Return of goods

In order to return an order, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Preparations, tinctures, teas that you return must be unpackaged in the same condition as we sent you
  2. You can return the goods within 30 days of receiving the goods
  3. You have informed us via email that you have decided to return the goods and what are the reasons why you are returning them.
  4. Note: In the event that the customer asks us to purchase products from third parties and send them from the EU territory (this includes products that are not available on our website), it is not possible to make a complaint and refund money.

Procedure for return of goods

  1. You have received instructions from us via email and confirmation of the return of the goods, you have completed the above steps.
  2. You send the package back to us well packed and protected.
  3. In the email when you return the package to us, you send the tracking number and the scanned slip that you receive when delivering the package to the post office or courier service.
  4. We are waiting for the return package, when we receive it we will refund the money.


The refund depends on the situation, we will give a few of the most common examples:

  1. A package returned due to an incorrectly entered address or a package returned because it contains products that are not enabled for import for a given country – funds are returned without a refund for shipping, in addition, funds for the return of the package are refused because the post office charges us for the return.
  2. The wrong product sent by our error is returned – the customer does not bear any costs, the product return funds are refunded.
  3. Buyer is not satisfied with the package and wants to return it within 30 days – no refund for shipping.
  4. The goods were damaged in transport – the buyer first contacts the courier service that delivered the package and lodges a complaint. The buyer sends us pictures of the package, a confirmation from the courier service that he filed a claim with them and, if possible, the number of the subject of the claim. The product or products will be reshipped at our company’s expense.
  5. In case you want to return the goods, fill out the form at the bottom of this page with all the necessary information.

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