Alternative medicine is a method of treating diseases that is used outside the framework of classical medical therapies. Alternative medicine is practiced by doctors in many countries in addition to classical medical methods. Many scientific studies prove that by combining alternative medical methods with classical methods, significantly better results are achieved in the treatment and remediation of the symptoms of some very serious diseases. Alternative medicine consists of various types of effects on the patient’s body. It should also be emphasized that in some cases where classical medicine has given up on patients, alternative medicine has proven to be significantly more effective and in many cases has improved the patient’s condition and even led to a complete cure.



The Top Athletes Backing Holistic Healing

Holistic medicine is becoming more widespread and commonplace in the modern world. It goes beyond many preconceptions of new age healing and is becoming accepted. It identifies a core problem and focuses on the whole body, mind and spirit for a solution. These alternatives to the traditional forms of healing are becoming so popular that […]

Ginseng can prevent and treat the flu

Ginseng According to the World Health Organization, seasonal flu is a serious respiratory disease that causes epidemics worldwide, resulting in about 5 million cases of extremely severe conditions in the respiratory system, affecting the spread of respiratory sinus virus infects the lungs. Patients and between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths. In the latest issue of the […]


The use of alternative medicine in the health care of Western countries

A new report shows that three out of four health workers in the United States use complementary or alternative medicine to improve their health. Doctors, nurses and their assistants, health technicians, and health administrators are increasingly using alternative medicine methods in practice, including massage, yoga, acupuncture, pilates, and herbal medicine. “No one has done a […]

artemisinin kao lek za malariju

Artemisinin derivative of sweet wormwood and its growing importance in medicine

Artemisinin is obtained from the sweet wormwood extract and has so far been found to be excellent for the treatment of malaria, including highly resistant strains of this parasite. Its effectiveness has also been shown in parasitic infections such as schistosomiasis. Sweet wormwood has shown great influence, and broad properties in carcinogenic diseases and tests […]

medical tourism in cuba 3

Medical tourism in Cuba and treatment

Most of us are familiar with the use of vaccines to fight certain diseases such as the flu, chicken pox or measles. However, the use of therapeutic cancer vaccines may not be a common term. Advances in research and improved diagnostics enable the development of a new generation of drugs for the treatment of tumors. Among these new anti-cancer drugs, immunotherapy-based treatments offer very promising results.

hunza tribe long life

The secret of longevity is the Hunza way of life for long life and happiness

Did you know that the secrets of a simple way of life of people living in a peaceful part of the Himalayas can help you reach the 100th year? The secret of the longevity of these people is now available to you. The small population of the Hunza tribe living in the valleys in the […]

alternative cancer therapy

Alternative cancer therapy – All necessary information

Alternative cancer therapy represents several different units and approaches to treating patients. We must first explain how cancer occurs in general, the information given to us by medicine, and the methods offered to us by classical medicine. The impact of the environment and many changes in the midst of modernization and accelerated development of technologies and […]