Red meat increases the risk of breast cancer

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According to the latest studies, women who often eat red meat and red meat products have a high risk of breast cancer.
Doctors have been warning the general public for a long time that red meat increases the probability that you can get cancer of the intestines or pancreas. Still, so far, it has not been stated that breast cancer is also included.

In the latest study, Harvard University scientists analyzed data from a sample of 88,000 women between the ages of 26 and 45. The data were filled in a survey in 1991. Their diet and specifically red meat consumption, varied from never less, from once a month to six or more times a day. The initial results were published in 2006 and prove a direct link between red meat consumption and breast cancer, and the latest research has confirmed earlier findings.
Scientists from this sample conclude that women who used red meat in large quantities out of 1000 subjects had 8 cases more than those who did not use or used red meatless during the analysis.

In more developed countries where many chemical preparations are used in animal nutrition, women who eat red meat have a 12.5% higher risk of breast cancer.
Scientists have concluded that proteins in red meat accelerate cell mutation and tumor growth, chemicals such as nitrates in meat products have long been labeled as carcinogenic.
The study was mostly conducted among educated, white American women, and scientists say that these results are not currently applicable to women of other races. The National Institutes of Health also monitored this survey.

“This research emphasizes the importance of a healthy diet,” said Sally Greenbrook, a senior official at Breast Cancer Aid in the UK.
Dr. Valerie Beral, a cancer expert from Oxford University, said that vegetarians have the least chance of getting any cancer.



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