Ginseng cure for breast cancer

Ginseng – the root of life, or, as it is also called, the human root because its shape resembles a human. It is an ancient plant whose ancestral home in East Asia, Siberia, and North America has been used in human nutrition and treatment for more than 5,000 years. Due to its many healing properties, […]

Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer

According to the latest studies, women who often eat red meat and red meat products have a high risk of breast cancer. Doctors have been warning the general public for a long time that red meat increases the probability that you can get cancer of the intestines or pancreas. Still, so far, it has not […]

Artemisinin and breast cancer

Artemisinin selectively reduces estrogen receptor-alpha functional levels and eliminates estrogen-induced proliferation in human breast cancer cells. Breast cancer continues to persecute women as the second leading cause of death. His terror remains unstoppable even with the advanced medical knowledge of our century. In the United States alone, one in eight women will be diagnosed with […]

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Breast cancer natural therapy

Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast begin to grow uncontrollably and rapidly. These cells generally form a tumor that can most often be felt under the arm, except in the sporadic inflammatory form of breast cancer, in which the tumor forms in the form of a rash. Benign tumors are not considered carcinogenic. […]

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Breast cancer diagnosis treatment prognosis

Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. According to the Croatian Institute of Public Health, in 2001. more than 2,600 new cases of breast cancer were recorded in 2006. Approximately 50% of patients develop metastatic disease, which is generally an incurable condition. Breast cancer is an asymptomatic disease in the initial development stage […]

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Breast cancer: what every woman needs to know

Breast cancer is not just one disease: there are many types and stages, and each requires a different type of treatment. Women need to know which type of cancer they are suffering from to get the best therapy for their disease type. The appropriate treatment gives reason for optimism. What can you do? In addition […]

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Malignant diseases of cancer tumor cancer therapy

The page presents the views and knowledge gained through cancer- cancer – cancer and more therapeutically effective treatment of malignancies/malignancies. The views and practical knowledge presented here are not exclusively of a personal nature but also of many world-renowned physicians, chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, molecular physicists, nutritionists, homeopaths, Ayurvedic and holistic therapists, who for decades […]

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The best information about breast cancer

Breast cancer metastases It is a condition when breast cancer has spread to other parts of your body, such as the lungs, liver, or even the brain. It is actually a chronic condition. When you have cancer metastasized, it means that the cancer cells have affected other parts of your body. It is the last […]

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DIM and leafy vegetables for cancer prevention

Abundant consumption of vegetables has long been considered a natural weapon in cancer prevention. You should consume cabbage vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower as often as possible. But what actually makes these leafy vegetables so healthy? In addition to plant pigment, chlorophyll inhibits cancer, so vegetables are green. There is another sign of […]