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Soluble and insoluble fibers, what’s the difference?

Dietary fiber, an indigestible part of plant material, consists of two main types. Soluble fibers are easily soluble in water. They break down into a gel-like substance in the part of the intestine known as the large intestine. Insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and remains intact as food moves through the gastrointestinal tract. […]

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Tea against constipation – teas for better digestion

Constipation (medical: constipation) can seriously impair that affected ‘ quality of life: Defecation is difficult and painful – feces are usually hard and can be excreted only in small parts with great effort. The cause of constipation is usually harmless (e.g., stress, shift work). Sometimes diseases like diabetes are behind it. Read here everything you […]

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Stool constipation – A method of treating constipation naturally

More and more people have stomach problems and digestive problems like constipation. For some people, this is an easily solvable problem, while for others, this problem is more difficult to solve due to the many stresses of the present and poor diet. During irregular digestion, bloating, unpleasant gas, and in some cases, even pain in […]