Strengthening the immune system in people with cancer

immune system

Strengthening the immune system in people who are ill is not an easy task, especially if they have cancer and one of their burning problems is the immune system. When we say immune system, it is not any system as we imagine it in a simple form. The immune system is very complex and no one fully knows how it works but some factors are known to affect its improvement. The immune system is complex and depends on many factors. People who are sick need to strengthen their immune system and here are ways to achieve that.

Cleansing your liver and colon is one of the primary tasks for people with cancer. In people with liver cancer, it usually suffers due to a high concentration of toxins, so it is not uncommon for cancer to metastasize to the liver because it is the filter of our body and impurities reach it most easily and remain in it if regular service of this organ is not done. Its most important task is to cleanse the body of fats and cholesterol. If it does not work, fats remain in your body and block the lymphatic system through which white blood cells move. Liver obstruction reduces the aggressiveness of your immune system.

The basic task is to unclog your liver. Very good preparations that help with that are silymarin, dandelion root, and artichoke, as well as magnesium and vitamin K.

Also a good way to unblock your liver is to clean it with bitter salt, which you can read more about in the article, here .

To strengthen your immune system, pay attention to your diet and eat foods rich in fiber. Eat foods rich in essential minerals and vitamins with bio-active compounds such as garlic, fish oil, flaxseed oil, foods rich in selenium, grapes and more.

It is very important in your diet to eliminate sugar, bad fats and refined foods.

To strengthen your immune system, exercise regularly or get physically active. Not only will you increase your energy level in the body, improve the overall condition of your body, strengthen your immune system but you will also improve your mood. Spend time in the morning sun in light walks with physical activity that is pleasing to your body and not too stressful for it.

Cleanse the body of microbes and parasites. A very good treatment is an anti-parasitic program about which you can learn more here .

To boost your immune system even better, start taking supplements. It is extremely good for improving the work of the immune system liposomal vitamin c which, due to its mode of action and transport, delivers as much as 90% of its contents to cells with very small losses, which makes it more effective than intravenous intake of vitamin c.

Beta glucan, cordyceps ,, reishi are some of the preparations that are very good activators of the immune system. Some of these preparations strengthen the action of the immune system, while some regulate it and bring it to an optimal state.

Every immune treatment should be accompanied by certain enzymes such as pancreatin enzyme , whose function is to weaken the cancer and dissolve the protein protective membrane, which does not allow the immune system to attack it.

In order to start a program of immune treatment of the organism with supplements, minerals and vitamins, the organism needs to be prepared. This preparation has a special role in older people, because by using large amounts of minerals and vitamins, an old organism can have big problems, because with a sudden influx of good substances you pump large amounts of water into an old pump that has not been used for many years. This can lead to capillary rupture and much more severe problems. For that reason, the amount of supplements is gradually increased for older people, and they are also given enzymes such as routine in the preparation period of 2 weeks in order to increase the elasticity of blood vessels and clean veins and arteries from fat and cholesterol deposits and enable unhindered blood flow.

It should be borne in mind that it is not good to make programs with dietary supplements on your own. All preparations should always be taken under professional supervision. If you are in doubt about how to create a program, call our staff, we will give you advice.

Activate your immune system with vitamin D. Without vitamin D, your immune system cannot attack cancer cells. That’s why vitamin d is so important. If you can’t afford a walk in the sun for 2-4 hours, take 5000 IU of vitamin D a day in tablets or capsules.

Sleep is very important for your immune system. If you can’t sleep well, use preparations such as well-absorbing magnesium and melatonin. Also sleep in a completely dark room without electromagnetic waves emitted by electrical appliances and WIFI.

Laugh as much as you can and hang out with people, don’t get depressed and think of positive things. Cancer is not incurable and many people have struggled and continued to live life to the fullest. Make new friendships and meet new people, positive with positive life attitudes because you desperately need positive energy.

If you are a smoker, be sure to stop smoking because nicotine has a very negative effect on your body, tobacco also increases the acidity of your body and thus reduces the effect of the immune system. Stop drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages because they also disrupt the immune system.