At the first sign herpes zoster see your doctor, who may prescribe an antiviral medicine. It should start as soon as possible. At the same time, you need something to relieve the pain and burning sensation. Try to take paracetamol or ibuprofen along with the drugs in this chapter. If the pain, however, becomes stronger than you can bear, do not be a brave soldier: visit your doctor who can prescribe you a stronger painkiller.

Beat the blisters and soothe the itching


If you have an aloe vera plant on the board of your window, squeeze its leaf and apply it to the skin gel that you squeezed from it. This milky liquid can help reduce blisters. Or use the aloe vera gel you buy (buy 100% aloe vera if you can).

Baking paste paste and water will dry out the blisters and soothe the itching. Add enough water to the dry baking powder to make a paste, and then apply it generously on the affected area.

Another remedy that can help dry out blisters and soothe inflammation is a paste made from bitter salts and water. Place directly on the affected area; repeat this as often as you like.

Make tea from lemon-grass. Research indicates that this medicinal plant from the mint family fights against herpes virus. Make tea by slowly boiling two teaspoons of this dried herb in a pinch of boiling water. Allow to cool and then dab it directly on the affected areas with a cotton pad. Some herbalists add tea oil of rose or mint or mint.

Browse the kitchen cabinet for vinegar and honey, the ingredients for another solution for shingles. Mix them so that a paste is made and dab them on your wounds.

Kill the pain

Soak a face towel or a larger towel in cold water, wring it out and place it over the affected area. You can use cold milk instead of water. According to the experience of some people, milk has a special calming effect.

If you still have pain after the blisters have healed, fill the bag with ice and rub the skin gently. Experts do not know why cold treatment helps, but it really works. According to the experience of some people, spicy foods help with pain. Capsaicin, a hot substance in chili peppers, is thought to block the transmission of pain through nerve cells.

Stop the outbreak of disease

Take 1,000 mg of lysine supplements three times a day during the acute phase of the disease. This amino acid prevents the virus from multiplying and can speed healing.

Take 200 mg of echinacea extract and 125 mg of Canadian barberry extract three times a day to strengthen the immune system and help your body fight infection.

Try taking it macije claws , a medicinal plant that has long been used by Indians in South America for a variety of ailments, and is now considered promising for the treatment of viral illnesses, including shingles. Look for a preparation standardized to contain 3% alkaloids and 15% polyphenols, which is marked as Uncaria tomentosa or U. guianensis . (Many other products are called “Macija kandza” , but they are not the right thing to do.) Take 250 mg twice a day.

The power of prevention

No one can get infected herpes zoster nor can he pass it on to anyone else. But someone is herpes zoster could transmit smallpox to a person if that person had not previously had the virus. Therefore, to protect other people, wash your hands often and tell anyone you come in close contact with that you have shingles.

Pain after passing the blisters

Many people who get shingles have long-lasting pain in the affected area of the body for months or even years after the onset of the disease. This is called postherpetic non-allergy (PHN). If you have PHN, be sure to see your doctor; he may prescribe you an oral medicine, such as gebapentin (Neurontin) or amantadine (Symmeetrel / Lysovir), or Axsain, a cream with capsaicin. You may also be offered an injection of a local anesthetic to block pain signals.

Another type of treatment that may be available individually (but very expensive) is the Lidoderm patch, manufactured by the American company Endo Pharmaceuticals. This patch contains the local anesthetic lidocaine and is designed to release this medicine, which soothes pain, but not through the blood but directly under the skin to the affected nerves. In this way, the pain subsides quickly.


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