Quality and favorable prices of medical tourism in Turkey

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Turkey has always been a trendy tourist destination. The Turkish government has set aside large infrastructure investments to attract more tourists. Due to a large number of medical experts in the field of medicine, medical tourism is also on the rise. Due to the excellent accommodation conditions, the quality of services, and affordable prices alone, in 2018, 765,000 tourists visited Turkey and opted for a medical service. The trend is growing from year to year.
Prices for medical services are 50 to 65% cheaper than in the United States. You should note that Turkish Airlines has offered discounts for people visiting Turkey for medical tourism. In addition to the government investing in hospitals’ development and modernization, investment in the private sector is also growing.

Aesthetic tourism in Turkey

Aesthetic tourism attracts people around the world to visit Turkey. Turkish doctors are very professional, and some of the very famous people worldwide have visited Turkey to beautify their appearance. Some of them are Katie Price, Jelena Karleusa, Beyoncé, etc. Many tourists just come from the surrounding area, from the Gulf countries, the Middle East from the Balkans, and Latin America. Visits from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan are especially prominent.

Estetikland Istanbul

One of such clinics specializing in aesthetics, which is one of the leading branches of medical tourism, is the clinic. Esthetic and from Istanbul. This clinic was founded in 2002, and after 17 years, several thousand complicated and less complicated surgical procedures and aesthetic treatments have been performed in this clinic.
One of the world’s leading experts in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Ali DURMUŞ instructor at Okmeydanı Training and Research Hospital and chief surgeon at the hospital Estheticland, says: “I notice an increased volume of visits to our clinic in 2019, but also by expanding the capacity and expanding the team of experts who specialize in some very demanding procedures we achieve to offer the best plastic surgery service in Istanbul if not all of Turkey.”

Nose surgery

Nose surgery to obtain a proportional size and shape of the nose about the face and paying attention to the nose’s functionality. “This operation facilitates breathing and improves airflow, which we pay special attention to during the operation,” says Dr. Ali DURMUŞ.
In addition to nasal surgery, the clinic procedures include hair and beard transplantation, dental cosmetics, breast augmentation, liposuction, facial tightening, and other forms of surgical and aesthetic procedures.

“The atmosphere in the clinic is always pleasant, and the staff wants to meet everyone’s special wishes and requirements as much as possible. Everyone is always happy and smiling, which satisfies me and relaxes me. “- says Lisa, one of the satisfied patients we found in this clinic, who visited Turkey for aesthetic treatment.
It should be noted that these treatments are completely painless and that a large number of men and women decide to have the procedure to improve their appearance and feel more confident in themselves. Cosmetic surgery also improves the mental and emotional health of patients. Patients with dark circles look tired even when they are not. A big nose can sometimes negatively affect a person’s self-esteem or some detail they don’t like. Botox or botulinum toxin is a very effective treatment for depression. Botox injections, scientists have proven to reduce the symptoms of depression. Botox has also been shown to reduce migraines.

“There are many functional benefits associated with cosmetic surgery and beauty, which are especially pronounced in the summer,” he says. Dr. Emre Gönenç BAYGÖL one of the members of the Estheticland Clinic team.

“Men and women address us with different requests. Some want to do ear surgery, reduce the chin, enlarge the breasts. Women want to reduce cellulite and broth to get rid of fat deposits—men to strengthen the beard or have thicker hair. The most important thing for us is that they are all satisfied, for that reason we make special preparations and consultations before the operation. The psychological moment is the most important. “- says DR. Emre.

Choosing a plastic surgeon

Choosing a surgeon is very important, and you should choose it very wisely. To be completely satisfied, it is better to turn to experienced surgeons and clinics for a long tradition. The clinic’s certificates and the doctor’s professional education and qualifications are essential. Esthetic and Clinic has all the necessary iso 9001 certificates, IBS, and many awards that qualify it in several of the best and most prestigious institutions of this type in Turkey.



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