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“Tibetan drops of life”

Product action and application

The combination of these plants originates from Tibet, where it was considered useful for metabolism, for purification from the accumulation of fats and toxins from the body. This recipe was given by Tibetan lamas to newly arrived monks so that they could cleanse and prepare their bodies for the difficult and arduous first years of training in Tibetan monasteries. The recipe was described by Russian researcher Viktor Vostokov. Herbal liquid extract speeds up metabolism, helps cleanse the body of fat accumulation and calcification. It has a beneficial effect on hypertension. It helps detoxify the body and has a cleansing effect on the skin. The herbs in the composition are useful for high blood pressure and hydration problems. They are favorable for the immune system, favorable for detoxification, mainly a vitalizing preparation. The mixture is suitable for use in the diet for high blood pressure, tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo. Some of the plants they contain, such as garlic and birch, are useful in obesity , water in the body and other chronic problems. The herbs in the composition are useful for improving metabolism. Herbs in Tibetan drops of life are useful for use in arthritis, colds and flu.


1 ml contains 1 ml of garlic tincture, chamomile flowers, St. John’s wort stems, immortelle flowers, buds and leaves of birch, wild strawberry leaf 1: 5, which corresponds to 200 mg of plants. (Allium sativum, Matricaria chamomilla, Hypericum perforatum, Helichrisum arenarium, buds of Betula pendula, leaves of Betula pendula, Fragaria vesca) Ethanol 66%.

No prescription. Dietary supplement.

Method of use and dosage

Orally – drink 10-15 minutes before a meal in 50 ml of cold milk or water according to the scheme: Day 1: breakfast – 1 drop; lunch – 2 drops; dinner – 3 drops, Day 2: breakfast – 4 drops; lunch – 5; dinner – 6, Day 3: breakfast – 7 drops; lunch – 8; dinner – 9, Day 4: breakfast – 10 drops; lunch – 11; dinner – 12, Day 5: breakfast – 13 drops; lunch – 14; dinner – 15, Day 6: breakfast – 15 drops; lunch – 14; dinner – 13, Day 7: breakfast – 12 drops; lunch – 11; dinner – 10, Day 8: breakfast – 9; lunch – 8; dinner – 7, Day 9: breakfast – 6; lunch – 5; dinner – 4th, Day 10: breakfast – 3; lunch – 2; dinner – 1, 11th day and until drinking the amount: breakfast – 25; lunch – 25; dinner – 25 drops.


Do not consume garlic during meals. Not used by persons under 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

It is recommended to use 100 to 200 ml for one course of TIBETAN DROPS OF LIFE

100 ml of tincture is enough for about 20 days. The course with Tibetan drops is 20 to 40 days.
/ up to the end of 100 or 200 ml of Tibetan drops /

Shelf life after first opening the package / if not closed /

2 months.


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