Raw food lifestyle and diet

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Raw vegetables are part of a healthy diet. As the name suggests, raw food is not cooked. Raw food is the most natural food. No wild animal heats food; every wild animal eats only raw food.

A hint for us humans?

Definitely yes! But now it is the case that 10,000 years ago, we moved away from raw food, so our digestive system more or less adapted to cooked food. This should not hide the fact that cooked food has disadvantages: heating not only reduces vitamins and minerals (or some of them are completely lost) but also changes some food molecules or creates new, harmful molecules.

A diet consisting only of raw vegetables?

sirova hrana sokovi

That would be an ideal case. But now comes the big but: I claim that only a part of humanity has healthy intestines and intestinal flora. Healthy intestines are a prerequisite for a raw food diet to really work in the long run. The other thing is our life in today’s society. A 100% diet with raw food creates a risk of social problems with other people, which usually does not work well in the long run. It would be ideal if people who “only” eat raw vegetables to be healthy, in shape, satisfied and happy. That way, everyone in the environment would accept you as a “normal” person.

And what now?

Very simple: look from the perspective of the individual
Whoever makes 100% raw food is really happy, satisfied, fit and healthy, enjoy!
However, those who are generally dissatisfied with 100% raw food (e.g., social pressure, constant hunger, lethargy, lack of exercise, lack of B12, etc.) should either switch to a high-raw diet or change their diet. Raw food diet.


The reality is that for most people, “only” a raw food diet is out of the question. We should not be deceived; it will remain so (addiction, a decade-long habit).

Cooked food does not necessarily mean that you get sick from it. Some fanatical raw people may think this, but it is far from the truth. Of course, there is healthy cooked food.

What can affect health

Of the following factors, essential elements: psyche (stress, childhood problems, relationship problems, etc.), Lack of exercise, a little fresh air, no love, chemicals (in food, furniture, air, etc.), Environmental pollution, mobile phones, electrosmog, processed food, etc.

I invite you to join me on the path to happiness, contentment, and health.

Raw food and clean health with freshly squeezed juices

The title actually says it all; pure health is freshly squeezed (especially green) juice. Now I would like to explain in more detail why this is so. The following text deals only with vegetable juices with a high content (green) chlorophyll, i.e., by no means fruit juices that seem very healthy at first glance but also involve risks that you should not underestimate.

The risks of fruit juices are:

Too much fructose can provide us with fast energy and have the opposite effect in that the blood sugar level rises very quickly after consumption. Still, it can also fall sharply after a certain time. Therefore, the sugar level in the blood can fluctuate greatly, which is not useful for our body. (Mostly) a high proportion of acid in fruit juice can damage our teeth in the long run because the acid comes in direct contact with our teeth.

Excessively high acid and fructose content can lead to a deficiency of minerals because the body wants to compensate for excessively high acid content with minerals. Hence the following conclusion:

Fruit juices have too few minerals. However, these missing minerals are essential for our body. Our food contains fewer and fewer minerals due to depleted soil.

These are the disadvantages of fruit juices. Of course, there is nothing wrong with drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, apple juice, or something similar once a week. However, you should definitely rinse your mouth with water after eating so that the acid is largely removed from the teeth. This also applies to eating sour fruit. Your teeth will thank you! Brushing your teeth after sour fruit is not recommended because tooth enamel is “soft” due to fruit acid, and you would permanently damage the brush.

But now we come to really healthy juices!

When are freshly squeezed juices healthy?

green star sokovnik

Freshly pressed, organic, or wild vegetables (away from roads and industry) are not made with a centrifuge but with GreenStar, Champion, Solo Star, Z-Star, or similar juicer.

The high content of green chlorophyll, e.g., from wheatgrass, barley grasses, general grasses, or wild plants (nettle, dandelion, first, etc.).

Do not put fruit (especially sour fruit) because it has the above-mentioned disadvantages and would also be a bad combination with vegetables.

If possible, “eat” freshly squeezed juice immediately. Yes, the juice should be “eaten” for the saliva to thoroughly and for a long time break down the substances because digestion and the provision of digestive enzymes begin in the mouth.

Min. Wait 30-45 minutes for something else to be eaten again.

Other instructions

In general, such juice should be taken only on an empty stomach because the digestion of vegetable juices works very quickly, so nothing should “stand in the way” of digestion.

If you follow the above recommendations and drink freshly squeezed juice every day, you make a valuable contribution to your health in this way.

Especially with vegetable juices, your body gets important minerals, which unfortunately are less and less in our diet today. Try to get green color from vegetable juice by adding wheatgrass, barley grass, wild herbs, etc. If you do not have the ability to squeeze grass/plants, you can also use dried wheat powder.



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