detoxification after chemotherapy

How to perform detoxification after chemotherapy?

We will show you how you can detoxify the body after chemotherapy and how you can supply it with all vital substances at the same time, so that you regain strength completely. After chemotherapy, many people want to be detoxified. In the end, the body is full of toxic drugs and usually continues to suffer […]


Chemotherapy and vaccines are a lie

In an exclusive interview, the celebrated American publicist Edward Griffin reveals why official medicine hides the real cure for cancer. There are no malignant diseases globally, and how dangerous vaccination is. American writer and publicist Edward Griffin (81) thought it would take him three weeks, and it took him three years of research work to […]

Astragalus and chemotherapy

Astragalus belongs to the group of very healthy grasses of the lower type of vegetation, which belongs to the bean family. It is a prevalent group of plants, and members of this group can develop a height of up to 3 meters. This plant is a traditional Chinese medicine “Huang ki,” which translated from Chinese […]

Liposomal artemisinin natural chemotherapy

 The most modern liposomal formulations have a very high degree of drug transfer, which can even be compared to intravenous or intramuscular transfer. This transfer of preparations and compounds has outstanding results that are directly related to the size of the components, encapsulation as well as many other parameters that increase the potential of this […]

fruits and vegetables

Chemotherapy – Foods that boost the immune system

Toxic toxins released during radiation therapy and chemotherapy can have a terrible effect on our immune system. People who undergo these forms of therapy mustn’t have a deficiency of some minerals and vitamins. It is also important that they have enough food elements that will boost the development and functioning of their immune system. Foods […]