sugars. In the elderly, dietary fiber is important to prevent constipation and high blood cholesterol levels. Reduce the risk of small and large bowel cancer; dietary fiber’s recommended daily intake should be 20-35 g / day. The proportion of simple sugars such as sugar in coffee, tea, drinks, cakes, sweets should not exceed 10% of the whole day’s energy intake.


Recommended groceries

Whole grains

Cereals and cereal products

Older people are advised to include wholemeal bread, corn and oatmeal, whole grains, pasta, wholemeal flour, biscuits, and wholemeal cakes in their daily diet. You should avoid baked products made of leavened and puff pastry such as donuts, croissants, strudels. In addition to dietary fiber, cereals are rich in B-complex vitamins and vitamin E. They are a source of phytochemicals that have a beneficial effect on the body. Therefore, the elderly are recommended to consume some of the cereal products with each meal. The advantage of such a meal is that the energy in such a meal is slowly released in the body and does not cause stress and drowsiness after consumption. The feeling of satiety is longer, so they are especially recommended for the elderly who have to reduce diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are a source of many important vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber. Fruits and vegetables have a positive effect on the health of the elderly. They contain antioxidants and phytochemicals that reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. They contain essential vitamins A, C, E, folic acid, and minerals such as zinc, calcium which are important in preventing many diseases. Fruits and vegetables also contain pigments that give them color. Still, they are also important because they have a role in protection against free radicals and thus premature aging and the appearance of atherosclerosis. By technological processes of processing or cooking, these foods lose many of their ingredients, so it is best to consume them fresh or steamed. However, as we age, these foods are consumed less and less in a fresh, raw state because most older people have chewing problems. Therefore, it is recommended that they consume these foods in the form of porridge.

Milk and milk products

Milk and dairy products are rich in calcium, vitamins B2 and B12 and if enriched they also contain vitamins D and A. Older people are advised to avoid whole cheeses and cheese spreads, whole milk, cream, ice cream and whole milk based puddings. It is best to choose products with less saturated fat. Probiotics and prebiotics should be included in the daily diet. They contribute to better digestion, strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of some cancers.

Meat, eggs, fish, legumes, nuts

Foods from this group are rich in high-value proteins, minerals, and vitamins, but they also contain a high proportion of saturated fats and cholesterol. Therefore, the elderly are advised to reduce their consumption of these foods. You should consume meat and meat products 1 to 3 times a week. Health problems arise when meat is consumed in excessive quantities, fried and fried in oil and its own fat. The best choices are turkey white meat, chicken white meat, veal, young beef, fish, stewed, cooked, and baked in foil without added fat. Eating fish is especially recommended for the elderly because fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent cardiovascular disease. It is recommended to consume fish two to three times a week. The egg is not recommended to be consumed more than three to four times a week because egg yolks are a concentrated cholesterol source.

Legumes’ advantage is that they have low energy values, are rich in dietary fiber and phytochemicals, and do not contain cholesterol. Dietary fiber legumes lower blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the elderly are recommended to increase their daily diet share. Legumes, peas, legumes, beans, lentils, and soy should be consumed by the elderly at least once a week. Nuts should be consumed more often but in moderation because they contain a higher fat proportion.


Proper hydration prevents constipation and dehydration, a common problem in the elderly. Dehydration is the most common cause of water loss in the elderly.

When choosing a drink and the amount of fluid ingested, the quality of the drink is also important because the body loses many electrolytes and minerals along with water. For the elderly, the best choice is tap water, spring and mineral water, with or without carbon dioxide, and natural fruit juices, without sugar, diluted with plain or non-carbonated mineral water.

These drinks best achieve fluid balance in the body. Coffee and tea are not considered the best choice because they contain caffeine, which stimulates the body’s excretion of the fluid. These are more drinks to enjoy. Alcohol should be avoided by the elderly, tough alcohol because it causes several disorders. It is often a direct cause of malnutrition, reduces appetite, and impairs normal digestion and absorption. People who consume alcohol for a long time suffer from gastritis, gallstones, acute and chronic pancreatitis, arterial hypertension, and other disorders. If an older adult decides to drink alcohol, red wine is considered the best moderation choice. Red wine contains a lower proportion of alcohol and is rich in polyphenols, especially resveratrol, a group of organic compounds that are antioxidants by their mode of action. Consumption of this wine reduces cancer’s possibility and has a beneficial effect on increasing the so-called. Positive cholesterol (HDL), and at the same time, contributes to reducing dangerous (LDL) cholesterol, the cause of cardiovascular disease, lowers blood pressure, in small quantities reduces the possibility of stone formation, but in large quantities interferes with calcium absorption. The recommendation for women is 1 dl of wine per day and men 2 dl of wine per day. If an older adult suffers from a chronic illness before consuming alcohol due to possible health problems, it is best to consult a doctor.

Physical activity

exercise during the lemon diet

Physical activity helps prevent chronic cardiovascular disease, reduces the risk of high blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes, prevents the formation of increased concentrations of fat in the blood, reduces the risk of stroke, reduces overweight, and is important for preventing osteoporosis. It is recommended that the older adult be physically active at least two to three times a week, for 15 to 30 minutes. When choosing a physical activity, preference should be given to exercises that improve heart function and breathing and fit into their daily routine. Several activities can be recommended for the elderly such as gardening, gymnastics, cycling, bowling, tennis, water exercises, dancing, etc. The best choice and ideal activity in an old area are walking. However, before choose ing physical activity, the elderly should consult a personal physician due to the specifics of the health condition and functional ability of the elderly.

Can you eat meat on an anti-cancer diet?

Can you really eat meat and recover from it Cancer? Assuming that the meat is prepared without excessive salt and is not cooked on a charcoal grill, the general answer is yes. What really matters is not avoiding meat or eating meat but achieving an acid-base balance.
As you probably know, alkalis are the opposite of acids, and neutralize them. And if there is any valid dietary truism to fight cancer, it is as follows: The acid is bad.

Acidity and alkalinity

Kiselost i lužnatost
Acidity and alkalinity are measured in terms of pH. Alkalis have a high pH. Acids have a low pH. The pH below 7 is acidic, while the pH above 7 is alkaline. Maintaining the correct pH is crucial in every chemical process in every single cell in the body. Different cells act at slightly different pH levels, but the kidneys very tightly regulate the body’s overall acid-base balance.
The modern industrialized diet has almost all of us in a constant acidosis state. We don’t have extreme symptoms that doctors would treat, but almost everyone who eats a standard diet has an overall body pH that is a little low. Even in healthy people, chronic acidosis can lead to:

▪ Higher levels of stress hormones, especially when there is a diet high in salt,
▪ Mild hypothyroidism and concomitant fatigue, and weight gain
▪ Resistance to growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 helps maintain muscle tissue.

For people battling cancer, the effects of acidosis are even more insidious. The kidneys neutralize acids with two nutrients, calcium, and glutamine. The acid actually “flushes” calcium from the bones so that you can send it to the kidneys to create alkalis. Weaker bones are more susceptible to metastases.
The kidneys neutralize the acids formed by the breakdown of proteins with the amino acid glutamine. Bone muscles are the body’s largest supply of glutamine. Their proteins are broken down when too much protein is ingested in an acidifying diet, nullifying protein benefits in the meal!

How do we become acidic?

kiselo ljudsko tijelo
Digestion breaks down much of the food we eat into its chemical components. Each of these chemicals eventually travels to the kidneys, stimulating the production of acids (low pH) or alkali (high pH). At the end of a meal (if there is only one meal a day) or at the end of the day, all the chemicals together have a net effect that is acidic or alkaline. The effect on pH includes the intensity of the food compound that creates the acid or alkali and how much the compound is consumed.
The acid-base balance is mainly the result of the way the body processes the mineral content of food:
▪ If a food chemical contains chlorides, sulfates, phosphoric or organic acids, it stimulates acid formation.
▪ If the food chemical contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, or sodium, it stimulates alkalis formation.
The foods that stimulate the most acid production are aged cheeses (especially low-fat cheeses), egg yolk, canned meat products, lunch meat, and, surprisingly, brown rice and oats. Foods that encourage the most basic alkali production are dried fruits (especially raisins), leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables.
The advice used to be to eat it if it creates alkali, and if it does create acid, don’t eat it. The problem with this extensive advice is that all whole grains and most protein foods form acids. Protein is necessary to overcome cancer. Fortunately, it is possible to eat acid-producing foods while having a net alkaline diet. You need to know the acid formation and alkali strength in food to eat it in the right balance.

110 common groceries

At the end of this article, I have attached a table of 110 common foods adapted to the work of two German scientists named Manz and Remer. You will see a + or – rating for each food. A grade of + means it adds acidity. The result means that the food is alkalized, that it takes away the acidity.
As you can see in the chart, some foods create much more acid or alkali than others. This means that, for example, a portion of spinach of one ounce will more than eliminate the potential for acid formation in a meal of beef, chicken, brown rice, or even salami (not that you should take this fact into account) as a recommendation to eat salami). You can safely eat foods rich in protein and acids, even some treats, as long as you maintain a negative overall balance of acids and bases.
You can use this table to calculate acid-base calculations, but you don’t have to worry about doing math with this table. Simply balance the higher items on the list with the items that are lower on the list, then add more vegetables to make sure you have a net alkalizing meal.


If you know, you’re going to eat a meal with a lot of meat or cheese, and you can’t eat enough vegetables to balance acid production, take extra glutamine. (Or if you can’t afford the supplement, try eating cooked cabbage and beets that are rich in amino acids.) This amino acid acts against acidosis.
At first, take only 1,000-2,000 mg to make sure you don’t have digestive problems. Then gradually increase the dose until you take a total of at least 25,000 mg. At this point, your body has enough glutamine for up to 3 days. Then repeat the process.
There are several regular precautions around taking glutamine supplements. If you are sensitive to MSG, do not take glutamine to convert to each other. If you are taking medication for bipolar disorder or seizures, do not take MSG to stimulate glutamate production in the brain. And if you have diabetes, do not take more than 5,000 mg of extra glutamine a day, as the body may not fully metabolize it.

PRAL rating for a food or food group

Parmesan cheese 34.2
Velveeta and other processed cheeses 28.7
Cheddar cheese with low-fat content 26.4
Average for hard and high-protein cheeses 23.6
Egg yolks 23.4
Hard cheese 19.2
Sir Gouda 18.6
Cooked meat (canned) 13.2
Brown rice 12.5
Liverwurst 11.6
Salami 11.6
Trout 10.8
Oatmeal 10.7
Meat for lunch 10.2
Veal 9.9
Average for all types of meat 9.5
Turkey 9.0
Rump steak 8.8
Chicken 8.7
Fresh cheese 8.7
Peanuts 8.3
Whole eggs 8.2
Average for soft cheeses with low protein content 8.0
Lean pork 7.9
Average for all fish 7.9
Lean beef 7.8
Whole grain spaghetti 7.3
Cod 7.1
Herring 7.0
Haddock 6.8
Walnuts 6.8
Hot dogs (without bun) 6.7
Average for all noodles 6.7
White spaghetti 6.5
Noodles with eggs 6.4
Cornflakes 6.0
Average for all desserts 4.3
Mixed cereal rye bread 4.1
Rye bread 4.0
Cake 3.7
Mixed wheat bread from cereals 3.7
White bread 3.7
Average for all bread 3.5
Lens 3.5
Rye crackers 3.3
Milk chocolate 2.4
Wheat bread 1.8
Whole milk yogurt with fruit 1.7
White rice 1.7
Whole milk yogurt, plain 1.5
Sour cream 1.2
Average for beans and legumes 1.2
Peas 1.2
Egg white 1.1
Raw whole milk 1.1
Average for all dairy products except cheese 1.0
Pale beer 0.9
Pasteurized whole milk 0.7
Ice cream 0.6
Butter 0.6
Buttermilk 0.5
Coca Cola 0.4
Average for all fats and oils 0
Olive oil 0
Sunflower oil 0
White sugar -0.1
Stamen beer -0.1
Draft beer -0.2
Honey -0.3
Tea -0.3
Asparagus -0.4
Hot cocoa -0.4
Margarine -0.5
Cucumber -0.8
Grape juice -1.0
Broccoli -1.2
White wine -1.2
Mushrooms -1.4
Paprika -1.4
Coffee -1.4
Marmalade -1.5
Bow -1.5
Average for all beverages -1.7
Leek -1.8
Mineral water -1.8
Watermelon -1.9
Endive and Radicchio -2.0
Apple juice -2.2
Apples -2.2
Strawberries -2.2
Red wine -2.4
Lettuce -2.5
Lemon juice -2.5
Zucchini -2.6
Pineapple -2.7
Average for all vegetables -2.8
Tomato juice -2.8
Hazelnuts -2.8
Orange juice -2.9
Pears -2.9
Tomato -3.1
Average for all fruits and nuts -3.1
Green beans -3.1
Eggplant -3.4
Cherries -3.6
Radishes -3.7
Cauliflower -4.0
Potatoes -4.0
Kiwi -4.1
Apricots -4.8
Carrots -4.9
Celery -5.2
Bananas -5.5
Black currant -6.5
Spinach, kale, collars, and other leafy greens -14.0
Raisins -21.0

Nutritional protocol for the weak

Patients who are weak and have cancer should use special protocols to repair their condition, destroy cancer cells and restore energy to health.
This article will also explain how the body loses energy and why people with varnish are fragile and act malnourished even though they get enough protein into the body. In the following text, I will focus on preparations that help restore energy in weak patients.

Can weak people eat meat and fish?

I often contacted patients who thought they were not allowed to eat meat and fish. I explained to them that they could and should use them until they get stronger.

This is a successful method that restores energy and preparations that are combined:

The most important nutritional protocol that restores strength to the patient is Low-Dose Naltrexone or LDN and Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA. These are two compounds that restore energy to the patient quickly.

ALA and LDN should be used together.

The dose of LDN varies between 1.5 mg and 4.5 mg per day. Generally, higher doses are best. The ALA dose is 100mg once or twice a day and is taken with vitamin B-50. You can take the 800 mg dose in very critical conditions. If the doses of ALA are too high, they can lead to thiamine deficiency.

Another good product of higher energy in cells is Enive Vibe Liquid.

Three, a product of CellFood. This product contains 78 different minerals, 34 enzymes, and 17 amino acids. He is an amazing energy producer.
It should be used carefully up to 20 drops twice a day. Higher doses may be used if necessary.

Four, MSM with vitamin C. Weakness is almost always directly related to high lactic acid levels in the bloodstream caused by the lactic acid cycle. To understand this definition and many others related to the formulation of problems in people with cancer, read the article How cancer occurs.
Vitamin C is used to clear microbes from the bloodstream. Vitamin C can pass the blockade of lactic acid and bring a larger amount of good substances to weak cells that are not cancerous.

Read a good article about the use of MSM preparations.

MSM can be found here.

Five, one of the things you can buy in sporting goods stores is D-ribose, an energy bomb. It can also pass the lactic acid blockade. It is a building block of ATP energy molecules.
Read more about the use of D ribose in the article D ribose restores energy to the heart, saves lives.

Sixth, it is perfect for taking a quality mineral supplement with liquid magnesium and phosphorus in the body. The recommendation is Real Salt.

Seven, use iodine 5% concentration. One drop for every 50 pounds.

Eight, honey with herbs is a great way to nourish healthy cells. Honey, in this case, is food for the cells while the plants affect cancer.

Recommended combinations are:

1. Honey with curcumin
2. Honey with ginger
3. Honey with cinnamon

All three mixtures can kill cancer-producing microbes that live in cancer cells.

As for honey, the darker it is, the better and better the product.

The highest quality cinnamon is Vietnamese. You can also use cinnamon oil for cinnamon.

Nine squeezed vegetables and vegetable juices are another way to increase energy. Carrot juice and beets have cured many people on their own. This combination can also help weak people regain energy.

Ten is quercetin. This preparation combined with green tea kills cancer cells. It has antioxidant properties.
All of the above products affect the lactic acid circuit and are not related to the production or processing of lactic acid at either end.

Their most important property is that they do not enter the vicious circle of lactic acid, that they kill cancer cells or transform them into healthy ones by cleaning up large amounts of microbes.

Water will always pass the lactic acid blockade. All homeopathic products “pretend” to be water and pass the lactic acid blockade, which thinks that these products are water.

DMSO and MSM help the body get rid of excess lactic acid

You can read more about DMSO in the article DMSO And Its Anticancer Properties.

The main cause of the patient’s weakness is the closed circle between cancer cells and the liver, which consumes huge amounts of energy and releases large amounts of lactic acid into the bloodstream. The liver processes lactic acid and converts it into glucose reused by cancer cells. This vicious circle consumes enormous energy and exhausts the patient’s body.

The best preparations that block this cycle are hydrazine sulfate and cesium chloride. We will soon publish an article in which we will write more about these two compounds and their impact on the organism.

Breuss diet therapy for cancer

Breuss diet therapy for cancer includes a complete “cancer diet” and a complete “cancer treatment.”

Breuss Cancer therapy diet is a rigorous diet of fruits, vegetables, and herbs that a person takes in liquid form for 42 days. Because cancer cells have many different metabolisms, From normal cells, the Breuss diet is designed to starve cancer cells to death by depriving them of any protein from solid foods. But diet does not harm normal cells.

Number’s diet for cancer

numbers diet for cancer

A book that explains Breuss diet in detail, The Breuss Cancer Cure (Breuss cure for cancer), has sold over 900,000 copies, been translated into five languages, and claims to have resulted in over 45,000 testimonies from cured patients. Both the book and the diet are still actively used today. Rudolf Breuss wrote the book.

Breuss diet is based on 42-day fasting, but the definition of “fasting” used in the Breuss diet actually includes certain types of foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetable juices, all consumed in liquid form. The theory is that cancer cells can only survive on solid foods’ proteins. Therefore, if you drink nothing but vegetable juice and tea for 42 days, the cancer cells will die out while the normal cells will continue to progress.

Breuss VEGETABLE JUICE consists of 55 percent beetroot, 20 percent carrot, 20 percent celery root, 3 percent live potato, 2 percent radish … Potatoes are placed at choice except in patients with liver cancer where potatoes play an important role.

His book actually talks about multiple diseases. (Note: this is a very simplistic explanation, you should read the book.)

If you look at the Breuss juice formula during fasting, you will notice practically no glucose or other sugars in the formula. As his diet was probably developed through trial and error, it is interesting that he evolved to exclude fruit juices and contains literally 0 glucose or other sugars. We believe that diet works for a different reason than Broys thought. We think it works because cancer cells are extremely inefficient at processing glucose and other sugars. That’s why the formula literally starves cancer cells to death by depriving them of glucose and other sugars. Normal cells can survive with much less glucose and other sugars because they are much more efficient at processing them.

What is the Breuss diet?

broth vegetable treatment

The Breuss diet treatment is described in a book written by Breuss, but it is not clear whether the people who published it changed it or left the original statements. For example, Broys’s English translation does not say that he did not allow radiation treatment combined with his regime. Tomar wrote further paragraphs.

Breuss emphasized that cancer patients should not eat or drink anything other than the juice he recommended to drink for 42 days. He gave strict instructions on how to prepare and take juices and teas. The juices include carrot, celery, tomato in cases where the patient is diagnosed with liver cancer. All vegetables must be organically grown. The maximum intake of juice is 500 ml daily.

Breuss teas

Rudolf Breuss cancer treatment

Breuss teas for all cancer types are sage tea, tea for kidney, and tea fairy eye. Sage tea includes Salvia officinalis, Hypericum perforatum, Mentha piperita or peppermint, and Melissa officinalis in a special relationship. Tea can be taken as desired.

Kidney tea contains l  Equisetum arvense, Urtica dioica (stinging nettle),  Polygonum aviculare, and Hypericum perforatum, which can be drunk only for the first 3 weeks.

Tea fairy eye contains Geranium robertianum, and only half a cup can be drunk once a day. There are special teas for special types of cancer. The use of sugar is not allowed.

Numbers diet and surgery

Breuss emphasized that patients should not start the Breuss diet after the operation. They should wait from two to five months. It is forbidden to use other treatments while using the Broys diet. He recommended fresh air and exercise. It would help if you stopped smoking. He emphasizes that patients should not lie on water nodes, natural radiation sources, avoid pesticides, air fresheners in their homes. He emphasized that people who start his therapy on the Breuss diet should never eat reheated food again, and they should also reduce their salt intake, eat light food and drink about 60 ml of its juice every day for the next 2 to 4 weeks.

Claims of treatment success

Breuss claims that he has successfully cured 2,000 patients since 1950. He claims that since 1986, he has cured an additional 40,000 people, suffering from both cancer and other incurable and severe diseases. As proof, he enclosed letters sent to him by people who had recovered. Breuss claims that Breuss diet and treatments can fail only if the patient does not strictly follow the instructions he gave. 

Help of nutritionist

Your nutritionist


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Mechanism of action of Breuss treatment

Breuss claimed that cancerous cells live exclusively on solid foods. He claimed that cancer could not feed on vegetable juice and that if the patient drank the juices, the cancer cells died. Commenting on the number diet, Bruno Vornarburg concluded that cancer cells feed exclusively and survive on the protein account. When a cancer patient uses a protein-free diet such as the project’s diet, the cancer cells die. Breuss argued that when a protein-free diet is taken, the body devours itself. This process is scientifically confirmed and is called autophagy. Breuss diet and its treatment are a cure for cancer and preventive nature.

Supercharging this treatment

fruit juices

Because no one is really sure why his diet works, you might not want to fill it super and apply it his way. Do not mix ionized water with the formula. Use natural water for that. Also, do not consume ionized water for an hour before and after drinking tea. Like any other tea, You should sip it a little slowly.

If you do not want to boost your diet, filtered green tea (filtered to avoid particles) and filtered Essiac tea are natural enhancers of the Number diet. I mention green tea and Essiac tea because they work by killing cancer cells. There is nothing wrong with killing cancer cells as they become weak.

Another logical supplement that will not interfere with Breuss treatment is Protect. The protocol is consumed in minimal doses and reduces cancer cells’ tension, weakened by the Breuss diet.

Immediately after stopping Breuss treatment, you should take two or three of the following products to make up for the nutrients lost during the diet quickly:

  • Vibe by Enive,
  • Body Flex AM, The Wolfe Clinic
  • Tahitian Noni Juice,
  • XanGo Mangostin,
  • Berry Young Juice, from producer Young Living

You should purchase these products during the diet to be ready for the day after the diet is over.

After 42 days of fasting, if your cancer symptoms have not disappeared, you should switch to “Phase III” or “Phase IV” alternative cancer therapies.

Additional notes

You will need, cause of the post of 42 days, huge support from the family. It may be necessary for someone to call a person on this diet every hour. Because this diet starves cancer cells to death, it is absolutely critical that no additional food is taken. This is an “all or nothing” type of child. If you are deviating from your diet, you should definitely add filtered green tea or filtered essiac tea, or both. Protect may also be considered.

Evaluation of therapy: This cancer therapy protocol has been assessed as the ONLY effective in patients with a recent cancer diagnosis who do not rapidly develop cancer. If you are an advanced cancer patient with a lot of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery behind you, or you have potentially fast-growing cancer, do not use this protocol.

Products for the immune system

Diet for cancer treatment – Food for cancer patients

Many healthy foods contain high levels of vitamin K. Vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting; however, too high doses of vitamin K can lead to blood clots. No more than 25 to 30% of the diet composition in the diet should contain vitamin K: broccoli, kale, prosciutto, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce, cabbage. Garlic should be avoided for other reasons and should be eaten in balance.

Several types of diets are adapted to the patient’s individual condition, for example, ketogenic diet, oil-protein diet, and many other types of diets that effectively fight cancer and are tailored to specific types and specific stages of the disease. In the following text, I will try to explain what we can and cannot eat and how to adapt a certain way of eating to a certain disease stage. I will also try to explain to you the influence of certain foods on the body’s processes and the further development and progression of the disease.

The concept of diet against cancer

I remember reading a detailed diary of a person trying to cure his cancer alternative treatments. I was confused because this person’s results did not give the desired effects even though she was doing everything right.

You should understand that if you take any alternative treatment, it is similar to putting gasoline in your car, and you are on the right track to start killing cancer cells. Still, if you are using a bad diet, it is similar to putting water in your tank and mixing it with fuel.

Many people have been able to cure cancer by making major changes to their diet. I want to emphasize that bad diets during cancer treatment with alternative methods have reduced the same or completely erased progress. Something straightforward and obviously insignificant like adding salt to food can ruin a complete treatment.

Diet is just as important as cancer treatment. If the anti-cancer diet does not affect cancer, then alternative treatments can destroy it.

Most people get cancer because of the food they eat. The wrong food we eat creates a suitable terrain in our body to form fungi among the culprits for cancer.

In many cases, scientific studies have shown that diet alone and foods that have caused cancer nullify the effects of other healthy foods and develop cancer. To reduce cancer, we need to change our diet by creating healthy terrain. The anti-cancer diet determines what you should and should not eat. If something is not allowed to be eaten, do not eat that food!

In some cases, cancer can be linked to food intake to which we are allergic. When we start a diet, we eliminate the food we are allergic to, and we have been consuming it for many years, and we influence the further development of cancer.

In the cases I found from medical studies, fungi that live in the body can be fed only one type of food that creates a suitable time for their reproduction and that is tobacco, meat, ice cream, cheese, and other similar products and also create a psychological addiction to take this food. To stop cancer development, it is necessary to stop eating this food. Mental addiction and the urge to eat this food can create additional problems during the diet and are directly related to fungi’ impact on the human body.

Not all anti-cancer diets are the same

I must mention that certain specific diets are prescribed for certain cancer treatments. In other words, not all cancer diets are the same.

For example, a cancer diet Robert O. Young Ph.D. is specific because almost all fruits are banned. It is forbidden for a good reason which is the basic goal of this diet. Robert made his diet to balance blood’s pH value and remove yeast and fungi from the organism. Like many other treatments, its treatment converts cancer cells into normal cells.

Treatments for fragile people and in whom cancer has progressed to a high degree can rely on some of the nutritional solutions that will increase their energy and affect their further cancer development, reducing lactic acid’s impact on the organism. You can read more on this topic in the article Nutritional protocol for the weak.

In other treatments, for example, the fruit is allowed for use. It is an integral part of the treatment. Why? Some anti-cancer diets are made to kill cancer cells, and some fruits contain high amounts of compounds that destroy cancer cells and destroy compounds that feed cancer cells.

This text will focus on destroying fungi and other microbes in the body. This is quite similar to the principles of Robert O. Young and his diet. Also, our choice is the following for that very reason, because many other diets did not give results.

Understanding what an anti cancer diet is

anti-cancer foods

Cancer is caused by microbes that are in cancer cells. These microbes feed on sugars and compounds from dairy products.

Every food we take into the body that we eat or drink can be classified into several categories:

1. Food that nourishes and strengthens cancerous cells and microbes in them, for example, refined sugar, dairy products.

2. Cancer-producing foods kinds of margarine, diet coca-cola, French cheeses, corn oil

3. Food that directly affects alternative treatments, coffee, chlorine, fluorine, alcohol.

4. Foods that affect the immune system and prevents it from destroying cancer cells, which is meat

5. Foods that contain compounds that destroy cancer cells stop the spread of cancer, or in some cases, help in the treatment of cancer, such as black grapes, raspberries, strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, pineapple, almonds, etc.

Cooking destroys enzymes in fruits and vegetables and reduces anti-cancerous diseases’ effects.

Ideally, during an anticancer diet, all foods should be 100% in category 5 and fall under foods that destroy cancer cells, stop them from spreading, or otherwise, they will affect cancer growth. Whenever you eat food that is not in that category, you directly affect cancer treatment. For this reason, many anti-cancer diets use fresh fruits and vegetables.

Individual foods fall into several categories. For example, grapes feed on glucose in cancer cells but contain compounds that destroy cancer cells. So should I take the grapes? Generally, no. But for example, the Brandt grape diet as a medicine is a diet with grapes and nothing more, and it is a great cancer treatment. The problem is that grapes combined with other compounds and food support cancer cells more than they destroy them because other substances destroy grapes’ value to destroy cancer.

Critical definition

In alternative medicine, the term fasting had a very different term than the definition used by many people. In alternative medicine, the term fasting means that a person can drink water and a limited amount of drinks and food. Fast lasts, in some cases, up to 42 days and can be associated with the term-limited.

A very important message for weak people with cancer

A diet based on fresh food and fresh fruits and vegetables will be a problem for very weak people because they will not digest it.

In this case, it is best to eat organic beef. A macrobiotic diet is better for fragile patients because cooked food is much better and easier to digest. There is a lot of literature on macrobiotic nutrition and diets.

These patients need to regain energy and are recommended Noni juice, Xango juice, and blueberry juice. Still, pure blueberry juice is made with spring water and not refined because it retaliates more for someone who helps, and in the following text, we will see why.

Include foods rich in oxalic acid

If you choose any anti-cancer diet, 50% or more of the food you eat should contain a high oxalic acid dose. Oxalic acid is a killer of cancer cells. Vegetables that contain oxalic acid are beets, sweet potatoes, celery, dandelion, cabbage, eggplant, broccoli, carrots, green peppers, potatoes, pumpkin spinach. Fruits: Kiwi, lemon peel, blueberries, raspberries, plums, tangerines. Seeds: Peanuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts.

Chlorine, fluorine and other toxic chemicals

Avoid chlorine in your diet. This also means avoiding foods that are made with running water. Chlorine destroys many nutrients. Do not drink juices that are overflowing with tap water. It would help if you did not buy bottled grape juice because it is mixed with chlorine and tap water during processing, thus destroying many nutrients.


All vegetables should be organic. Basically, you should eat organic fresh salads/vegetables/sprouts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Broccoli *, chard *, beets *, cabbage *, carrots *, cauliflower *, celery, cucumber, eggplant, pumpkin, green beans, peas,  peppers, spinach, cabbage, radishes, chard, wheatgrass, barley grass, beans.

They have an anticancer effect with the sign *

It would be excellent to mix all these ingredients with the * sign and drink the juice from them.


Generally, only whole almonds, macadamia nuts, and walnuts are allowed for the cancer diet. Cashew is strictly forbidden. Almonds and macadamia nuts have laetriles. Walnuts have omega 3. Peanuts and walnuts have many fungi and should not be used except in the Budvig diet.


The best example is the barley plant’s juice and some other herbs. Only some fruits and vegetables can come close to these superfoods. Many stores sell a combination of beverages and extracts from plants and plant fruits that are superfoods. This type of food is necessary for the treatment of cancer.

You can make juice from fresh stalks, leaves, and barley seeds yourself. But to note, the plant must be fresh.


Legumes other than peanuts are allowed to be used in people with cancer, but only in moderation, in order to stabilize weight and to ensure sufficient protein intake.

Soy products

All soy products must be avoided except fresh soy sprouts. Soybean sprouts have an incredible number of anti-cancer compounds and are an acceptable ingredient in your salads.

Whole grains

Whole grains

Whole grains can be used only when the patient has a large weight loss. If the weight loss is uncontrolled, You should consider a hydrazine sulfate treatment plan. Yeast, which every cancer patient has in them, turns complex carbohydrates into simple ones, so You should avoid even the intake of cereals for this reason. Cereals affect the body to become even more acidic. You should avoid corn and rice completely.


Yeast is one reason why You should avoid bread and other pastries. Japanese research shows that breast cancer is largely caused by products baked with yeast. Also, flour together with yeast is used in feeding cancer. The only yeast that You can use is the so-called baker’s yeast.

Meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products

fish as a food against cancer

Beef, pork, fish, the turkey should be avoided when treating cancer. There are many reasons for this limitation. The only exception if a person suffers from weight loss is to use fresh river fish and legumes, beans, and the like.

Avoid all dairy products, including butter, cheeses, and all fatty products except cheese or skim milk used in the Budwig diet. The exception is for pregnant and breastfeeding women who need to eat two eggs a day because choline is necessary to develop the baby’s brain. The baby has an advantage because two eggs a day are not life-threatening for cancer patients.

If a person has to drink milk, the only acceptable type is goat’s milk from organically raised goats.

Specifically, meat is bad for the anti-cancer diet, and to emphasize, everything that contains products obtained from animals is bad for cancer and anti-cancer diet.

You can also read an article about scientists’ research and the risk of creating breast cancer that increases the increased intake of red meat in the body.


All man-made sweeteners are bad for an anti-cancer diet. The only acceptable one is stevia.

Sugar and cereal derivatives

It would help if you avoided refined sugars and grains. Not only do they feed on fungi and create yeast in the body, but they also feed on cancer cells. Don’t eat anything that has yeast in it. Besides, refined sugar and other simple sugars interfere with your immune system. These substances also interfere with the supply of vitamin C and oxygen to cancer cells. Sugar depletes the body and reduces key minerals’ absorption due to its acidity. Acidity encourages the body to use minerals to regulate its pH level. The same goes for all acidic foods. The body’s chain reaction to regulate the blood’s pH value and keep it at an optimal level is the cause and main factor of almost all chronic diseases, including cancer. We would need an entire book to describe how the body maintains its pH value in the normal range.


honey for cancer

If sugars are bad for people with cancer, what about honey, another simple sugar? Honey is both good and bad for cancer. Honey contains 38% fructose and 31% glucose, which feed cancer cells. The good thing is that honey contains powerful phenolic antioxidants. However, like grape juice, You should avoid honey.

Fruits, dried fruits and fruit juices

The only fruits allowed on this diet, without restrictions, are unsweetened linden, unsweetened lemon, and avocado. Lemon is actually mandatory in every cancer treatment because of its beneficial effects on the liver and the body’s oxidation. You should take lemon juice just before bedtime. The exception to this general rule is fruit fasting when the body receives nothing but fruit protein, a powerful cure for cancer. Another example is diet and treatment with potassium chloride when taking fruits with increased potassium concentration.

Mushrooms and seaweed


Some mushrooms are used to treat cancer, mainly adjunct to treatment. The good thing about mushrooms is that they contain polysaccharides important for the immune system.

Algae are recommended in the diet because they have a high level of polysaccharides, especially brown seaweed. It would help if you avoided chlorella and spirulina.

Some of the fungi that destroy cancer are cordyceps and Chaga.

You can find something more about the fungus Chaga’s healing effect on carcinogenic diseases in this article and information on cordyceps’ impact on cancerous diseases. You can find it by clicking on the link.

You can also read an article about the newly discovered seaweed that stops cancer spread.

Refined salt

Refined salt can be a major cause of cancer. Refined salt, bad fats, margarine, and butter are the main causes for red blood cells to absorb less oxygen, making hemoglobin a meal for yeast and fungi. Also, red blood cells cannot deliver oxygen to some parts of the body where suitable soil is created for cancer.

In the second case, natural sea salt has a mineral composition similar to human blood. It is extremely healthy as long as you do not use it much.

The salt obtained from the natural environment with sun-drying from seawater is different from modern refined salt. Sea salt is a complex of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. This complex is essential for a healthy life. Many minerals are removed from refined salt by artificial production. The refining process is not natural, and this salt has a terrible effect on the organism, increasing blood pressure, creating heart problems, kidney diseases.

Bad fats and oils

Fats that you should completely avoid are trans fats. Trans fatty acids and partially hydrogenated oils are among the main causes of cancer. They become part of the cell wall, and the next step is for the cell to become carcinogenic, and oxygen cannot enter the cells in this way.

As with refined salts, fats reduce the charge of red blood cells. They reduce the transfer of oxygen and prevent the intake of oxygen into the cell itself due to the cell’s anaerobic wall.

Another bad food for cancer patients is polyunsaturated oils. Polyunsaturated oils such as corn oil sold in supermarkets promote small blood vessels’ growth. This is bad for cancer because it allows tumors to grow. Avoid these oils.

Herbs and spices

All herbs and spices are acceptable except black pepper and other acidic spices. Many spices like curcumin are very good anti-cancer agents.

Water and exercise

Every cancer patient should drink as much natural water as possible (You can purify natural water with ozone) and drink a few liters a day.

Cancer patients should also exercise as much as possible. Exercise lifts the lymphatic system and helps flush toxins out of the body.


Before the symptoms of cancer appear, the liver is damaged. As cancer progresses, liver damage becomes more drastic.

The liver is the main organ that cleanses the body of toxins. A person with an alternative cancer treatment system releases toxins into the bloodstream that eventually ends up in the liver. Therefore, the liver must be detoxified and cleansed.

You can here find a recipe for how to cleanse the liver.

However, before cleansing the liver of toxins, the colon must be cleansed so that toxins can be injected into the colon. So before any alternative cancer treatment, You must cleanse the colon!

You can cleanse the colon with castor oil.

Before each liver cleanses, You must establish that the colon is in good condition. If it is not a liver cleanse, it can cause pain because the liver cannot be emptied.

Only when such a diet is started and complete preparations of the organism for alternative treatment of the destruction of cancer cells are made, then can we choose one of the offered and very effective ones, adhering to every step in the diet that accompanies this treatment—destruction of cancerous cells by artemisinin, sweet wormwood.

You should also note that many other plant composition compounds are available to all. Still, for example, in the action of sweet wormwood or its active derivative artemisinin, we should pay attention to reduce the intake of antioxidants such as Graviola. Many people make a mistake because, for example, artemisinin specifically destroys cells with free radicals, while antioxidants neutralize free radicals, thus nullifying the effect of sweet wormwood.

As with grapes, it is crucial to go with and what not to go with.

Budwig diet – Oil protein diet as a medicine

Dr. Johanna Budwig, a famous German biochemist, was 20 in the 1950s. Century has devised an oil-protein diet that can help cure many serious diseases. This scientist has written a dozen books, two of which have been translated in our country – “ Cancer – a problem and a solution “And” Oil-protein cookbook. “ Because of her research, Dr. Budwig was nominated for six Nobel Prizes. The Budwig diet was named after her.

It’s all the diet’s fault

Dr. Budwig believed she was cancer and the vast majority of other diseases, primarily caused by improper diet, more precisely by improper processing of food and oil, especially by overheating the oil.

Dr. Budwig started this story after discovering that in blood cancer patients lack important ingredients for the human body, such as lipoproteins and phosphatides.

She realized that these ingredients needed to be replaced to go away from the disease.

Phosphatide and lipoprotein deficiency caused a lack of oxygen in the cells, and Dr. Budwig set out in search of a method that would restore oxygen.

She realized that she could achieve this by combining certain foods, so she developed a special way of eating, called the Budwig diet or the Budwig protocol.

Budwig diet flaxseed oil and cottage cheese

Budwig’s diet consists of taking flaxseed oil with fresh, low-fat cheese. It is essential to take them together to achieve the full effect.

This seemingly simple diet reactivates vital cell functions. This is achieved by taking natural unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids, which contain flaxseed oil.

Those mixed with fresh low-fat cow’s cheese become water-soluble.

These two main ingredients are combined with other healthy foods – organic fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, grains like rice, buckwheat and millet, spices, teas, and honey.

Budwig diet

Budwig diet nutrition

The daily amount for those with serious illnesses is 40 to 50 grams of flaxseed oil mixed with 100 grams of fresh, low-fat cheese per day.

The mixture can be eaten at once or distributed in several meals. If you decide on more meals, it is necessary to prepare the mixture again because standing loses its beneficial properties.

If you do not like cheese, you can also use yogurt or kefir, but You should put them three times more. You have to mix the oil and cheese very well, so it is good to use a stick mixer.

You can add fresh fruit, ground hazelnuts, or a teaspoon of honey for a better taste after mixing them.

Besides, it is important to eat freshly ground flax seeds because they contain some ingredients that are not in the oil.

Dr. In addition to its oil-protein diet, Budwig also recommends sunlight therapy, avoiding stress and toxins, and the use of Eldi oil (electrically differentiated oils).

The combination of all this is called the Budwig diet and should allow our body to recover from serious illnesses.

Diet for the sick and healthy

fruits and vegetables pictures

The Budwig diet is used to treat cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and several other diseases.

Where conventional drugs failed, the Budwig diet proved successful.

However, this diet is not reserved only for people with serious illnesses.

Namely, Dr. Budwig’s diet also acts as a preventative and is recommended to healthy people who are often exposed to the effort and everyone else.

Some of the essential rules of the Budwig protocol:

  • drink plenty of fluids, even three liters a day
  • eat raw fruits and vegetables
  • drink freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices
  • eat nuts without frying!
  • Sweet food is forbidden!
  • Red meat is forbidden!
  • eat a moderate amount of wholemeal pasta and wholemeal bread
  • it is important to stay in the sun every day (up to an hour)
  • walk 30 to 60 minutes every day

Which is not allowed

You can only use coconut oil and linseed oil, which must be unrefined and cold-pressed of the fats.

You can heat coconut oil because it does not create harmful ingredients, but not flaxseed oil; you can add it to the dish only at the end of preparation.

Avoid meat and meat products, sugar, cakes and pastries, pasta, canned food, and all animal fats.

Sugar is explicitly forbidden, and sweetening can be achieved using stevia, honey, or fruit juice.

The diet also protects seafood because it is full of toxins, and You should avoid everything pesticides and chemicals, even those in-home products and cosmetics.

Instead, You can use natural ingredients such as vinegar to clean soda.

Do not prepare food in a microwave or Teflon or aluminum cookware, but use stainless steel, enameled, and glassware.

When do the results appear?

You should feel the results after a few weeks, and the severe illness should go away within one to five years.

Budwig recommends that you continue with this diet after the illness has subsided to prevent the disease from returning.

Two books by Johanne Budwig have been translated and are available here. In the book “ Cancer – a problem and a solution, Dr. Budwig explain the theory of his treatment method, and in the book “ Oil-protein cookbook, “You can find her many recipes.

Johanne Budwig’s books are available in bookstores.

What is the Budwigs diet?

As already mentioned, many things are just common sense: eating natural, fresh food and focusing on nutritious organic fruits and vegetables. Add to this an attitude of respect – respect for the body’s ability to maintain and repair itself, with the right tools; respecting the food we eat, recognizing the value of good food and natural vitamins and minerals; and respect for our emotions, along with an understanding that all parts of the body and mind are interconnected.

What is the origin of the Budwig diet?

The Budwig diet was developed by Dr. Johanna Budvig, an astute clinician with a passion for developing an evidence-based, natural, and effective health approach. Her research on essential fatty acids and the impact of diet and holistic health on disease progression and prevention has inspired conventional physicians and naturopaths’ work.
Dr. Budwig created more than just a diet: a health plan based on a complete understanding of an individual’s physical and emotional needs, as well as the benefits of a nutrient-rich diet and a healthy lifestyle.

What foods are harmful to your health?

SUGAR: White refined sugar, fructose, corn syrup, aspartame, splendid, etc. They are very dangerous and make the immune system bad and contribute to anxiety, mood swings, fatigue, premature aging, etc. Pastries, candies, sweets, and soda / carbonated drinks (containing 10 teaspoons of white refined sugar) cause osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay, heart disease, flu, cold, and exhaustion.

PROTEINS: Seafood: Shellfish (medlars, oysters, lobsters, and shrimps), octopus, and eels are full of toxins because they are cleaners sea, rivers, and oceans. Seafood can be contaminated with parasites and resistant viruses that may not be killed in high heat. Pigs clean the ground, and pork is toxic; it has around grit Trichinella spiralis. Ham, sausages, hot dogs, and bacon contain additional harmful nitrates and additives that damage our reproductive organs.

DAIRY PRODUCTS: Reduce your milk intake, but enjoy flaxseed oil and muesli twice a day if you have cancer. Enjoy a small number of sheep or goat cheese. Avoid soy because it disrupts the thyroid gland’s normal functioning and is mostly GMO.

FLOUR: White flour (white bread) is not good. When mixed with water, it becomes a glue and causes many health problems, i.e., digestive problems.

OILS: Consumption of refined vegetable oils and white sugar/fructose causes serious damage to the circulatory system and greatly reduces your energy.

Which foods have a good effect on your health?

Use raw honey, 100% pure stevia, xylitol in small amounts, and berries; dates and figs are the two most perfect foods. Make your own treats. Enjoy natural Budvig ice cream and homemade raw chocolate and desserts.

Add carbonated water to fruit juice instead of soft drinks or soda.

Vegetarianism is the best way to enjoy good health, especially if you have a chronic illness. Proteins from plant sources are the best choice. Spirulina has 65% protein – 20% more protein than meat. Consume nuts (raw and unroasted) and soaked seeds. Hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for human life. Your diet must be free of meat, eggs, animal proteins if you have cancer. The only exception is quark/curd mixed with linseed oil, as in Budvig Musli.

Consume oats, rice, almond milk, linseed oil, and cottage cheese (quark), which are non-fat and, as such, are usually well tolerated. Consume Budvig ice cream because commercial ice creams contain large amounts of refined sugar and other chemicals, i.e., ‘Diethyl glycol,’ which is also used in antifreeze.

Rice, oatmeal, and rye grains are a better choice. Gluten-free flour. Limit your intake of wheat, which many do not tolerate. Make your own cereals and pancakes.

Cook only with virgin coconut oil. Use only cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil in recipes and salads.