Hemorrhoid tea


For internal use in acne and hemorrhoids – has a hemostatic, astringent, antiseptic effect.

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Hemorrhoid tea relieves you of all symptoms very quickly, reduces inflammation of hemorrhoids and their size, prevents bleeding, itching, unpleasant tingling.

In addition to the use of tea for hemorrhoids, the following measures are recommended:

Tight clothes do not help

Although wearing tight pants or underwear (thongs) cannot be identified as one of the causes of hemorrhoids, it can be said that they are responsible for problems with the blood supply, which does not favor their disappearance at all. In addition, they will worsen your annoying symptoms.

In addition to using hemorrhoid tea, drink plenty of fluids

The idea is to promote intestinal transit and avoid excessive efforts during defecation. For that, in addition to a diet rich in fiber, it is necessary to drink plenty of fluids.

The recommended amount is usually about two liters of water per day. To make it easier for you, you can divide them into 4 glasses before noon and four more by the end of the day.

Take care of anal hygiene

When hemorrhoids have already appeared, it is especially important to avoid scratching them. It is convenient to clean the area with warm water after going to the bathroom natural soap .

Excessive washing can remove the natural oil protection of the anal skin, so it may be advisable to use a cream to prevent damage. Consult a specialist.
Even if you feel itchy, you should clean yourself gently and gently with a “touch” without rubbing.

Stay away from the angry

Spicy foods can make hemorrhoids worse. Spicy stew can also be a trigger for a hemorrhoid episode.

In addition to spicy foods, coffee and alcohol worsen the symptoms of hemorrhoids.


piston root, St. John’s wort stalk, burdock root, white yarrow, lattice root, shepherd’s purse, dandelion root or stem, chamomile flower, patchouli.


For internal use in acne and hemorrhoids – has a hemostatic, astringent, antiseptic effect. Relieves swelling and itching, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces irritation of external hemorrhoids, is also used for lazy intestines, strengthens connective tissue.

How to use

1 tablespoon of the herbal combination is added to 300 ml of boiling water, simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. Allow to cool under the lid. Strain and drink 80 ml 3 times daily before meals.


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