Lactoferrin stops the growth of cancer

Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein from the transferrin family that has the ability to bind to iron. It is found in body secretions such as milk, tears, saliva, nasal secretions, polymorphonuclear cells, neutrophils. Human colostrum ( breast milk ) is the natural source with the highest lactoferrin concentration. Human milk, as well as cow’s milk, are […]

Budwig diet – Diet to reduce malignancy

The Budwig diet was created by German biochemist Johanna Budwig’s work in the middle of the 20th century. This diet consists of taking flaxseed mixed with young cheese. A Budwigdiet is a biological diet that provides the body with an unconventional method to reduce malignancy in the body. The Budwig diet achieves excellent results in […]

A natural forskolin supplement for weight loss

Gwen Stefani was a recent guest of Ellen DeGeneres, and on that occasion, she talked about losing weight to her boyfriend, Blake Shelton. This famous singer emphasized that Blake used natural forskolin, a supplement with which he reduced his body weight. According to Gwen, Blake, who was not too physically active, lost 15 kilograms in […]

Hormonal imbalance – Chronic stress is the most common cause of health problems

“If you really knew what was happening to you when you were under stress, you would totally go crazy. Then some horrible things happen “- this is my statement during a scientific conference, and I was not joking when I said this. I can write several books on how stress causes massive chaotic reactions in […]

How to speed up your metabolism – 7 ways to speed up your metabolism

How to speed up metabolism? “Whatever I do, I can’t lose weight,”  and also “I’m damned, I have a slow metabolism.” I often hear statements like this among my patients, and the good news is that you are not cursed and that you can speed up your metabolism. It is important to remember that you […]

Cancer therapy – 10 treatments that everyone can afford

Cancer can be caused by a number of health problems, including a lack of oxygen, a weak immune system, increased body acidity and increased toxicity, which can lead to DNA mutations. All of these problems can be treated and thus cancer in a natural way. Natural treatments are very affordable, but they do not only […]

Colon cancer metastasis diet and diet

Colon cancer metastases and their occurrence are directly related to diet. Colon cancer metastasis can be stopped by proper intake of certain foods. This is not an exclusive and independent method for stopping colon cancer, but by regulating our diet and diet, we influence the disease’s cause.  you should also note that candida is a […]

Hyperbaric chamber and benefits from use in cancer therapy

The hyperbaric chamber is successfully used to increase oxygen in the body, reducing the acidity of the body and increasing energy levels and vitality. What’s an up hyperbaric chamber? It is a device that a person enters to receive oxygen under increased pressure. There is thorough research showing the benefits of a hyperbaric chamber in […]

Smothie recipes for every day

Smoothie recipes for everyone’s taste and everyday use. Do you know what a smoothie is? It’s a smoothie, frappe, or milkshake, basically a chilled drink prepared by mixing different fruits and vegetables.  Except for fruits and vegetables, for a smoothie recipe, several more components are also needed, such as, e.g., crushed ice, water, fruit juice, […]

Lemon diet – Proven diet for weight loss and cleansing the body

The lemon diet, also known as the Master  The Cleanse, or Maple Syrup Diet, results in rapid weight loss in two weeks.  This diet also flushes out harmful toxins from your body. Diet  Maple Syrup became famous for the Grammy-winning singer and actor who is said to have lost 10kg for his glorious role.  The […]