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Poly MVA treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases

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Poly MVA contains a molecule of the mineral complex lipoic acid that can accept electricity and transmit electricity, making it an excellent energy transmitter that increases and transmits energy at the cellular level.

This preparation of Poly MVA can very easily protect cells and supply them with energy. Many years of constant research have confirmed that Poly MVA supports the repair of genes damaged by cancer, and Poly MVA is used in anti-cancer therapies to regulate mitochondrial conditions with increased oxygen concentration.
Once inside the cell, Poly MVA supports normal ATP energy production through the Krebs cycle and oxygen metabolism. This differs from the metabolism of anaerobic cancer cells, which changes cell function by targeting mitochondria.

It has been shown in various studies that Poly MVA has an effective effect on various types of cancer cells, without adverse effects on normal cells. The increase in oxygen and the production and use of ATP is the basis for normal cellular function. Alpha-lipoic acid and minerals are interconnected and represent a soluble molecule in both water and fat. In this way, this substance can be absorbed in the whole organism.

Poly MVA research

Poly MVA is under constant research and uses intravenously and orally very well controls cancer and other degenerative diseases. Poly MVA can also be used as a prevention preparation because it is very safe to use. Poly MVA is an excellent antioxidant that strongly affects free radicals. Its ability to deliver electrons to the mitochondria is crucial in successfully treating cancer.
Poly MVA is an effective, safe, and successful way to attack cancer. This preparation approaches cancer from a different perspective concerning classic preparations and drugs. Poly MVA affects the micro metabolism of cells and returns cancerous cells to normal.

Poly MVA

LAMC / Poly MVA is a unique compound made in an innovative process of combining the minerals palladium, alpha-lipoic acid, and vitamin B1 thiamine. When alpha-lipoic acid, a potent anti-oxidant, combines with the mineral palladium, which is rich in electricity and vitamin B1, the result is a complex soluble in water and fat, thus increasing the absorption of this preparation in the body.

With vitamins B1, B2, and B12 and specific minerals and amino acids, the unique complex achieves a special action and reaction in the entire organism. This preparation is designed to provide energy and protect cells from oxidation through a special patent and formulation. This preparation promotes normal cell function instead of abnormal cell function.
If you have cancer of the brain, lungs, breast, intestines, pancreas, prostate, or liver, pay attention to this product. It has a proven ability to bridge the blood-brain barrier. This preparation can also be used in acute leukemia and bone cancer.

Poly MVA is a superior product with unique anti-oxidant abilities, which protect cells from free radicals. It replaces certain nutrients that are reduced during various cancer therapies. It acts very quickly and gives results quickly and is therefore recommended for patients in challenging the disease stages.
Poly MVA is very effective in targeting various types of cancer. When using this preparation, you should also pay attention to the maximum doses and combination with other preparations. You should also pay attention to the fact that the complete use and treatment are adapted to the patient, the disease stage by a professional, not on his own.
These are the restrictions that apply to the use of Poly MVA:

Do not use alpha-lipoic acid and poly MVA because this preparation contains alpha-lipoic acid.

If you use high doses of antioxidants such as vitamin C, be sure to make a difference in consumption over a period of at least 6 hours.
If you use some preparations that remove heavy metals from your body, be sure to take a break between consuming poly MVA and that preparation for a minimum of 24 hours.
The use of Graviola, zeolite, and hydrazine sulfate may coincide with the use of poly MVA so, in case of choosing poly MVA, you should avoid them. Or take a break of 6-12 hours between consuming the preparation.

The use of Poly MVA is also recommended for coenzyme Q10 consumption. It is also recommended to use MVA with calcium protocol.
Poly MVA is an exceptional preparation recommended for people who have cancer because it can improve their health and complete a health picture quickly. A limitation for the purchase of this preparation is the very high price of the treatment, which costs over 1000 dollars on a monthly level, and its unavailability because the seller is located in America.
You can find this preparation on this site.



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