colloidal minerals

Colloidal minerals

In our society, people are either overweight or malnourished. Why is that? A study of the western population reveals that people consume 8 times more fat in the body than they need. They make up 42% of the total calorie intake, twice as much protein as we need, and incredible amounts of simple sugars. The […]

Magnesium, get acquainted with the most powerful mineral for relaxation

Magnesium – Discover the most powerful mineral for relaxation

Magnesium helps in the treatment of very severe symptoms of illness and disease. This mineral is a potent secret weapon for treating diseases in practice. Half of the world’s population has a reduced amount of magnesium in the body. Magnesium is an antidote to stress, and it is generally known as a relaxation mineral, which […]

zinc picolinate

Zinc picolinate as an enhancer of immunity and a fighter against chronic diseases

Zinc is a mineral that the body uses to perform several functions. There are many dietary forms of zinc, and one of them is zinc picolinate. It is also the primary component of the body’s metabolism. Zinc serves as a substrate in many biochemical processes within the body, and a lack of zinc in the […]