Nutritional protocol for the weak

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Patients who are weak and have cancer should use special protocols to repair their condition, destroy cancer cells and restore energy to health.
This article will also explain how the body loses energy and why people with varnish are fragile and act malnourished even though they get enough protein into the body. In the following text, I will focus on preparations that help restore energy in weak patients.

Can weak people eat meat and fish?

I often contacted patients who thought they were not allowed to eat meat and fish. I explained to them that they could and should use them until they get stronger.

This is a successful method that restores energy and preparations that are combined:

The most important nutritional protocol that restores strength to the patient is Low-Dose Naltrexone or LDN and Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA. These are two compounds that restore energy to the patient quickly.

ALA and LDN should be used together.

The dose of LDN varies between 1.5 mg and 4.5 mg per day. Generally, higher doses are best. The ALA dose is 100mg once or twice a day and is taken with vitamin B-50. You can take the 800 mg dose in very critical conditions. If the doses of ALA are too high, they can lead to thiamine deficiency.

Another good product of higher energy in cells is Enive Vibe Liquid.

Three, a product of CellFood. This product contains 78 different minerals, 34 enzymes, and 17 amino acids. He is an amazing energy producer.
It should be used carefully up to 20 drops twice a day. Higher doses may be used if necessary.

Four, MSM with vitamin C. Weakness is almost always directly related to high lactic acid levels in the bloodstream caused by the lactic acid cycle. To understand this definition and many others related to the formulation of problems in people with cancer, read the article How cancer occurs.
Vitamin C is used to clear microbes from the bloodstream. Vitamin C can pass the blockade of lactic acid and bring a larger amount of good substances to weak cells that are not cancerous.

Read a good article about the use of MSM preparations.

MSM can be found here.

Five, one of the things you can buy in sporting goods stores is D-ribose, an energy bomb. It can also pass the lactic acid blockade. It is a building block of ATP energy molecules.
Read more about the use of D ribose in the article D ribose restores energy to the heart, saves lives.

Sixth, it is perfect for taking a quality mineral supplement with liquid magnesium and phosphorus in the body. The recommendation is Real Salt.

Seven, use iodine 5% concentration. One drop for every 50 pounds.

Eight, honey with herbs is a great way to nourish healthy cells. Honey, in this case, is food for the cells while the plants affect cancer.

Recommended combinations are:

1. Honey with curcumin
2. Honey with ginger
3. Honey with cinnamon

All three mixtures can kill cancer-producing microbes that live in cancer cells.

As for honey, the darker it is, the better and better the product.

The highest quality cinnamon is Vietnamese. You can also use cinnamon oil for cinnamon.

Nine squeezed vegetables and vegetable juices are another way to increase energy. Carrot juice and beets have cured many people on their own. This combination can also help weak people regain energy.

Ten is quercetin. This preparation combined with green tea kills cancer cells. It has antioxidant properties.
All of the above products affect the lactic acid circuit and are not related to the production or processing of lactic acid at either end.

Their most important property is that they do not enter the vicious circle of lactic acid, that they kill cancer cells or transform them into healthy ones by cleaning up large amounts of microbes.

Water will always pass the lactic acid blockade. All homeopathic products “pretend” to be water and pass the lactic acid blockade, which thinks that these products are water.

DMSO and MSM help the body get rid of excess lactic acid

You can read more about DMSO in the article DMSO And Its Anticancer Properties.

The main cause of the patient’s weakness is the closed circle between cancer cells and the liver, which consumes huge amounts of energy and releases large amounts of lactic acid into the bloodstream. The liver processes lactic acid and converts it into glucose reused by cancer cells. This vicious circle consumes enormous energy and exhausts the patient’s body.

The best preparations that block this cycle are hydrazine sulfate and cesium chloride. We will soon publish an article in which we will write more about these two compounds and their impact on the organism.



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