Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer of an organism

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I want to present the latest technology invention that combines medicine, electrical technology, bioinformatics, and other sciences. Quantum medicine at the level of theory is an advanced electronic technology that detects our body’s weak magnetic field. The analysis gives us information about a person’s overall health, including his problems. In this way, we can obtain preventive information that regulates the health condition of the person being analyzed.

The biomagnetic health analyzer

The biomagnetic health analyzer was invented by a medical and the computer scientist team and is based on several hundred thousand clinical cases that have been monitored for many years. The accuracy of this device can reach an incredible 85%. Holding the sensor in your hand, hundreds of information related to your health image will be processed in a few minutes. This fantastic device is not science fiction.

The method of quantum resonant magnetic analysis is fast and accurate. It is a non-invasive spectral testing method that is suitable for comparing and analyzing the effects of drugs and medical products and checking the sub-health condition of the organism. The main items of the analysis are over 30, including cardiovascular and cerebrovascular analysis, bone mineral density, mineral, and vitamin composition, heavy metal concentration, rheumatism, lungs and respiratory tract, nephropathy, blood sugar, stomach and intestines, liver and bile, cranial nerves, gynecology, prostate, bone diseases, iron, selenium, zinc and calcium, disease analysis, analysis of sub-health and more.

Quantum magnetic resonance analyzer implies high technology of innovative medicine, bio-informatics of electrical engineering, and other sciences. Using the quantum medicine as a theoretical basis represents the use of advanced electronic equipment that analyzes the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific research, which determines the examined person’s health condition, reveals the main problems, and defines the necessary means to eliminate them. The quantum resonant magnetic analyzer has an individualized approach of advanced science to each individual, and its goal is to protect the organism. The advantages of this device are practicality, simplicity, durability, economy. With the increased scope of scientific research, this device will contribute to determining the causes of changes in human health.

The human body is a collection of many cells in constant development, differentiation, regeneration, and apoptosis. These cells are constantly renewed through the process of division. 25 million cells divide in one second in an adult, and blood cells are renewed in the amount of 100 million in one minute. In the process of cell division and growth, electromagnetic waves are emitted.

The signals of electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic waves emitted in the human body reflect the human body’s specific state, and the emitted electromagnetic waves differ in different states of the human body. If we can record certain specific electromagnetic waves, we can register the organism’s current state of health.
Quantum medicine believes that the most important cause of the disease is the release of electrons from the atomic nucleus and changes in the orbit, which causes changes in the atoms that make up certain bio-material, change small bio-molecules, change large bio-molecules, change cells and finally change complete organs. Leads to health problems in the entire body. Since the electron is an energy body when the electron’s motion outside the atomic nucleus and orbit changes, the atom’s electromagnetic field will also change. The energy of electromagnetic waves changes caused by changes in the human body that are conditioned by physical changes in diseases and man’s mental state. The weak magnetic field’s energy frequency determined by holding the sensor is compared with the spectrum of disease resonance and nutritional indicators recorded in the instrument. The results of this analysis are further processed on the computer. In this way, information from the quantum resonant magnetic analysis was obtained, which provides information about the disease and the organism’s nutritional state. Finally, the complete test is analyzed by a professional. For example, cancer cells are different from normal cells. If the concentration of cancer cells in the human body is increased, the resonance will perform a test, and the instrument will detect the signal. The more cancerous cells there are in the body, the more intense the signal will be, and the quantum result will tend to a negative value. If there is no significant number of cancer cells, the resonance will not notice any changes, and the result will be positive.

The analysis with this device can determine the health condition of a person. Also, these tests can determine which nutritional parameters need to be improved to improve the organism’s complete condition. This device can also be used to monitor individual therapies and tailor therapy to the individual’s condition requirements.

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