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Sister Mary Eymard Poydock’s treatment for tumor destruction

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This treatment results from decades of work on cancer drug research by Sister Mary Eymard Poydock, director of the research team and professor of biology at Erie College in Pennsylvania.
During the twenty years of hard work of the Eymard sister and her associates, it was discovered that the combination of vitamin b12 and vitamin C has a strong effect against various forms of tumors. Sister Eimard even stated that she is so sure of this mixture’s effectiveness that she manages to reduce or destroy the tumor every time with her help.
The mixture ratio is one part vitamin B12 and two parts vitamin C. So one milligram of vitamin b12 contains two grams of vitamin C.
Vitamin C in tablets and vitamin B12 can usually be bought for this purpose, although both vitamins and powder can also be used.
She also first tested the mixture on animals with tumors. They proved that animals with tumors and that receive this mixture live longer than those who do not receive a mixture of vitamins C and b12. Better than injections of these two vitamins is the use orally with the addition of MSM powder that leads them directly to cancer cells.
It should be noted that the testing team tried to do the same with vitamin B12 and vitamin C separately but did not achieve nearly as good results as with the mixture. This mixture completely stopped the development of tumors and reduced their size, in some cases by 50%.
Sarcoma, cancer, and leukemia were used for animal testing. Against all three types that were injected into the animal’s body, a mixture of two vitamins showed astonishing results.
According to the scientific team, this mixture strengthened the immune system’s action to attack cancer cells. Further research has focused on larger mammals and humans. It has also shown surprisingly good results proving that vitamin therapy can reduce people’s mortality with cancer and improve their overall health.



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