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When we say “WE,” by “the”

On the Eistria portal as part of the   site news leave comment function, Eistria allows users to leave comments on the news site with content that defines themselves as well as under the self-defined alias. Therefore, in connection with the release of comments, in accordance with your right to freedom of research, you choose for yourself which and whether you will make your personal information available to the public and whether we will have your personal information at all. In addition to this information in connection with comments that you make public on our portal, we collect both the time and date of the comments as well as the IP address from which the comment was posted.

We collect all of the above information about you exclusively for the purpose of enabling us to search our site and leave comments on the news. By accessing the site and leaving comments, you accept the Rules of Use as well as this Privacy Policy, which are highlighted on the site itself. In addition, we process your data on the basis of our Legitimate Interest to detect and eliminate errors and technical problems that may occur in connection with the search of the site. We may also process your information on the same basis in the event of possible abuse of orders and preventing comments.

This includes blocking comments that violate our Terms of Use and relevant legislation. In the end, we can disclose or share your information with certain state authorities if required by law. We can also disclose them on the basis of a law based, written, judicial or other decision of the state authority which, on the basis of the relevant regulations, can be able to access personal data.

In order to enable you to use the site smoothly, we cooperate with individual business partners. We choose our partners on the basis of whether they provide a sufficient level of assurance regarding the protection of personal data. In situations where we have partners outside the EEA, we always require the signing of a contract that defines exactly how our partners are allowed to access your data and where required to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures in accordance with Article 46.2 (c) GDPR. In these cases and with such partners, we also sign the Treaty Clause Standards with such partners. Information about these companies and the safeguards taken is available upon request addressed to the address of the [email protected] Information about the protection measures we have taken in respect of our IT and other systems, you can obtain by addressing the same address.

In connection with your comments, we only keep certain information, which we are obliged to keep under the law during the period prescribed as the minimum retention period. With the text of the comments remaining preserved in the online news archive along with the text of the news.

On our site there are our cookies as well as third parties that allow you to easily use the site and move around the same way. Some of these cookies are also used for analytics, advertising or suggestive news. When you first visit the site, you will be notified of all the cookies we use, what information they take and for what purposes. All cookies are completed into the following categories: non-phod, for the unading work of the agency, marketing, statistics and others. Without non-attending cookies it is not possible to search and use our site. For all the other cookies, you’ll have the option of whether you want to accept their use or not. If you do not accept that you use such cookies it will not prevent you from using the website, but it may affect the functionality of its use.

You can ask our Personal Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address [email protected] and reserves the right to change or modify this Policy. Eistria can notify users via e-mail or by publishing them on the portal. Using any content on the “Eistira Health Source” portal is considered to be familiar with the latest rules on terms of use as well as privacy policy.

This privacy policy takes effect on 17.05.2019.