Skin tumors

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Skin tumors are the most common form of tumor in humans. It is estimated that over 1 million new cases occur each year. The annual rate of all forms of skin tumors increases from year to year showing general concern. It has also been observed that approximately half of all citizens who experience the age of 65 develop a skin tumor at least once in their lifetime

What are skin tumors?

Skin tumors are most often benign growths and are treated with surgical removal. Two forms of cancer can develop on the skin, and the prognosis is very favorable. In contrast, there is another life-threatening type of tumor called melanoma.

When will we suspect that it is a skin tumor?

The most common warning sign of a skin tumor is a change in the appearance of the skin in the form of a new growth or a wound that does not heal.

What are the causes of skin tumors?

The main reason for getting skin cancer is UV radiation, most often from the sun, but it can also be artificially caused by the use of various sources of UV radiation, such as quartz lamps or going to the solarium, and creams or lotions for tanning

Are all people equally prone to getting skin tumors?

Anyone can get skin cancer regardless of skin type, race or place of residence, but the risk is very high in the following people:

● who have a white complexion and easily get sun spots
● who have light hair color and blue eyes
● who have a large number of moles
● who have moles of unusual appearance
● who have already had a skin tumor in the family
● which turn red easily in the sun
● who had sunburn as a child
● who spend a lot of time in the sun without protection
● who spend their vacations near the equator or in any place where the sun is 
of strong intensity
● which for some reason have already been treated with radiation

What are the basic forms of skin tumors?

solarium cancer risk

1. Carcinomas
a) Basal cell,
b) Planocellular

2. Melanoma

Basal cell carcinoma what kind of tumor is it?
Prevention information

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer, but fortunately, it is also the safest and rarely metastasizes. 

It grows very slowly, which is why many neglect it, but when left untreated, it grows below the surface of the skin and penetrates deeper structures of the skin, tissues and even bones, where it causes severe damage, especially if it is on the face, especially around the eyes.

Is basal cell carcinoma still called something?

Among dermatologists and doctors in general, the abbreviated name for basal cell carcinoma is  Basal cell carcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma is another type of skin tumor. Why do we mention him?

Squamous cell carcinoma: It most commonly occurs on the lower lip, face and ears. It sometimes spreads to the environment including regional lymph glands and internal organs. 
If not treated in time it gives metastases and the disease ends fatally for the patient.

Cancer is mentioned here. What kind of tumor is it?

Carcinoma is a type of tumor that begins in cells that cover organs in the so-called epithelium.

Why do we name basal cell and squamous cell skin tumors?

These are the two most common types tumor Skin, basal cell carcinoma accounts for more than 90% of all skin tumors in the United States.

From the above, we see that these are not very dangerous tumors. Then why should you contact a doctor?

It is very important that skin tumors are diagnosed at an early stage and that treatment is started as early as possible primarily because they can invade and destroy surrounding tissue, but if left untreated can metastasize to other organs and lead to death.

In addition to these two tumors, you also mentioned melanoma, what kind of tumor is it?

Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are sometimes called non-melanoma skin tumors. Another type of tumor that appears on the skin is melanoma, which begins in melanocytes (skin cells that contain pigment).

What then is melanoma?

Melanoma is the most dangerous form of skin tumor. It occurs least frequently, but its frequency has increased enormously in recent years. Melanoma is certainly the most dangerous skin cancer but it should be noted that if detected early it can be completely cured. If not treated adequately it spreads giving metastases and leads to a fatal outcome.

Why even mention skin tumors, are they common?

There is concern among experts dealing with this problem because the incidence rates of both non-melanoma and melanoma skin tumors are much more common and have been on the rise in the last ten years.

How is squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed?

Tumors are most often diagnosed by an experienced dermatologist by clinical examination and then done biopsy suspicious tissue that is sent for microscopic examination where the diagnosis is made.

How are tumors treated?

Techniques for treating tumors are as follows:

● Surgical excision

● Radiotherapy

● Cryosurgery

● Curettage and dissection

● Mohs micrographic surgery

● Medicinal creams that

a) attack tumor cells e.g. 5% -fluorouracil – 5-FU, Efudex, Fluoroplex or

b) which stimulate the immune system e.g. Aldara cream.

How can skin tumors be prevented?

The main method of prevention is minimal sun exposure and regular check-ups with a dermatologist, which should become a habit as well as regular use of waterproof or water-resistant creams with UVA protection factor SPF 30 or higher.

Interesting facts

The word tumor people associate exclusively with malignant diseases. However, a tumor means “swelling”, so doctors call a tumor all growths on the skin and in the body, regardless of whether it is malignant or benign tissue, or swelling caused by inflammation. So, if someone finds the word tumor as part of their diagnosis in Latin, one should not immediately think of the worst! Skin tumors are most often benign growths and are treated simply, by surgical removal.


There are several types of skin tumors, from those that can barely metastasize to the most dangerous and life-threatening ones. But they all have one thing in common, and that is that they need to be diagnosed as early as possible and treated as soon as possible. In prevention, it is also common to all that strict sun protection is necessary either in the form of the application of sunscreens, the wearing of goggles, a hat with a large brim or long-sleeved clothing.

Written by: Perica Ante, MD dermatovenerologist



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