Our immune system is an effective weapon with which our body fights bacteria and infections. As the immune system is our main line of defense, it must be in good condition to preserve our health. Deficiencies in the immune system can lead to disease, allergies and even cancer. For this reason, we need to take care of our immune system by taking dietary supplements that boost our immune system.

crab bushSutherlandia microphylla and Sutherlandia frutescens are plants that have been used safely for more than a century as a remedy for many diseases. This plant is very medicinal and helps fight bacteria and some types of viruses.

Sutherlandia or also called crab bush It is used as a booster of the immune system, and is also used for anxiety, excessive fatigue, flu, asthma, diabetes, as well as a general booster for appetite and feelings of well-being.

Ben-Erik van Wyk, Carl Albrecht MD and Nigel Gericke MD are working to provide a scientific basis for the healing properties of this plant. They managed to isolate several compounds present in this plant that have healing properties for the body and they are:

L-canavanin this is a non-protein amino acid that plays an active role against viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells. It can be used in inflammation as an inhibitor of nitric oxide synthesis. Also, this compound fights MIAPaCa-2, which is actually pancreatic cancer.

Cavanin can be found in all legumes, black and garlic. Its concentration in Sutherlandia is very high and reaches the level of up to 2 mg / g of dried leaves. Its dose in the body can reach up to 1400 mg, after which L-cavanin becomes toxic to the human body.

Arginine improves the functioning of immunity and also increases the thymus gland and enhances its functionality. As a result of the action of arginine, the level of the HIV virus in the body decreases and the growth of cancer cells is reduced. This compound has a preventive effect on liver cirrhosis, lowers blood cholesterol and increases the level of insulin in the body, as well as growth factor. For these last two daily doses of arginine to achieve the desired effect should be about 20 grams. Arginine helps heal wounds and fractures and also treats nerve damage that can occur in diabetics or when using chemotherapy.

Arginine should not be consumed by people who have herpes. It should be noted that this rule applies only to the pure form of arginine sold as a supplement. Sutherlandia contains enough arginine to fight viral infections but again low enough to be used for herpes.

Pintol plays a very important role in glucose metabolism and glucose transport within cells. It can actually improve insulin resistance, which means that it will help diabetics and patients with polycystic ovaries.

Insitol is a product of pintol. This compound increases the production of glycogen which stores sugar in the body. This was discovered at the University of St. George, which led the researchers to the conclusion that insitol provides fuel for the muscles during heavy physical activities, which is currently used.

Pintol can help build muscle mass and can also increase body weight in lean patients with cancer or HIV. When Sutherlandia to the patient we can see an increase in body weight of 10 to 15 kg within a few weeks. It is best that healthy people with normal weight do not gain weight, but only people who suffer from some disease.

GABA Gamma amino butyric acid is most commonly used to control convulsions. It is an amino acid, which is the building block of proteins and also neurotransmitters. GABA can be used to reduce anxiety and also to help fight depression that occurs in women as a result of hormonal changes.

During the research that was conducted, it was noticed that GABA is very useful in patients with suffered a stroke . It was given in a dose of 2g per day and a significant improvement in speech as well as memory recovery was observed. GABA can lower blood sugar levels while with slightly higher doses it can regulate blood pressure, making it a very effective cardio compound.

Asparagine is essential for the excretion of urea from the body, which is created during muscle breakdown. If urea is not removed from the body, it can accumulate as a toxic compound, resulting in uremia. The symptoms of this condition are confusion, lethargy and headache and in extreme cases this condition leads to coma and eventually death. Within the central nervous system, asparagine is converted to aspartic acid, providing energy to brain cells. Asparagine is also good for fatigue and depression, and it also improves the synthesis of antibodies in the body.

From this article, which is supported by extensive scientific research, we can conclude that sutherlandia has immune system boosting properties, anti-inflammatory properties, analgesic action, anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti-fungal action. According to WHO guidelines, this plant is safe to consume. When taken in large quantities, it can cause diarrhea and dry mouth, but these effects are not common. The only precaution should be taken during pregnancy. Although Sutherlandia is an amazing plant, research into its effects is still in its early stages. This plant has been clinically proven to be successful in treating some severe forms of malignancy. Based on these healing properties, it has become a favorite supplement and addition to classical treatment methods around the world.