Salts for detoxification of the organism as a medicine

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You should understand that malignant cells are formed in the human body every day. Still, you should emphasize that their number is greatly affected by the substances you take into your body. When you start the classic detoxification of your body and get rid of toxins you have taken in, drugs and other harmful substances directly affect the avoidance of some hazardous diseases. Such programs tend to treat many diseases and reduce their symptoms.
Detoxification of people suffering from malignancy is one of the most important methods in the anticancer protocol. Although your body has the ability to excrete harmful substances and toxins through sweat and urine intensively and feces, this mechanism is still not enough in people who are sick and who are taking some very harmful drugs.

Bathing salts used to detoxify the body are a very accepted method for removing impurities from the body. When you immerse your body for 15 to 20 minutes in water that contains sea salt and baking soda, this water becomes contaminated with many toxins that your body contains. It can also increase the pH value of your body in this way.
Salt for bathing and detoxification of the organism is a very economical technique for improving the organism’s condition. Making bath salt is an ancient technique developed for centuries. Detoxification is the bathtub of your home is a very dominant technique for transporting impurities from your body and expelling many very harmful compounds through your skin.

Put 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup of Epsom salt in a tub full of water. After that, immerse your body in the bath to the throat for 20 minutes. After a while, the water will start to turn brown and change color, which is an indication that mercury and aluminum, and other heavy metals have started to come out of your body.
Salts for cleansing the body that you can use are sea salt, baking soda, and Epsom salt, and besides, they can add various essential oils and mineral salts that have healing properties on the body.

Your skin is a special organ covering your body, and it consists of several layers. Each of these layers has its own vital tasks.
The epidermis is the outer layer of the skin. It serves as the body’s first line of defense, which does not allow external substances to enter the body and directly prevents infections.

The dermis consists of connective tissue that acts as a barrier against skin damage and contains nerve endings through which we feel touch and change in temperature. In addition to the nerve endings, this layer of skin also contains follicles, glands, lymph and blood vessels.

In chemistry, pH or potential hydrogen is a numerical meter used to identify individual compounds’ acidity or alkalinity and aqueous solutions. The pH is in the range of 0 to 14, and 7 is the neutral value. Less than 7 is an acid and more than 7 is an alkaline value. In your body, various fluids vital for normal functioning like blood and lymph are at a base value of pH 7.4. When the organism’s pH value is slightly higher than 7.4, the malignant cells become inactive, and when the pH value is around 8.5, the malignant cells begin to die while healthy cells can survive in these conditions. Your body’s pH value is significant because it adjusts your body’s speed of organic reactions. In this way, the level of some enzymes is regulated, as well as the speed of electricity flowing through your body. The higher the pH value and the more alkaline, the more electricity is retained in the compounds. As a result, electricity is retained more in the body and slowly moves. Proper understanding of malignancy is not possible without understanding that in some tissues in the body, the lack of oxygen affects the further development of malignancy. Malignant tissues are acidic compared to healthy tissues that are alkaline. Malignancy develops slowly in very alkaline environments, and when those environments exceed 7.4, its development stops completely. If this environment persists for a long time, the malignancy begins to disappear. For that reason, you must maintain the organism’s pH value above 7.4.

Baking soda is not harmful to our bodies. It is very cheap and very effective when it binds to the body’s malignant parts. This substance can be used as a poison for malignant tissue due to its very high alkalinity, allowing large amounts of oxygen to reach the malignant cells. In contrast, these cells cannot survive in an alkaline environment with high oxygen levels. Baking soda is a very effective remedy against malignancy. It successfully performs its tasks due to the tumor tissue’s very high acidity. Sodium bicarbonate is very authoritative in detoxification, so it can be used when cleansing the body from radiotherapy. Baking soda affects the pH value of tissues and cells by stabilizing them to intensify the release of carbon dioxide, which is a prerequisite for the organism’s oxygenation.



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