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Homeopathic preparations for uterine cancer and cervical cancer

The very word cancer causes panic and creates the image of a painful death. This deadly disease’s early stages are curable with good homeopathic treatment and preparations to provide holistic cancer treatment. We have normal cell life and cell death in normal cells, normal cell division. In contrast, in cancer cells, the division is accelerated, […]


A biopsy is a procedure of taking a tissue sample from an organism to examine. The tissue is examined under a microscope, and therefore microscopic samples are needed. Sometimes it is enough to scrape the tissue from an area (an example of this is taking a sample with the cervix ). During a bowel examination, […]

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Malignant diseases of cancer tumor cancer therapy

The page presents the views and knowledge gained through cancer- cancer – cancer and more therapeutically effective treatment of malignancies/malignancies. The views and practical knowledge presented here are not exclusively of a personal nature but also of many world-renowned physicians, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, molecular physicists, nutritionists, homeopaths, Ayurvedic and holistic therapists, who for decades […]


Cervical cancer – Treatment for HPV virus

Despite Papanicolaou swabs’ discovery, cervical cancer is a significant health problem globally. Worldwide, 250,000 women die each year from cervical cancer. Cervical dysplasia is a premalignant and precancerous change of cervical cells that can progress to cervical cancer without the necessary treatment. The HPV virus is found almost everywhere around us. There are over a […]