MAOLO in capsules for chemotherapy and radiotherapy

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MAOLO 30 capsules support blood counts for people suffering from cancer who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy and are recovering from them. A preparation for all people who have a problem with low hemoglobin, thrombocytes and leukocytes.




Vegetable oils and extracts:

Pinus Sibirica Du Tour – Siberian cedar nuts

Coriandrum sativum (European Pharmacopoeia № 1365)

Elettaria cardamomum – Cardamom

Crocus sativus – Saffron

Oregano marjoram – marjoram

Levisticum officinale Koch – Devesil (European Pharmacopoeia No. 1932)

Artemisia dracunculus – tarragon

Curcuma longa / kanthorrhizae rhizoma – turmeric (European Pharmacopoeia № 2645)

Hissopus officinalis – Isop

Hibisci sabdariffae flos- Hibiscus / – (European Pharmacopoeia № 2376)

Petroselinum neapolitanum – Neapolitan primrose

Lichen islandicus – Iceland lichen-talus (European Pharmacopoeia № 1787)


It enriches the diet during recovery after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The active principle of the product is a combination of natural phyto-flavonoids and biologically active substances that contribute to the stimulation of the hematopoietic function of the body, and especially leukopoiesis. It helps to restore the number of leukocytes and the balance of leukocytes in the peripheral blood, hemoglobin, thrombocytes and neutrophils, after suppression by cytostatics, radiotherapy and posthepatitis. It helps to carry out cytostatic and radiotherapy without interruption, as well as to reduce the urge to vomit. Improves the processes of increasing and stabilizing the levels of leukocytes, hemoglobin, thrombocytes and neutrophils.


It is recommended as an auxiliary leukopoietic agent in mild to moderate leukocytopenia, thrombocytopenia, decreased hemoglobin and neutrophil levels due to cytostatics or radiotherapy, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, after hepatitis and as a result of toxic effects. It affects the stabilization of hemoglobin and platelets.


It can be used prophylactically, as well as together with cytocellular or radiotherapy, 1-2 capsules a day. When included in the drug treatment plan, up to 6 capsules can be used within 24 hours, depending on the number of leukocytes or the aggressiveness of the leukocytopenic agent, in which case more frequent examination of leukocytes, thrombocytes, hemoglobin and neutrophils is recommended. Contributes to discontinuation of drug or radiation therapy and its correction due to reduced values – leukocytes, platelets, hemoglobin and neutrophils.

Contraindications and side effects:

It has good tolerability. Do not use during pregnancy – there is a possibility of causing uterine muscle cramps. Possible allergic reactions to any of the ingredients, if known.


MAOLO is a dietary supplement, not a medicine.

Do not use as a substitute for a varied diet and do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of small children.

STORAGE CONDITIONS: in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.




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  1. Michael L.

    I found out that I had cancer in January 2018 and had to undergo chemotherapy. My body was continuously losing blood and as a result, I became anemic. I was introduced to Maolo capsules by my doctor, who told me that if I took the capsules after every chemotherapy session, then it would help with my blood count levels. The first time I took the capsules, my blood count levels quickly increased. After the third session of chemotherapy, I knew that it was not just a coincidence and started taking them every day.

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