An anti-cancer drug found in the Amazon rainforest

Will science reveal the secret of the GRAVIOLA plant  (Annona muricata), originally from Central and South America, which is increasingly used in alternative medicine to treat some types of cancer? The professional and lay public expect an answer. According to experts, Graviola selectively kills cancer cells far more effectively than some chemotherapy drugs. Medicinal properties […]

Fucoidan protocol that destroys cancer

Fucoidan protocol for destroying cancer cells and strengthening the immune system TREATMENT ASSESSMENT: This cancer protocol includes a molecule called “fucoidan.” Scientific research has shown that fucoidan kills cancer cells in a targeted and safe way. The protocol for liquid versions of Fucoidan includes 295 – 355 ml per day. Like most cancer treatments, Fucoidan […]

Malignant diseases of cancer tumor cancer therapy

The page presents the views and knowledge gained through cancer- cancer – cancer and more therapeutically effective treatment of malignancies/malignancies. The views and practical knowledge presented here are not exclusively of a personal nature but also of many world-renowned physicians, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, molecular physicists, nutritionists, homeopaths, Ayurvedic and holistic therapists, who for decades […]