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Tumor markers – Testing urine and blood

Tumor markers, what are they, and how are they analyzed? People who have suffered malignancy on some part of their body organisms have to go through tests like CT scanners or PET scanners. Everyone will be interested in the disease’s progress and the exact condition: their organism and the development and progress of malignancy. Tumor […]

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A precise detector for early-stage cancers has been found

Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles, have developed a computer program to detect cancer from a patient’s blood sample. Scientists call the program Cancer Locator or CancerLocator, which works by measuring the DNA of a tumor circulating in the bloodstream. The program works by detecting specific molecular strands of DNA that move freely […]

Thermography – the earliest diagnosis of cancer

A thermograph is a device that uses a camera that is sensitive to light in the infrared part of the spectrum and thus enables the display of the distribution of radiation sources of heated bodies. We will illustrate the thermographic picture with two examples (Fig. 1). Thermographic images show infrared radiation originating in both cases […]

CT scanner

A CT (computed tomography) scanner is a special machine that uses X-rays. Instead of sending individual X-rays through the body with a regular X-ray, multiple X-rays are sent simultaneously from different angles. How does a CT scanner work? Once they pass through the body, the X-ray beams are detected, and their strength is measured. Bundles […]


A biopsy is a procedure of taking a tissue sample from an organism to examine. The tissue is examined under a microscope, and therefore microscopic samples are needed. Sometimes it is enough to scrape the tissue from an area (an example of this is taking a sample with the cervix ). During a bowel examination, […]

PET cancer testing

Cancer diagnosis main methods

What is known as part of the usual repertoire of terms for physicians is incomprehensible technical jargon to some laymen. What exactly is behind the acronym ‘CT’? This is very clear: it describes a diagnostic procedure that is worth considering, even by medical experts, because it has become a turning point in modern methods of […]

Tests to determine cancer progress

Many people wonder every day if they have and how many malignancies they have in their bodies. Their interest is always related to whether the amount of malignancy in the organism is trivial, very small, or maybe very life-threatening. In most cases, the information that people who are afraid of malignancy want to get is […]