Program for immune system viruses


A group of preparations for a combined program for the immune system against viruses. This program is based on the experience of our phytotherapists and nutritionists.

When you buy, you get a complete program of use.

The complete program is enough for 2 months of use.

It includes antiviral preparations, preparations for cleansing the organism, preparations for regulating the immune system, preparations for strength and the ultimate food for the organism.



Immune system and viruses program:

Sweet Pelin

Artemisia annua sweet wormwood helps with the infectious disease of malaria, the properties of artemisinin, a secondary plant active ingredient in sweet plein, for the treatment of this disease have been examined. This traditional medicinal plant is now also used in the treatment of Covid-19, but so far specific findings from basic research related to the specific profile of biochemical activity and clinical studies are lacking. In addition, this plant also acts on HPV virus, Herpes virus, Hepatitis, HIV …


As an adaptogen, astragalus supports resistance in stressful situations. It promotes physical and mental performance and restores the body to balance. In addition, it has antibacterial and antiviral effects and supports the functions of memory, heart, liver, kidneys and digestion. The most important active ingredients are: saponins (including various astragaloids), polysaccharides (including astragaloglucans) and flavonoids (including isoflavones).


Cordyceps is said to act as a so-called two-way immune regulator. This means that the effect of a too weak immune system and an overly active immune system is intensified – as in autoimmune diseases.

Numerous studies have shown that the effect of Cordyceps on the immune system is linearly dose-dependent, the more Cordyceps is taken, the greater the desired effect.

The Cordyceps fungus does not work only in one way, but in so many different ways that the combination of all the different individual effects explains the success of Cordyceps intake:

  • Cordyceps initially stimulates the production of special defense cells, ie T cells.
  • Cordyceps also increases the activity of natural killer cells (NK cells).
  • Cordyceps increases the production of immunoglobulins G and M. Immunoglobulins are antibodies, ie. Those structures in the body that bind to intruders or degenerate cells so that immune cells can recognize them and fight them.
  • Cordyceps stimulates the activity of macrophages (phagocytes).
  • Cordyceps promotes the activity of gamma interferon, an endogenous substance with immunostimulating, antiviral and antitumor effects.
  • Cordyceps also enhances the effect of its own antioxidants in the body.


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