Narratives regarding malignancy of brain

malignancy of brain

As narrated by Maria Kyriacou, her brother in law, Savvas 36 years of age had a huge malignant tumor in his brain which could not come off by surgery. The histopathology report of an open (performed at Karolinska University Hospital) biopsy revealed it to be an Astrocytoma,low grade II. He underwent radiation therapy , two months after which, he experienced five to six convulsions every day. He started taking some medication for their treatment but in vain. The tumor kept growing in size in numerous areas and became higher Glioma. Despite the fact that the department of Neurosurgery had suggested instantaneous chemotherapy, the family members decided not to go for it. On the other hand, Savvas opted for eight teaspoons of Poly-MVA  on an everyday basis ; subsequently, he terminated the intake of steroids(which he had been using for quite some time.)   Afterward he began experiencing headaches , therefore an MRI was carried out. The latter revealed that the malignancy had not developed any more. Thereafter, Savvas increased the dosage of Poly-MVA to sixteen teaspoons and also took some homeopathic medications for management of edema. Consequently, his headaches began to get better and were nowhere to be found . The MRI findings certified his clinical improvement. The credit for all this happy ending goes to Poly-MVA.

The second narrative:

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As reported by Kelly Barnes, her son Daniel Morrison endured a stroke in the right half of his body on 29th of January 2002. Daniel was rushed to a Dr. who ordered the MRI of his brain, which revealed a tumor in his brain. Next, they had an appointment with a neurosurgeon  after that who broke the bad news regarding a low grade benign astrocytoma. He was advised the usage of steroids prior to surgery which was carried out over a span of six hours  (advised by the neurosurgeon) was carried out , but unfortunately, they were only able to eradicate  twenty percent of the tumor, because the residual mass was located in his brain stem, left thalamus and left pons. He kept using steroids even after surgery. Later another MRI was carried out and it was discovered that the tumor was not benign but malignant. Daniel was advised a weekly course of chemotherapy over a period of three years. It was only then that Kelly  began reading the testimonies regarding  people who were using Poly-MVA  and began giving it to Daniel at a dose of three teaspoons each day. Since then, Daniel’s MRI has revealed progress towards the positive direction. She started using Poly-MVA in a dose of three teaspoons each day and since then, Daniel’s MRIs have revealed perfection. She also added CoQ10  and natural supplements to his day by day regime  so as to convey  oxygen to his brainstem.

The third narrative:

As narrated by Daniel Alvarez Dominguez, his son’s persistent headaches were detected to be owing to  migraines. Subsequently,  he was re- examined owing to the fact that he acquired paralysis on the left side of his body. During his hospitalization, the diagnosis of  cerebral tumor (i.e. malignant Glioma) was made  Danny was hospitalized for a period of three months because of grave respiratory troubles and high grade fever with a  heart ailment plus several vascular complications. Ultimately he became a potential candidate for reception of chemotherapy. Since Doctors had stated his  hope for life to be nought, he decided to start  taking  Poly-MVA  as advised by Dr. Peraza.

Everyone was astonished to witness such a great improvement in his health. These facts  astounded  his neurologist as well as the  oncologist.  Various investigations  had displayed that not only his tumors had been decreased by seventy percent but the edema (caused by distress to his brain) had also been  decreased extensively. Danny had recaptured the use of his limbs; no more did he  put up with  facial palsy, and for that reason he had recaptured  his capability to articulate. At present, Danny recuperates  at home, forever joyful and is making arrangements to celebrate his next birthday very soon. The inherent importance of his resurgence are for all those who have taken part in his management as well as to the Dr. who advised him to use Poly-MVA. Danny is an existing authentication to the comeliness of Almighty God. Beyond doubt , indeed a miracle!

The fourth narrative:

As narrated by  Clindy, it was a Thanksgiving night, subsequent to a magnificent time with family unit, that Jim had a Grand Mal convulsion. Clindy was viably having forty winks when  he perceived sound of a collapse as if someone had trip over  to the floorboards. Given that they had commanded a very delighted life and  had in no way observed anybody in that state earlier. Never having an idea as to  what was occurring Clindy  gave a call at 911, seized onto Jim and requested Almighty to show mercy to his life. Jim regained  consciousness,  as soon as the rescue crew appeared; however, he was somewhat mystified. Clindy was very grateful to Almighty that it wasn’t a Myocardial Infarction. At the same time as she had been seated in the car awaiting  the rescue crew to depart, she made some  telephone calls to request their acquaintances to commence supplicating for Jim. Very soon everybody’s’ requests were heard by Almighty.

As soon as Clindy walked to Jim, she found him appearing in good health, though somewhat  tired. He went home a week  afterward, with a section of his brain absent. It had been a jagged thoroughfare for him and subsequent to the second surgery, affairs didn’t appear fine however more than three years have passed since he had his second surgery and he is tumor free. He never refrained from operating  his business; now he even journeys on  his bike, almost twenty to thirty miles, five days each week. He also goes skiing , goes white water ferrying; in general, he  is leading a very vigorous life. In accordance with Clindy, prayers, Poly-MVA alongside  modifications in his eating habits  and other dietetic buttresses were significant to Jim’s continued existence. The latest MRI of Jim remains free of malignant changes.


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