Troichatka tincture parasite cleanser 100 ml


Troichatka is a combination of three plants – cloves, sweet wormwood and green walnuts, which help detoxify the whole body, remove parasites, bacteria, fungi and toxins accumulated in them. Each of the three plants has pronounced detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties due to its active ingredients, and the combination of three expands and enhances the effects on the body. We need to take care of our body and apply detoxification programs regularly.

The content of the maximum daily dose of 60 drops is 240 mg of cloves, 350 mg of wormwood, 10 mg of green walnuts. * According to the described scheme! 1 ml contains 1 ml of Troichatka tincture 1: 5, which corresponds to 250 mg of dry matter. Ethanol 66% v / v


If you feel constantly exhausted, without energy, with bad skin or skin problems, nervousness. If you already have various diseases such as dermatitis, fungi, arthritis, digestive problems, liver problems and many others, it is quite possible that your body is exhausted from parasites. They take in nutrients from your body (vitamins, minerals, sugar and protein), making you tired and sick. Take steps to protect and cleanse your body. Nature has created many medicinal plants whose regular consumption will have a beneficial effect on your health.


Wormwood is a world-famous plant – it contains the substance absinthe, which is the bitterest substance in the world. It has the ability to paralyze the nervous system of parasites and they are released from the place where they nestled and bound in the body and are expelled from the body. Sweet wormwood is a type of wormwood used in Troichatka


Clove was used in ancient China, has a strong antimicrobial effect and is a local anesthetic. It literally puts the parasites to sleep and they are released and expelled from the body.


Walnut shell – one of the most effective plants against parasites. To protect its fruits from worms, the nut has created tannins in its shell that prevent penetration into the interior of any parasite while the bark is present on the fruit. In the human body, walnut shell effectively helps to create an unfavorable habitat for parasites.

This unique combination of the 3 most powerful antiparasitic plants is a natural strength in TroichatkaTM dietary supplement capsules.

Troichatka is a necessary preparation in the house of every person who takes care of himself and his family.

One pack is enough for two months of use. We recommend two tours a year for parasite prevention.

More interesting facts about your body:

Did you see an old tree in the woods? When you break off a piece of bark and find countless tunnels under it, dug by valuable worms, insects and fungi that consider wood their food. Many people think that, since we adhere to good hygiene, we are protected from such intruders. Alas, that is not the case. Numerous parasites live in humans, and even recently it is assumed that 80% of diseases are the result of parasites.

And if you claim that this is not true, we will introduce you to these facts:

Trichomoniasis affects 70% of the population and is caused by a single-celled parasite / white flow /, fungi affect 90% of the population / legs and other parts of the body /, eczema and dermatitis 30% of the population, caries affects 95% of the population / bacteria /, pinworms affect at least 10 % of the population, and through meat in the diet in public places infections with tapeworms and other parasites are widespread.

In everyday life, we use vegetables and fruits, we visit public places and transportation, where tens of thousands of hands have touched the handles and surfaces. Our children play in the school yard and on the street and do not always have established habits for washing their hands. Pets are also one of the most common breeding grounds for parasites, as they sniff and touch the ground, their anus and the anus of other animals with their mouths.

It is naive to think that we are different from the nature that surrounds us, that parasites affect animals and plants, but not us. It is naive to deworm your pets at 3 months, and not do it to yourself and your loved ones.

Troichatka it contains Juglans regia, Artemisia annua, Sizigium aromaticum


It favors the detoxification of the digestive tract, liver, bile and the whole body. Antiparasitic effect. Our body becomes the host of many harmful bacteria, toxins and parasites almost throughout our lifetime.


No prescription. Oral – Drink according to the scheme: Day 1 – 1 drop per 100 ml of water, Day 2 – 2 drops and so every day the drops increase by 1 to 7 days / 7 drops /. On the eighth day, use 60 drops in 200 ml of water. After 8. days, use 60 drops once a week until the tincture is used up. Use 2 times a year.


Do not use by pregnant, breastfeeding and under 18 years of age; Do not use in inflammatory diseases of the stomach, in diseases of the thyroid gland, individual intolerance! *** The additive has a very bitter taste, due to the content of wormwood, which is the bitterest substance on our planet and which is one of the most favorable medicinal plants for humans.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.



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