Recipe for the treatment of bowel cancer

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We have concluded that carcinogenic diseases are very complex and develop at the cellular and systemic levels in previous texts.
In scientific research, artemisinin has shown excellent results in treating colon cancer and combined with the Arabic plant alfalfa. It has returned very severe patients to a normal state.

Artemisinin is a good anti-cancer agent in cancerous lines of colon cancer cells because their structure is such that they have an increased concentration of iron in the cell membrane and many trans receptors, elevated compared to a normal cell. You can read more about artemisinin research in the article Scientific research on artemisinin as a potential cure for cancer.

In this text, I will focus on the natural method of treating bowel cancer and supporting the already well-proven method of treating artemisinin. This protocol aims to reduce disease progression and better patient quality of life.

This recipe is one of the forgotten ways to treat malignant bowel disease, which showed good results when medicine was not so developed and relied on nature to look for answers to serious diseases in plants.

The method of treating bowel cancer consists of several stages:

1. Take 250 ml of spring cold water, in our case, is the best Prolom water, and soak one small spoon of idjirot root. Leave the liquid to stand overnight. In the morning, heat the liquid and strain it. It would help if you consumed this liquid by taking one sip before and after each meal. The same amount should be taken every day, taking care not to exceed the daily dose, six sips a day.

2. Drink tea made from 300 grams of marigold, 100 grams of nettle, and 100 grams of hajduk grass every day. These ingredients should all be mixed well. Tea is made by adding a full tablespoon of this mixture to 250 ml of spring water. It is necessary to drink about 2 liters of this tea every day. People with bowel cancer should drink this tea in one sip every 20 minutes. This tea increases appetite in patients and can be used in other cancerous diseases and patients with no appetite.

3. In the morning and the evening, take half a cup of the above tea. One tablespoon of Swedish bitters is added to the tea. Half the tea amount is drunk before and a half after a meal.
You can read how to make natural Swedish bitters in the article A forgotten cancer treatment recipe.
Swedish pepper dressings should be placed on the abdomen three times a day by soaking cotton wool in Swedish pepper. The cotton wool is placed in a thin layer over the entire abdomen and left to stand for up to 2 hours.

The tea should be kept warm at all times, and you will succeed by keeping it in a thermos bottle.

If the patient has severe pain, put a steam compress on the parting, and you have the recipe in the above text.

These dressings should be applied four times a day, twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.

This treatment can improve appetites and improve the patient’s condition for 48 hours.

A healthy diet should accompany herbal therapy and a diet used by people with cancer. Diet for cancer treatment



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