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Negative energy how to clean a home

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We should feel especially balanced within our four walls – but negative energies can disrupt our personal well-being. How to restore harmony to your home.

Negative energy can seriously affect the harmony in your home. What can you do to clean your home properly?

Do you feel exhausted, sleep restlessly or have a headache in the apartment quickly? Do you suddenly feel fears at home that you didn’t normally have? Then your apartment may be affected by negative external energies, bad karma, or earthly rays – this also affects your emotional well-being in the long run. But you can become active and energetically clean your four walls.

Let the air flow

The first thing to do is to ventilate the home well and shake the blankets and pillows. Open all the windows to create a strong draft – even if it is very cold outside. Fresh air is simply necessary to re-energize the room.

When to clean the apartment of negative energy?

Fun with many guests, moving into a new apartment, or through bad luck can be opportunities to perform smoke cleaning rituals.

The following events can leave negative energy even though everything seems fine:

  • conflict or quarrel
  • disease
  • loss of person and grief
  • moving into a new apartment
  • big parties

Negative energy is mainly vibrations in the air that can be related to the physical properties of smoke and literally move through the air. You can imagine vigorous cleaning similarly to the usual cleaning of the apartment. Just as we wipe the dust from our apartments, so we can bind the negative vibrations and take them out of the window with smoke.

Above all, sage smoke is said to be very effective. When burning dried leaves, many negative ions are released – they have a positive effect on our environment and vibrations. Sage has a similar effect as saltwater (often used to clean rooms). Just think of the liberating feeling when you sit on the beach, and the wind blows salty air around your ears. It is actually saltwater and the positive energy that the sea gives off.

“Smoke exudes medically and therapeutically healing energy.”

Cleaning with sage

negative energy cleansing smoke

As just mentioned, sage is very popular for cleansing. White sage is a sacred plant used by indigenous peoples for smoking. It can drive away negative energies – when the smoke clears, the room clears and is filled with positive vibrations. When cleaning with sage, you should allow the smoke to touch everything that needs to release negative energies: everything in your living space.

You can buy white sage that is already tied in bundles in dried form, but you can also burn loose leaves in a fireproof dish and walk around the rooms with a bowl that you smoke. Pre-open the windows and doors so that unwanted energy can then disappear from the apartment along with the smoke.

Always start at the door of the room and walk along the walls in a clockwise direction. You can smoke across the room, to the ceiling, and in all corners with a fan.

Palo Santo and negative energy

The sacred tree comes from the South American balm – this forest spreads a sweet, aromatic scent, literally a balm for the soul. Smoke should provide medically and therapeutically effective healing energy.

Palo Santo, you can also clean the rooms. To do this, light a tree at one end and let it burn for about 30 seconds. Then blow out the fire and gently blow on the embers to create enough smoke. Then let the smoke and aromatic scent fill the room; start from the door and walk clockwise along individual rooms’ walls.

Fumigation cleaning

home and beautiful ambience

Close all windows and doors again and concentrate on removing anything that harms you from the house. Then you can start with the actual cleaning with incense or dry sage leaves in the censer: Go from room to room in a clockwise direction and open all the drawers and cabinet doors. Make sure that the smoke can enter all corners – then it will absorb negative energies. Then ventilate well again.

A ritual of cleansing with sound from negative energy

You can also use loud sounds as an alternative to the incense method. Fill the rooms of your apartment with tones of bells or singers: They breakthrough energy patterns and disperse them. Just think about how powerful thunder can purify the air.

Negative energies accumulate not only in the rooms themselves but also in all buildings. Focus on Feng Shui, the Chinese theory of harmony, and rearrange your furniture.

Be sure to leave as much free space in your apartment as possible. Take the opportunity to remove dirty laundry and anything that is damaged or no longer needed for any other reason.

Salts for energy cleansing

incense cleaning home

Table salt also has the ability to absorb negative energies. Sprinkle it in the four corners of all your living spaces and leave it there overnight. Then you can either vacuum it or throw it away.

Tip: Do not sleep in the same room where you are currently working. It is better to plan a few days for this type of cleaning, during which the rooms are sprinkled one after the other.

Natural energies

Living plants bring not only color but also a lot of oxygen and positive energy into your home. Cacti have a special effect: their sharp thorns literally share negative energy. If possible, you should place a cactus in each room to achieve the desired result.

With all these rituals, you should always keep in mind: We cannot see negative energies, but we can feel them clearly – and that is why you will very quickly feel how free your apartment is from their own well-being.



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