NETTLE (Urtica dioica) Nettle is one of the best medicinal plants, and if you only knew  all its healing properties would cultivate nothing but nettle. It’s nettles, starting with  roots over the stem and leaves all the way to the flower, therefore entirely, medicinal. Many celebrities point out that nettles would have been exterminated a long time ago if they did not have the property of burning when in contact with our body.

Nettle tea

nettle tea

Nettle tea has been shown to be effective against various species  eczema, the formation of sand in the kidneys and bladder. Kidney disease is often accompanied by headaches. Eczema is a consequence someone  internal disorders in the body, their treatment must begin from within with medicinal plants that purify the blood.

Nettle  is our best plant for  blood purification  from which the number grows at the same time red blood cells . Since it also has a beneficial effect on the pancreas, nettle goes away with tea it also lowers blood sugar levels . It can also be used to treat urinary tract diseases, as well as  pathological urinary retention. Especially recommended for  spring cure  cleansing the body of toxic substances .

Nettle disease use

Now that we know the healing properties of this plant, it is necessary to prepare tea and carry out the spring cure in the spring while the plant is still young, you can take one cup on an empty stomach in the morning half an hour before breakfast and two to three cups during the day. The taste of this tea is not so bad we need to drink it without sugar.

In the people, a multi-week cure with nettle tea is recommended against liver and bile diseases and spleen, and even in the case of tumors of these organs, in catarrh of the stomach, diseases of the respiratory organs, stomach cramps and ulcers, ulcers of the duodenum, and in diseases of the lungs. To keep the active substances preserved, never cook nettles, just steam them.

Starting from certain years, the amount of iron in the body decreases, which causes exhaustion and fatigue, and a person feels old and less important. In this case, fresh nettle is recommended, it contains a lot of iron and is therefore used successfully.

In water sickness (edema), nettle helps by extracting a large amount of water from the body. Through active substances that strengthen the blood, it helps with paleness, anemia and in severe blood diseases. In combination with other plants, nettle is also used in leukemia.

Nettle reduces the tendency to colds and helps with gout and rheumatic diseases. With fresh nettle tea, we can also wash our hair, which becomes shiny and thicker. Nettle also helps a lot with narrowing of blood vessels. Any spasm in the leg, regardless of its origin, indicates a disorder of blood circulation, in these cases, nettle root baths are recommended.

In case of sciatica, cross pain with stabbing and inflammation of the nerves of the hands and feet, fresh nettle should be rubbed into the painful place quite easily. In sciatica, rubbing with fresh nettle should start from the ankle (article) with the outer side all the way to the hips, and from there with the inner side of the foot all the way to the heel. Do the same for other diseases.

Nettle has a healing effect

Medicinal effect: tea from the whole plant separates mucus from the lungs, cleanses the stomach, liver and intestines, and is also an excellent remedy for anemia, hemorrhoids, jaundice, malaria and all other fevers, mostly urine separates bad juices from the body and cleanses the body. In a mixture with others  nettle plants heal stomach ulcer

Tea for liver and stomach

Stomach and liver tea from nettle is prepared from the whole plant. In a bowl with 2 liters of water, pour 2-3 tablespoons of chopped nettle. The mixture should be left to stand for 10-12 hours. After that, cook the mixture on low heat for about half an hour. When the tea has cooled, it should be drunk one cup 3 times a day.

This tea expels and reduces mucus in the lungs and mucus, cleanses the intestines, liver and stomach.

Stomach ulcer tea

Mix the chopped leaves and nettle root in the amount of 10 tablespoons, one tablespoon of wormwood leaves and flowers, two tablespoons of chopped buckthorn leaves and one tablespoon of chopped spruce berries. 

This mixture should stand in red wine for 12 hours. After that, add 4 tablespoons of homemade honey. The mixture is cooked for about half an hour

Cover and keep until cool. This mixture of wine and herbs is drunk lukewarm by one tablespoon before meals. 

This mixture of wine and herbs affects kidney diseases and various types of neuroses as well.

Nettles for destroying pests and spraying fruits

Nettle is an exceptional pesticide that can destroy and disperse plant lice. For this purpose, young nettles and nettles are used in the flowering phase, not nettles that already have seeds. Harvested nettles are poured with water so that the water crosses 5 cm over them. it is best to use rainwater for these purposes. So let it stand for 24 hours. Strain the liquid and spray the fruits that have attacked your plants with it. 

White nettle or dead nettle

white nettle

( Lamium album) Fam. Lamiaceae  Popular names: dead white nettle, mead  Description: The leaves have a heart-oval handle, they are pointed  at the top, unevenly laterally serrated, they grow in pairs on the tree  (one against the other). The flowers are white or white-yellow and grow  from the inner basal part of the leaf. The plant blooms in April-June. 

It grows in wet places, near fences, in ditches, in hills  mountainous landscapes.  It is a herbaceous, colorful plant with a four-lobed stem,  20-40 cm high, more or less fibrous. It’s gathering  the whole plant or just the flowers without the calyx at the time of flowering.  Collection is done in dry weather, because otherwise  flowers darken (April-August).

Drying of the collected parts should be in the shade, in well-ventilated rooms or  outdoors, on special paper-covered frames.  Dried flowers are placed in paper bags or lined drawers  paper, and are protected from light and moisture. If it’s a whole plant,  it should be kept in canvas sacks. 

It has a lot of healing properties and can also be used as a diuretic, to constrict blood vessels, a sedative to calm. It is used to make essential oils. 

It is used in menopause, prevents migraines, reduces benign changes and enlarged prostate. This plant is very good against white wash and eczema in the form of cream or essential oil.


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