Probiotic for Multiple Sclerosis Enterosan MS +


ENTEROSAN-MS + PLUS 360mg 60 tablets


ENTEROSAN-MS + PLUS 360mg 60 tablets

Needed by people with multiple sclerosis. Improves blood circulation and regulates muscle movements. Prevents muscle cramps, improves mobility and general physical condition. Affects tissue nutrition. It stops attacks, protects against leg cramps, tingling in the limbs. Regulates urination. Enterosan MS + is intended for advanced disease with weight and cold in the extremities.

Recommended dose:

3 x 2 tablets. after meals 6 months. This is followed by taking 3 x 1 tablets for 6 months.
Maintenance dose:
2 times a day, in the morning and at noon, after meals. Patients with MS who also suffer from allergies are recommended not to take Enterosan MS with interferon preparations. After taking interferon, the above regimen may be used. It is also recommended to limit the use of fresh milk in people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Form and packaging: bottles of 60 tablets of 360 mg





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