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Natural Remedies For Prostate Problems

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Natural remedies cannot cure prostate problems, but they can help improve the health of this organ. Are you interested in more about that? Discover some options.

Prostate problems are more common after 50. years of age; however, young men can get them too. In many cases, the doctor can find abnormalities in this organ during a routine examination or rectal test.

Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies that can serve as a prevention or aid against prostate disease, especially when they are associated with a healthy lifestyle.

However, it should be noted that natural remedies for the prostate are not the first line of treatment for diseases and do not have miraculous properties. Simply consuming them regularly can contribute to the health of this organ.

Prostate and its disorders

The prostate is a gland that helps produce sperm. Therefore, it is part of the male reproductive system. This gland surrounds the tube that is responsible for removing urine, which goes from the bladder to the outside.

Although it is the size of a walnut, it increases with age. This can lead to significant health problems. In parallel with the publication in the National Institute on Aging, some of the most common problems of this gland are:

Prostatitis: inflammation of the prostate. The cause is usually bacteria.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia : it is an excessive enlargement of the prostate, often in men over 50 years of age. It causes urination disorders or the need to urinate, especially at night.

Prostate cancer: causes pain and difficulty urinating.

Natural Remedies For Prostate Problems

All signs of prostate disease should be examined by a doctor or urologist. Although many times they do not pose any risk, it is better to get the appropriate diagnostic tests. Furthermore, in case of illness, these experts are the only ones who have the authority to suggest treatment.

Frankly, we are discovering those home remedies that can help promote prostate health. Generally, they can be included as part of the regular child , as long as there are no contraindications.

Pumpkin seed

One of the popular remedies for glandular problems is pumpkin seeds. This is primarily due to its content in zinc, a mineral useful for the prostate. In fact, a small study published in the journal Urologia Internationalis found that pumpkin could be useful in benign prostatic hyperplasia.

On the other hand, according to research published in Current Opinion, this seed concentrates a substance called beta-sitosterol, which can improve urine flow and reduce the amount of urine that remains in the bladder after urination. Consume them as a snack or add them to soups, juices and smoothies .

Watermelon seed tea

In popular culture, watermelon seed tea is said to help remove waste from the body and improve bladder and kidney problems. In that regard, a small study published in the European Journal of Medicinal Plants, done on rats, found that this ingredient improves the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Although the evidence is limited, it is believed that they could cause a similar effect in men. So, if you want to try it, grind fresh watermelon seeds (one tablespoon) and add them to a cup of hot water. When it is cold, consume it up to 2 times a day.


In popular natural history literature nettle is one of the herbs used to treat prostate problems. It is especially believed to help in case of enlargement of this organ. Although more studies are needed, the research conducted in 2015. has been shown to have beneficial effects against benign prostatic hyperplasia.

It can be taken as a supplement, infusion or prepared in other recipes. You have to be careful when handling nettles because you can get burned. In addition, it should be borne in mind that it is contraindicated in case of diabetes, low blood pressure or kidney problems.

Tomato to take care of the prostate

There is no food that can prevent or treat chronic diseases like cancer on its own. However, there are studies that suggest that some of the components of these plants may help.

For example, a study published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute explains that lycopene, the main antioxidant in tomatoes, is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer. In this case, you can take advantage of its properties by consuming tomato juice or adding it to salads and soups.

Other natural remedies for prostate

Pao d´´arco; boil ½ water, add 1 tablespoon of peeled peel, leave for 10 minutes, strain, pour a drop of lemon and drink 3 glasses a day for a week.

Velcro or marine eringium; boil ½ water, add 20g of eringium root, take 3 times a day.

Devil’s Claw; Boil ½ water with 40 g of tubers, 30 g of white willow, 10 g of horsetail, 5 g of mint, you can add honey, lemon, stevia and drink 3 glasses a day.

Infusions; (cayenne pepper, soy, rye grass pollen, African plum, java tea, peigeum, garlic, ginger, horsetail, dandelion, walnut and cat’s claw).

Main preventive measures or treatments for prostatitis: (drink 4 liters of water, dietary hygiene, sexual hygiene, hot baths, frequent urination, bactericidal antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, thermotherapy, herbal medicines and visit a urologist).

Prostate drugs

Consumption of these natural remedies can help prevent and reduce the progression of some prostate problems. However, they are only a supplement and are by no means a substitute for treatment. Whenever a disease is suspected, a specialist should be consulted.



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