The plant sweet wormwood or the scientific name artemisia annua and its active ingredient artemisinin have shown astonishing results in the sense that scientific research has revealed anticancer effects in which this plant destroyed 28% of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours. By adding iron and increasing the concentration, artemisinin destroyed 98% of breast cancer cells.

This experiment was performed by scientists at the University of Washington on artificially maintained breast cancer cells in the laboratory.

The formation of a cancer cell is extremely complex and depends on many factors. In some cases, artemisinin has shown remarkable ability to destroy cancer cells in a very short time.

Cancer cells are rich in iron, which accumulates in special receptors that help spread cancer. In cancer cells, the number of these receptors is much higher than normal, and therefore the concentration of iron is increased.


Artemisinin’s active ingredient of the sweet wormwood plant effectively cleanses the body of cancerous cells by selectively destroying them. The discovery of the sweet wormwood plant and its return to medical use is one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century. It should be emphasized that artemisinin has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects and destroys a wide range of parasites that live in the body, so it can also be used preventively.

How sweet wormwood works

sweet wormwood leaves

According to recent research published in many scientific journals, artemisinin – a derivative of the plant Sweet wormwood (Artemisia Annua L., popularly called sweet Pelin ), which was used in ancient Chinese medicine – can kill 98 percent of breast cancer cells in less than 16 hours, when tested on a smaller sample of cells.

It has also been confirmed in scientific research that this preparation destroys much more aggressive cancerous diseases, even some that are not affected by chemotherapy.

Scientists have proven that in severe cases, it takes between 4 and 7 months to stabilize patients with a strict diet. It was found that the effect of this preparation is much stronger when combined with some other compounds such as DMSO, MSM and saponins. 

DMSO and MSM open the cell membrane of cancer cells, which has very low permeability and wider pores, and at the same time enables a greater influx of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, oxygen and at the same time artemisinin, which destroys cancer. It has been proven that good oxidation and hydration of cells by removing the protein coat of cells can convert from carcinogenic to completely healthy.

Influence of artemisinin

A good example is a man who, with a regulated diet and a diet combined with the intake of artemisinin, reduced lung cancer by 70% and the malignant tumor became benign and harmless. In some cases, artemisinin has been used successfully to stop the spread of cancer, clear metastases and changes in various organs.

Artemisinin is successfully used to treat brain cancer because it has the ability to bridge the blood-brain barrier, and combined with DMSO, this ability is greatly increased while targeting cancer cells directly.

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Research with sweet wormwood

Vietnamese scientists have conducted research on people with cancer and shared their observations with the general public. Of the 500 people who were treated with artemisinin, as many as 92% of them showed surprising results in the form of improving the general condition of the organism in a very short time. No side effects occurred when giving very high doses of sweet wormwood. After the therapy for several months, the withdrawal of the malignancy was determined and the progression of the disease was stopped. After a long period, in some very severe cases, successful complete cleansing of the organism from cancer without recurrence of the disease was noted.

Artemisinin  it does not affect normal cancer cells at all, while it destroys carcinogens in some cases better than chemotherapy alone.

How sweet wormwood destroys cancer

sweet wormwood tea

Artemisinin has been used in the past as a powerful antimalarial agent, but has now been shown to be effective against cancer as well. In a study of cancer patients, iron was added to artemisinin, and it was concluded that the addition of iron enhances the effect of artemisinin.

Cancer cells accumulate large amounts of iron so that they can function normally. Artemsinin, in contact with iron, releases free radicals. Free radicals are negatively charged oxygen particles that destroy a cancerous cell.

Because the concentration of iron in cancer cells is elevated when it enters the cells, artemisinin creates a very violent reaction that destroys the cancer cell. Artemisinin derivative of sweet wormwood selectively destroys cancer cells because the concentration of iron in them is increased by several times and even up to 1200 times compared to healthy cells.

 Cancer cells also contain a large number of bacteria that release a large amount of toxins and lead to deformations in the microprocesses of the cells themselves. Sweet wormwood destroys these bacteria and helps the immune system and the body to fight against other foreign bodies that damage the health of cancer patients. Sweet wormwood is an immunoregulator and helps the body to renew and strengthen the defenses against foreign bodies, which include cancerous cells.

Sweet wormwood and artemisinin

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So far, there have been many experiments proving that artemisinin or sweet wormwood extract can effectively eliminate the disease in the presence of iron. This extract has been used in China for thousands of years against malaria.

The malaria parasite has a high concentration of iron and during contact with artemisinin, it dies out and the organism is cleansed of its presence, and at the same time further reproduction of this parasite is prevented.

Some studies have shown that the effectiveness of the preparation can increase MSM, which increases the permeability of the cell membrane of cancer cells.

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Action on special types of cancer

 The active derivative of sweet wormwood artemisinin can be found in several different forms and these are artesunat, artemeter and paytoartemisinin. The latter is best for people with cancer because it contains saponin substances that open pores on the cell membrane of cancer cells, allowing greater membrane permeability and automatic and greater transfer of proteins that transmit substances that treat cancer cells, in our case it is artemisinin. .

Production of artemisinin is largely underway and one of the most famous producers, the French Sanofi, has announced the production of several tens of tons, which should satisfy most of the market in Europe.

Artemisinin has shown very notable results in the treatment of lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, leukemia.

Start using sweet wormwood

Artemisinin is the only active ingredient in sweet wormwood that is used to destroy malaria parasites, and scientists have also proven to claim carcinogenic diseases based on a high concentration of iron. Artemisnin  or  sweet Pelin  in contact with iron it releases free radicals that destroy cancer cells.

In the sweet wormwood plant itself, the concentration of artemisinin is extremely low 0.04%, so that it is extracted for many years by various methods.

More on artemisinin research  You can read in the article by Dr. Michael Lama and how  treatment manifests itself in certain forms and types of cancerous diseases.

Artemisinin and its semisynthetic derivatives artesunat and artameter should be taken orally with yogurt, cheese, olive oil or fish oil to increase absorption and to reduce the load on the stomach. Omega 3 – 3 grams should also be taken. Artemisnin should be taken on an empty stomach. The evening dose of Artemisinin is the most important because the cancer is most active at night.  It is good to stop smoking for 6 months when using artemisinin.

Some researchers believe that users of artemisinin experience autoinduction during which the body metabolizes the drug so quickly that the level of blood plasma decreases. The effectiveness of artemisinin automatically decreases.

For that reason  artemisnin  or  sweet Pelin  used for 8 days and a break in use is made for three days.

Dosage of artemisinin

Take on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast 150 mg  artemisnina  with  Omega 3  fish oil  – 3 grams and one gram of vitamin C.

Take 150 hours after dinner 150 mg of artemisinin with  Omega 3 fish oil  – 3 grams and one gtram of vitamin C.

These three days, when there is a break, about 150 mg of iron with ferrosulfate with about 2 grams of vitamin C are taken.

It can also be noted increasing oxygen efficiency in the hyperbaric chamber  which you can read about in the mentioned article and MSM powder also helps.

Preparations that increase the effectiveness of artemisinin recommended by Dr. Signh:

Bitrate capsules – one capsule daily

Recommended by Dr. Hoang:

Lymphasol 3-4 capsules twice daily with artemisinin.

L-Carnitine 1 capsule twice daily with artemisinin.

Germanium 132 1 capsule twice a day with artemisinin, especially important for lung diseases.

Minecel 3 capsules 2 times a day

Fumacell and Mitosol, very important in brain tumors.

Also any method alternative treatment it must be accompanied by a certain diet. You can read more about the basic principles of the diet here