The services we provide you

Product sales

Sales of high quality dietary supplements. Highly potent products at very affordable prices for our clients and customers across the EU and the world.

Nutritional protocols

Nutritional protocols for the healthy and the sick, which include protocols with supplements, nutrition, cleansing of the body

Weight loss

Lose weight fast and successfully, individual programs for weight loss, weight loss and gaining muscle mass.


We improve strength for people who are sick or have energy problems. In people with postoperative conditions or severe illness, we return energy levels to normal with supplements and diet.

Around that..

We offer quality honey products. We offer natural forest, meadow honey produced in perfect natural conditions. The honey we sell is collected in the untouched areas of the Sharr Mountains, where few people live. Our honey has no contact with chemicals, so it is perfect for use by people who need a completely natural product.

Teas and tea blends from untouched nature are hand-picked and sun-dried are what attract many of our customers. In addition, we provide you with high quality essential oils at the best prices.

Special programs

We offer special programs against HPV virus, bacteria like Escherichia, H. Pylori, solving the problem of candida. In addition, we help you with problems with hormones, thyroid gland, menopause, heavy menstruation, irregular menstruation, fertility, male problems with testosterone and potency.

For people who have a problem with diabetes, I have special nutrition programs. Also for people who are overweight. We can also be contacted by sick people who would like to improve their energy levels, cleanse the body of toxins or implement some special programs.

Our team of phytotherapists and nutritionists will create an optimal program combining various techniques and their extensive knowledge. All you have to do is contact us and give us all the necessary information. You’re ready, we can start.

Sales of vitamin supplements of medicinal plants

We offer a wide range of plants and products that can be used for various purposes such as increasing energy, hormone problems in women and men, plant-based products that have antiviral, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, products against parasites, products that have anti carcinogenic property.

In addition, we have a wide range of products that are used to strengthen the immune system and where necessary in allergic conditions to regulate the immune system.

We also have a lot of products that have a positive effect on diseases such as heart problems, problems with high blood pressure, problems with the kidneys, intestines, stomach, lungs and all other organs.

Our products are completely safe to use, natural and made from highly potent plants.

We provide companies with special conditions for supply and further distribution.

Take a look at our store. Your Eistria wishes you a nice podrav.

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