Acerola powder – an excellent source of vitamin C.

Tropical cherry acerola has a very high natural content of vitamin C. Acerola powder from nature is an ideal culinary solution: versatile, rich in important nutrients, absolutely delicious!

Acerola powder contains large amounts of vitamin C.
Dried, processed and ground into powder
No additives, but with the power of cherry acerola



acerola cherry

Acerola powder from nature is a delicious fruit product that can improve the taste of smoothies or vegetable milk, as well as water and fruit juices. The dosage of the powder can be completely adjusted to your wishes and taste. It is very soluble and easily dissolves in water and other drinks without lumps. Our acerola powder not only enhances the taste of various beverages, it also has nutritional value, making the end product – ie. Powder – makes a real bomb of vitamin C: because acerola, also known as acerola cherry, is considered the richest food in vitamin C in the world – its content of this vitamin is many times higher than the content of citrus. Acerola powder and works completely without the use of the carrier substance maltodextrin, which is popular with many manufacturers, this is a completely natural and orgasmic product.

Thanks to a special processing method ( lyophilization ), our acerola powder contains most of the ingredients of ripe acerola cherries. Since the fruit is very soft and delicate, it is not transported raw, but is processed directly on site. This ensures that our acerola powder has an outstanding antioxidant content of vitamin C.

Acerola cherry: a wonderful powerful food

acerola powderThe acerola cherry, or just acerola cherry, scientifically known as Malpighia glabra, is now known to many: This tropical cherry, which grows mainly in South America (but is also grown in Central America and even Texas), is a common component of exotic fruits. juice. And rightly so. Because acerola cherries taste incredibly good, depending on the degree of maturity – and they are also a natural superfood: even small amounts of fruit (according to the recommendations for consumption) can easily cover the daily need for vitamin C of an adult due to their biological composition. We recommend 1 gram of this supplement to the daily dose of acerola powder.

Vitamin C – a versatile substance

The special versatility of vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) and its enormous importance for the human body ensured decades ago that the vitamin is one of the biggest stars among micronutrients. Especially in its natural form, which is available in this effective natural powder, vitamin C is an impressive substance that shines with its great bioavailability and, among other things, increases the absorption of iron in the body (iron is also a versatile substance!). Vitamin C from cherry acerola supports the normal function of the immune system and helps protect our cells from oxidative damage. With our acerola powder, the required daily amount of vitamin C can be easily absorbed with just one gram of the daily dose.

Acerola and its numerous uses

The acerola cherry (Malpighia glabra), also known as maple cherry, Antila cherry and Jamaican cherry, is a rather small, spherical stone fruit. Since this very soft and extremely sensitive fruit cannot be exported in its normal state when it is in its highest degree of maturity, further processing of acerola takes place immediately after harvest. For example, acerola juices are produced on site, extracts are extracted and the concentrate is processed. Acerola powder is also ground using special procedures that ensure that the nutrient profile of the fruit can be found in the powder. Ground acerola products are often used as supplements to other juices to increase their vitamin content – but jams, ice creams and other products also often contain some form of acerola. The high content of vitamin C in acerola cherries makes the fruit very valuable as a natural food supplement. In order to guarantee this naturalness in the best possible way, we do not use emulator substances (such as cassava maltodextrin).

Season your desserts and smoothies

In addition to its high content of vitamin C, acerola powder has another interesting property: the powder also impresses with its exotic, sour taste, which can be used to add value to fruit juices, breakfast cereals, shakes and, above all, delicious smoothies . As a powder, acerola cherry is a versatile kitchen ingredient. Tip for professionals and those who want to become one: mix it with dough (be creative: cakes, cookies, energy balls – nothing is impossible!) Acerola powder gives your baked products additional taste, nutritional value and color!

Simply mix a powder that will not clump thanks to its good solubility in water, fruit juice or vegetable milk (eg almond milk). Basically, our acerola powder is very versatile and can also be used in baking or as an ingredient in sweet dishes, for example in cakes or fruit cakes. A daily dose of one gram of powder is enough to cover your daily needs for vitamin C. (If acerola powder is used for baking, vitamin C – ascorbic acid – is partially destroyed at high temperatures. To preserve vitamin C, we therefore recommend preparation raw)



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